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5 Fun Things To Do With Your Best Gal Pal

Updated on September 25, 2014

Girl Bonding time 2.0

Ahhh! best friends what a joy to have, but sometimes you want to find things that you and your best friend to do that you both enjoy. Here are 5 fun activites to do with your bff.

1) Shopping

What girl can resist a fun shopping outing. Going to the mall to spend time with your besite can be a fun way to not only spend time together doing something fun, but also a way to see each others fashion sense. What a fun way to get to know each other's style and see how similar or different they are. Its a great way to learn something new about your friend.

2) Going To The Movies

What's better then going to a movie with your bff. You can see a comedy, Romance, or maybe an Action Flick. A fun thing to do is to go to the movies one night and watch a movie that you and your friend wouldn't usually watch. For example if you and your bff always watch Comedy switch it up and see and action movie. Its a way to do something together and see if you or your friend finds a new movie genre you and your bff both like!

3) Dancing

Yes, I know most people may dance at a club or at a party, but how about taking it to the next level and taking dancing lessons. Its a fun way to learn new dances such as hip-hop, salsa, line dancing, or even ball room. Its a fun way for you and your bff to learn new and different dances and impress your other friends with your new moves!

4) Dinning Out

Its always fun to grab a bit to eat with your buddy, but why not do it a little different. Yeah, you go to the same burger place or your favorite dinner. Why not try a different type of cuisine. Always having Americana? Try Indian cuisine instead. Yet another fun way to do something new with your bff and its special because you tried it together.

5) Girls Night

Every girl needs to have a girls night out. A time just to talk about boys, are week, or just about everything. Maybe every girls night you have it out a restaurant and then drinks or ice cream. Instead, how about a girls night in maybe cooking and watching or even making a spa. This way you can have time with your bff(s) and have that much needed girl time.

Its fun to do things that are fun with your best gal pal(s). Why not give the same old activities a new twist and not only get to spend time with your friend but, get to know new things about each others likes that you may not have know. A better way to get to know your bff better.


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