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What Gossip Girl Blair and Chuck Taught Me About My Own Love Life

Updated on May 14, 2020
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Jen has graduated from St. Thoms Aquanis College in May of 2009 with a B.A. in Communications. She loves writing about relationships.

Gossip Girl's Notorious Couple, Blair and Chuck

Welcome to the notorious side of the Upper East Side

Blair and Chuck were notoriously known for the on again, off again couple in CW11’s Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl was also based on Best Seller Teen Series by Cecily Von Ziegesar. The couple was what made ratings so high for their steamy rendezvous moments and attraction, emotional drama and emotional scenes. We have all had a Chuck Bass in our life at one time or another. I myself can relate to this show very well. As we are in self isolation now and reflecting to my all time favorite television show, I think how it correlates to my love life. What does it teach me? What mistakes have I made in my love life? Here is what I have learned from watching Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass and Blair and how it relates to my own life:

What have we learned from the show itself?

1) “Three Words, Eights Letters” — Blair Waldorf. In Season two when Blair and Chuck are at a white party, Blair is going to leave with Marcus the Grand Duke. Chuck still has feelings for Blair and does not want her to leave. Blair still has feelings for Chuck. She is willing to be with him if he admits how he feels. He starts to get his feelings out but he stutters. Blair eventually leaves with Marcus. We all have had that happened to us in real life, haven’t we? We have moved on from someone who was not treating us right? Then, the minute they saw us happy then come back? We told them what we wanted, but they still did not seem to change. What is it about being with someone who is emotionally available? What is about being with someone who plays games?

Unfortunately there is a lot of game playing. Ghosting has become a popular nowadays, with online dating which is wrong. What this show taught me is that it is tell people how you feel. I agree maybe not with this whole sentence but along those lines “Three words, Eight letters,” each situation can be different. If, you just meet someone and like the person and want to see them again tell them. Do not ghost them. Do not play games. Do not lead them on. Always be honest how you feel. When you lie about how you feel you are only hurting yourself because in the end, the person will walk away once they realize they are not being treated properly. It happens all the time.

2) When Blair won Prom Queen because Chuck voted for her 150 teams. When someone loves and cares about us they make an effort. How many times have we made an excuse for someone because they were not giving us the time of day? I am talking about someone that does not want a relationship but we keep living in denial. “Oh they are not calling me because they are busy,” Granted yes things happen but sometimes when we really like someone we don’t want to see the truth. Our friends and family may tell us and warn us about certain people but we don’t want to hear it. Relationships are supposed to be 50/50. They are supposed to be a team effort. If you are with someone who is all about you or checking out other women or still want to keep his options open that’s not a relationship.

3) When Chuck apologizes to Blair for all of his past mistakes. People make mistakes and it is important to be accountable for it. Everyone is human but the wrong thing to do is too hurt a person and then forget them. If you hurt someone apologize, communicate, be honest, be authentic. Do not go around telling your friends “I hurt this person, now it is over.” The only way a relationship can flourish is with; communication, establishing boundaries, honesty, respect. etc.

4) When Blair stands by Chuck but he pushes her away. Blair was known for her fierce love for Chuck. She was there for Chuck when things got tough. Chuck would run away when things would get too intimate. Does that sounds like any real life relationships? Real life relationships is more than just steamy sex and diamonds. Blair and Chuck showed me that it is about being with someone through thick and thin. It is about loving someone, even when they are at their darkest moments. Love is being a rock for the other person when the other person hit rock bottom. You cannot go into a relationship with rose colored glasses. You have to understand that just like life there will be ups and downs. If the two of you can work as a team and stay by each others side, show the love and not leave each other when things get too intense then you set a good foundation and you can make the relationship work.

Blair and Chuck will always be our favorite couple!

I learned a lot from watching Blair and Chuck on Gossip Girl. I hope you did also. We all want a Chuck Bass in our life who will constantly give us the effort and sweep us off our feet. We want someone to show us how much they love us. remember not all relationships are perfect but if you can work as a team it can be perfect for you. Gossip Girl was a great show and you can catch up on the reruns on Netflix.

Scenes of Blair and Chuck in CW11's Gossip Girl

Unforgettable Moments of Blair and Chuck

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jennifer Panaro


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