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What Forteen Years of Marriage has Taught Me

Updated on July 14, 2015

Today is our anniversary. Forteen years ago we were married less than a mile down the road. Since then, we’ve lived in 5 different homes, have had two kids, numberous pets, and many setbacks and victories.

The past year and a half have been a real eye opener for me. Beginning more than a year ago, when I was first diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was hurting both physically and mentally and he made it clear that he was there for me. I will never forget the Sundays he spent cooking meals for the week, just to get one more thing off my plate.

I was pretty depressed over my health, until my mom died about a year ago. Then I realized that having RA didn’t matter. Not at all. I was here, and feeling pretty decent. At least I can say that one good thing came from her untimely death.

Here was another huge eye opener, as far as my spouse and marriage was concerned. He stepped up like nothing I’ve seen before. A different kind of love grew from that experience, one that I hadn’t needed before.

I think love changes throughout the years. Sometimes for the good, and other times for the bad. Strong love will ride the waves and become more powerful. The basic elements required for strong love are; respect, communication, gratitude, respect, communication and respect. Too often we mistreat the ones closest to us.

We change throughout the years. Some people grow apart and go their separate ways. Maybe sometimes this is unavoidable. I’ve been fortunate in that everything we’ve gone through has made us closer and our love stronger. I hope that we never grow apart.

In closing, what is love? In my opinion, love is versatile and what we make it.


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