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What Guys Want in a Relationship

Updated on June 27, 2013

What men want!

What do guys want in a relationship? I have asked myself this question many times. What do they really want from the girl?

Men are very different from women. Their minds are totally hardwired differently. Women are very emotional creatures. Their minds are like noodles, they jump from one thing to the next. They tend to enjoy communicating with others.

Simalarly, men have an emotional side. They aren't quite as intense as women though. They have feelings and emotions.They are very visual creatures.

Here are some things to consider:

  • They want a women to be there for them. Don't ever put down a man especially in front of others. This will lower his self-esteem and ego. He will not like it at all.
  • Praise him. When a man does something or achieves something tell him you're proud of him and that he did a great job.
  • Don't help him with manly duties. This would lower his ego down to the ground. If you know how to do it better just let him do it and tell him that he did a great job. He will enjoy that!
  • Make him feel that he's the man in the relationship. Let him pay for things. Let him drive the car. Men have a tendency to be the providers and want to feel ontop.
  • Encourage him. If he wants to do something or achieve a goal then encourage him in his decision. Raise his ego.
  • Dress up. Men are vision based. They want to see what they have. Ladies, dress up and try to take care of yourselves. Our men are visual and want that enjoyment. Do it for him and the relationship! This does not mean you have to dress up to the best. Just tone your body, put some makeup on, and don't just wear pajamas all day long.
  • Be a woman. Men don't want to date a tomboy. They want a woman. The way they dress and smell and look.
  • Work as a team. Don't hide things from him. Be open and communicate; work as a team. Don't do things by yourself but include him in it.


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    • profile image

      dfdfg 4 years ago

      Jesus, how 1950's can you get?

    • profile image

      Beatrice 5 years ago

      Yeah this is true about them