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What I Believe - Love and Life

Updated on September 8, 2016

What I believe...I believe that love is many things. Love is only shared between two people that want for it to be what their two hearts desire for it to be. When we are young we have to “figure” out what it is that our heart wants. Its so confusing and it sends us all over with mixed emotions. We can know that we love someone, but in the next breath we find our self hurting them with out meaning or cause. Then as we step back we truly realize I have only hurt myself!! Yes, I am sure many of us have walked this path, and I am also sure that many of us learned valuable lessons from our choices. Its what you do with what you learned that makes you see if you are strong enough to make it through the constant ups and downs of relationship hardships. Does this mean I condone that someone can keep hurting another over and over at every bump in the road because the heart gets confused or the mind gets bubbled up? NO!! That is morally wrong. Relationships are hard. They are hard for a reason. Its the hard times that make you strong. Love gets you through. Listening with an open mind, loving with an open heart and always ALWAYS taking time for each other is so important to make any relationship last. I have also learned that in most cases if your heart is saying that you love him or her then there is something there worth fighting for. STEP back and way those pros and cons and work on it. Just remember YOU are the one that needs to make the choice, not family, not friends, YOU!! To many of us “expect” love to fall into our laps. To many of us “expect” that once we have love that it will just stay there. That's not true! In any relationship you will not always like something, or be happy every day, or maybe want something different. This is normal. HOWEVER being together is being a TEAM. If you can't be a team and be committed to what a TRUE RELATIONSHIP is it just means that you are not ready yet. Take the time to get to know who you are and learn to love yourself first. There is nothing wrong with that. This way no one is getting hurt. Battle the storm together and you will see the sun shine on the other side.


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