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What Defines Love?

Updated on November 8, 2013

What is Love?

Love is light, love is life, love is love, love is you. Love is undefinable, love is uncontrollable, love is confusing. Love is what you make it. You are the only person who can define your specific love.

Love is what you make it.
Love is what you make it. | Source

The Dictionary Definition of Love:

  1. Love is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
  2. Love is a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, for a parent, a child, or a friend.
  3. Love is a sexual passion or desire for another person.
  4. Love is a deep emotion directed toward another person; someone who is beloved, and cherished in someone else's eyes.

Love is Light

Love is the little spark that lies within your eyes. Love is that twinkle that sparkles deep within your bones. Love are the radiant rays that shine through your soul and warms the people who surround you. Love is the light that shines on your path when you are stuck within the darkness.

Love is Life

The thought of love is what allows you to breathe easier, allows you to wake up and look forward to something throughout your day. The thought of love is what allows you to keep moving forward, and to keep your spirit alive. You desire to be loved, and you wish to love. Love is what makes your world a wonderful and magical place. Love is life.

Love is love.
Love is love. | Source

Love is Love

No matter how you love, who you love, and to the extent in which you love, should never be an issue in your life, or in the lives of the people that you desire to bring into your world. Love is love, and people should always respect and accept the manner in which you have chosen to love. You cannot always choose how you love or the people you love, but you can choose to accept yourself and your emotions, and live in the same way as the love you feel within yourself. Always choose the lifestyle that best portrays the love you feel within yourself, and never allow other perspectives sway your love.

Love is You

Love is surrounded by your emotions and deep feelings toward another person (or people), but love is not always about others, love is about you, and your life, and your emotions, and your thoughts. Love is felt toward others, but love is you; you give your love, you bring others into your love and you allow them to feel your love, but you cannot control they way they perceive your love, you cannot control how they react toward your love, and you cannot allow negative reactions deter you from continuing to love, and continuing to search for those who will have a positive reaction toward your love. Love yourself fist, and love others second. If you struggle to love yourself, you will struggle in giving your love to others.

Love is Undefinable

You cannot always define the love that you feel; love varies depending on the people who have come into your life, and love changes when people leave your life. Love is a feeling deep within yourself that cannot always be defined; sometimes you know why you love, and other times love stumps you, and leaves you wondering why you feel love for certain individuals. Sometimes you love positive people who bring you immaculate joy, and sometimes you love negative people who have always brought you pain. You do not always know why you love, but you do love, and you have to allow yourself to love. Sometimes love fades, and other times love grows. Always allow yourself to ride the coaster of love, even if you grow disappointed in certain relationships, you can always know that you tried to allow your love to grow along side of you. No person and nothing can define your love, you are the only person who can define your special and individual love. You are the only one who feels it, and you are the only one who gives it, therefore you are the only one who can define it for yourself.

Love is Uncontrollable

You always want to gain control in your life, and you are fearful of love because of the fact that it is uncontrollable, you cannot always control the people you love, you cannot always control the emotion of love, and that is one of the most scary aspects of your life.

Love is confusing.
Love is confusing. | Source

Love is Confusing

Love is not an easy emotion to decipher, love is extremely confusing and overwhelming. Since you cannot define love in black and white terms, the feelings of love can be very confusing in your own mind. Sometimes someone can pop into your life, and you feel an emotion toward them you never thought possible, which makes your feelings and thoughts run wild, almost making you feel sick. Feeling confused is the first step to understanding the emotion of love; confusion is what can make love so special. You can love and not know why, so just love; always feel love and give love, and you will be loved.

Love is What You Make It

Love is uncontrollable, and undefinable, therefore love is what you make of it. No one else can tell you how to love, no one can control your love, and no one can sway your love. The love you feel, is the love you own. You can choose to overuse the word love, or you can choose to use it sparingly, but you should always choose to feel the love within yourself, and let it out when you feel the time is right. You love for your life, you may not choose to feel it, but you do choose to give it and say it. Love in the way that feels right to you. Love in the way that allows the light to shine through any storm. You define love.

My family. My love. My life. My light. My everything.
My family. My love. My life. My light. My everything. | Source

© 2013 Jami Johnson


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    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 4 years ago from United States

      You used many definitions of love that are all true. There are so many aspects of love, like trust, good comunication and so forth. I enjoyed your hub.

    • kiranlani profile image

      RM Gylbert 4 years ago from Virginia

      Very beautiful! I think people fail too often at love because they are too busy trying to a solid definition of the word. Love is what feels right between two mutual between outside of the negativity and hurt. And that concept is different for anyone who believes in the institution of love.