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What Every Guy Should Know

Updated on November 5, 2014

#1 You don't have to pay for everything.

It's fine! Especially when you're still a student or your budget just can't make it. We can totally pay for ourselves! We don't expect you to cover all our expenses. unless, ofcourse, married and if the wife has no source of income. If you're not married and you're covering up for most of your girl's expenses, you'd have to think twice if she's really into you or your money.
I know this couple wherein the guy shoulders almost every centavo! From the girl's school fees to the girl's family business. And I'm like, "DUDE! WAKE UP! She's not into you! She's into your bank account!" But yeah... some guys just won't listen.
Don't get me wrong, it's totally okay to help when the girl needs it. but maaaannn!!! learn to put a limit on it. Leave your girl with some dignity over her finances. Otherwise, you're giving her the reason to be over financially dependent on you which isn't a good practice for unmarried couples. Unless, ofcourse, if you wanna be her 'sugar daddy' then by all means, do so!

#2 It's okay to change the topic to YOU.

Guys sometimes just don't wanna listen because the girl just keeps on going on and on about herself and how her day went. If you're bored of that routine, tell her something about you too! Tell her how your day went and your insights. I don't know about other girls, but for me, it's totally fine if you'd tell me you don't wanna hear it. I'll stop talking and I'll listen more.

#3 It's okay not to surrender your phone and passwords.

...provided that you're not giving her reasons to doubt you. She probably won't have to. Just be sure that you're giving her all the validation and security she needs to think you're worthy of her trust. Guys, girls already have their own set of insecurities to deal with. So please, don't add more into it.
...and for the girls, I know some who demands phone checks and passwords, please do it in a moderate and healthy amount. And only if you're starting to have doubts.

#4 You don't really have to 'HELP' us when it's that time of the month.

It hurts like having your lower abdomen grated every minute. But I think it is much easier to picture it as being kicked in the balls every minute. Yeah, it hurts... but it's not like you guys could do anything about it, right? Save yourself from all the fights and the drama, just let her rest a day or two.

#5 It's okay not to hold back your feelings

If you wanna cry, then cry! It's your life anyway. expressing how you feel does not and will not make you less manly. Let yourself feel. Be more honest with yourself. I swear it's gonna be healthy for you.

#6 Give her a break.

Some girls are willing to invest all their time and affection in a relationship. These girls would love you like your momma. If you've found this girl, let her have a break sometime. Don't get her too worried/ paranoid. Give her her own space. Let her rest and treasure her. You might not find another of her kind in your lifetime. Just sayin'. might be your biggest loss. :3


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    • profile image

      Joseph Marzan 3 years ago

      I think I should let my ex read this.