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What Do Men Want In A Woman?

Updated on December 28, 2016

Men like women and women like men – of course, we are all genetically predisposed to be attracted to the opposite sex, but when it comes down to the specifics, it seems that everyone has such different and varied preferences that it can be hard to figure out if there are any general preferences among the sexes.

With that said, is there even a straight answer to the question of: what do men want in a woman? Taking what we know about the psychological tendencies of men in general, there are actually some characteristics which are generally favored by men.

The following are some of the personal characteristics that men desire from women in general as opposed to what women think they want:

No Manipulative Behavior

Engaging in manipulative behavior is one of the fastest ways to push a man away. Many women like to think that they’re good at being subtle and engaging in certain types of behavior to make a man do what they want – in reality, most men merely tolerate this manipulative behavior and comply while being fully aware of it. If you tend to do this with your guy, then don’t be surprised when one day, he decides to explode with an emotional outburst or just flat out tells you coldly that the relationship is over. Instead of engaging in manipulative behavior, try to talk to him directly about it. Just keep in mind that the typical male mind operates like a horse with blinders on – always looking straight ahead and blocking out any distractions from the main goal.


A cheating woman is one of the worst offenders for men. They tend to become jealous and possessive when you show even the slightest hint of interest in other men. In this sense, you might say that men have the psychological tendency to be insecure.


Men are generally much more direct and straightforward than women, this is why they cannot stand it if you try playing mind games with them. Therefore, using passive-aggressive behavior in order to teach someone a lesson is considered to be unattractive. Men want to be told when something is wrong and to be praised when they believe they did something well. Therefore, as much as possible, don’t try to sugarcoat things to “spare his feelings,” because men find such behavior terribly offensive.

Confidence and Stability

Men are not all about physical appearance although they do tend to be more beauty-seekers than most women. Ideally, a man wants a woman who is confident in herself and does not appear to be needy, clingy or insecure. This means that the woman should not be dependent on the man and should have her own life goals and dreams as well as her own life even without the man. Believe it or not, men find these traits that exuded confidence quite attractive. This is because men are not as controlling as some people like to think and would actually like a woman who can stand by herself and who is not afraid to speak up when she doesn’t like something.

A Healthy Future

Men tend to be forward-thinking and pragmatic, which is why they often think and plan ahead of what they could do in the possible future. In the recent movie, “If I Stay,” this is one of the sources of conflict for the main couple when the guy who was seriously thinking of living together with the girl and making plans for the future had his hopes dashed because the girl went and auditioned for a prestigious university elsewhere.

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