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What Is Intelligence? The Journey Beyond IQ

Updated on April 28, 2016

Intelligence means many things to many people. Why is that? What exactly is intelligence? How can you improve your intelligence without knowing what it is? This article looks at several different ways that intelligence is defined today. From IQ Testing to Multiple Intelligence Types. Plus, discover how the latest neuroscience research is impacting the way we view intelligence, and what it means for the future.One of the oldest documented professions in the world is not only considered a profession but is considered an art as well. The art of espionage has been documented in the Bible, manuscripts of the Byzantine Empire, and the Art of War by Sun Tzu.When people talk about a person's 'intelligence' it is not generally clear what underlying ability or abilities this term refers to. This article is intended to clarify in layman's terms what psychologists and brain scientists can mean by intelligence.Intelligence is a little understood concept like love. While we all know intuitively if a person is intelligent of not, yet it is very difficult to define intelligence in precise words. There are as many definitions of intelligence as there are experts yet IQ test has been found to be a reliable method to measure human intelligence. This article explains the true concept of human intelligence and explains the secret of IQ tests.Intelligence jobs may seem out of reach to a lot of people, but with the right education, you will gain the confidence and knowledge to enter the intelligence industry and succeed. An intelligence studies degree can provide you with a solid foundation to build a rewarding career in intelligence. One day you too can have one of the best jobs in America.Introduction Intelligence support can be a valuable tool to assist law enforcement agencies in the performance of their daily duties. It's especially relevant in counterterrorism investigations and operations. To effectively support leaders and decision makers, security professionals need to be well-versed in intelligence studies.Multi intelligence states that intelligence is the original biological potential of human-specific capabilities. This potential varies with experience, culture and the motive to understand the different ways. Having formerly given great credit to Dr. John Watson, the Nobel Prize winning micro-biologist who, along with his associate, Dr. Francis Crick, discovered and quantified DNA ( the substrate of all genetic programming in the human body), the unscientific world suddenly reared an ugly head against Dr. Watson in the 21st Century when he made statements about the results of empirical intelligence testing significantly indicating that all racial stocks, the Caucasoid, the Mongoloid, and the Negroid, are not equal in genetic inherited intelligence. Pointing specifically to the intelligence testing of indigenous black African men, women, and children, he stated, in paraphrase, that it was disappointing that the Africans showed a lesser intelligence, overall, than that of the men, women, and children of Caucasoid European and Mongoloid Eurasian stock. Was the eminent Dr. John Watson making a purely bigoted racist claim, or, rather, a scientific conclusion based upon empirical research and testing? Read on for an explication of these issues.If you want to stay ahead of your competition in today's highly competitive business environment, then you will need to be sure that have a team of executives that are trained in competitive intelligence. Although it may sound a little underhanded or shady, competitive intelligence is a broadly accepted legal business strategy that seeks to gather information about an entire business environment and convert it into useful intelligence. The main function of competitive intelligence is to identify risks and opportunities early on.Intelligence education has always been one avenue through which individuals prepared themselves for a career in the U.S. Intelligence Community. The rise in international instability over the past decade as well as the increasingly visible presence of terrorism as it affects the United States, however, has led to a proliferation of security and intelligence studies programs.The House Intelligence Committee recently held a hearing on why the Intelligence Community was not able to provide more accurate and timely information on the political situation in Egypt. The Intelligence Community provided over 400 reports which documented instability within this region yet at least to the American public, it appears that the Intelligence Community was caught off guard when President Mubarak actually stepped down from power. Committee members did correctly note that intelligence professionals cannot predict the future, but the magnitude of these events suggests that intelligence analysts must utilize all tools and information at their disposal to truly...Those who do have intelligence training and these important skills will definitely be competitive candidates for careers at the NGA or other intelligence agencies. There are also many opportunities for military careers and promotions in imagery intelligence for those who have the right skills and education.Business Intelligence is the ability to transform data into information and information into knowledge, so as to optimize the business decision-making process. Intelligence is the Key to Success. The key to thriving in a competitive marketplace is staying ahead of the competition. Making sound business decisions based on accurate and current information takes more than intuition. A Business Intelligence system thus becomes a determining factor for the success of the business.So why is it important that we understand emotional intelligence? Are there different kinds of emotional intelligence? Is there a difference between men and women or between people of different ages, or people doing different kinds of jobs?There are some four types of strategic decisions you can make using competitive intelligence insights. We will be exploring the said strategic decisions shortly. But before proceeding to explore the said strategic decisions, we need to get ourselves acquainted with competitive intelligence.As recent as 2008 there have been claims that U.S. intelligence has been in a continued state of disrepair. Despite official testimony to the opposite, independent research into U.S. intelligence has suggested that the deficits that existed before 9-11 still exist. There are those who claim that the best indicator of higher-order intelligence is through the expression of art. There is growing support for the inclusion of athletic ability in our consideration of aptitude. Then there are those who would judge intelligence using factors such as nature, music, numbers and reasoning. Some believe there is such a thing as existential intelligence. (No one is talking about sexual performance aptitude, as far as I know.) Apparently, one can be people smart, body smart, word smart, self smart and picture smart.In today's environment, intelligence analysts must be on the cutting edge of technology and equipped with only the best analytical tools. Intelligence gathering and analysis has changed considerably over the past few decades with technological advancement. Furthermore, globalization has completely changed the political environment as countries are much more interconnected from both a political and economic standpoint.Work stress is as old as work itself. And so are the ways we respond. You can just imagine the first cave-clan's leader spending sleepless nights counting stalactites, worried about how he was going to break the news to UG and the other hunters that the decreasing wild beast population meant they were going to have less to eat. Unfortunately, in today's tough times, stress appears to be on the rise. A lukewarm economy and high unemployment suggest that 2011's numbers aren't going to improve much. But what if you could reduce stress without having to wait for the economy to improve? A promising stream of research linking emotional intelligence (EQ) to stress-reduction offers exciting new clues about how to beat stress in spite of economic woes.Creative intelligence is our ability to own and hone our innate creative potential. We do this by understanding how the creative process works and learning how to apply it.Military intelligence not only aids in the formulation of military operations, but it also plays a strong role in anti terrorism efforts (as well as the military in general). Much of this country's fight against terrorism is fought overseas by brave men and women who serve in the armed services.Many people are drawn to careers in intelligence because they are portrayed as being filled with excitement. Not all intelligence jobs are like those you see in the movies. Because the intelligence community is so broad (seventeen separate organizations) and the jobs themselves so varied, the work settings are also just as diverse. A person in an entry level intelligence role could find themselves in a lab, office, the field, or on Capitol Hill.This country's federal agents keep us safe. Many times they work in the shadows and we never realize the importance of intelligence and counterterrorism work. A bachelors in intelligence or a bachelors in counterterrorism will open doors to careers that you never even know existed. The U.S. government is always recruiting for people with this type of training and knowledge.


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