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The Bitch Factor

Updated on November 6, 2009

What's up?

What is up with the BITCHY women in this world. There is a HUGE rise in the Bitch Factor. Come on ladies you know it is true. It is a sad day when the Sistas turn on each other.

Go out of the house and spend one hour and count the Bitches. It does not matter whether you are at the super market, the doctor's office, school, driving, the mall, an office or anywhere. Bitch after bitch after bitch.

Rude and angry females are everywhere? What could this be? Tall, short, fat, thin, beautiful, ugly,rich, poor there is no discrimination when it comes to bitches.

You can count on a Bitch apearing like the sun rising!

The Bitch Hunt.

I went on The Bitch hunt this weekend. Started off at a guaranteed Bitch spot, Starbucks. Got a latte and planted myself as to see all that entered. Sure enough Bitch after Bitch strolled in. One common thread among most Starbucks buying Bitches was low fat. Latte this and Frap that and a whole lotta green tea and chai and those Bitches like to be thin or least in the NY Metropolitan area.

Noses up high and attitudes to match. Now what does it take to say thank you and actually look someone in the eye? How hard is it to say "Hello" or hold a door and look like you mean it? Come on ladies these things are free!

Next stop, the playground. A haven for Bitches. Sat with a friend and watched the Mother Bitches. Now, there's a tough and nasty bunch. These woman are over education and under stimulated Bitches. Not only are these woman nasty to any moms they don't know and several they do they are nasty to the kids...I mean everyone's kids. No more share with Johny it is more like, "Quick go get that before Johny does." Wow....I'm I am thinking this is where the Bitch Factor starts and breeds.

I moved on to the supermarket. Bitches in a hurry. Nothing more scary than a Bitch on the run! "Gotta get home, cook and do EVERYTHING so get outta my way or I take you down with the cart." I am not kidding. I watched female after female looking mean and just about to explode while buying produce. They were not even at the freezer....cold Bitches. Damn, it was fierce.

Now there seemed to be young girls that were not nearly as intense but they found it funny to laugh and make fun of people (a bitch in training). A few "new" mother's strolled very slowly (probably due to sleep deprivation) and seemed to be enjoying themselves sucking on to their only free time. Oh, they had large Starbucks cups.

I had to go pick up papers at a doctors office, sick Bitches! Wow, I could feel the attitude oozing off at least 1/2 of the ladies in the office like a virus. OK, sickness might spark a bad mood. I could dcypher those that were nice pre illness and those that were Bitches prior to sickness shinned bright. By far the worst were the 2 reception ladies. Ha, reception my butt! Basically their biggest part of the job is to be nice. The irony is hire a Bitch to man the front desk! It sets a whole bitch tone for the office. Now, it was not my first time there and not the first time I saw the nasty reception chicks. So, I complained. Well, the doctor's response was. "Yes I know I keep talking to them." Does this mean that there are no nice woman to take that job. My doctor's office has to keep the Bitches. I was in a bitchy mood when I left and I if not in check would have spread the Bitchiness.

Lastly, The Bitches on wheels. That's an oldie but a goody. Just try it. Go out on the road and watch the bitch on wheels. She will not let you go, she will give dirty looks, and she will definitely drive her mini van with kids in tow and speed up  as to "NOT" let you in. It is pretty impressive she can do this all while texting, lip glossing, yelling at kids and drinking her Starbucks (hmmm maybe a common thread).

The No Apparent Reason Bitch

 I just have to bring this type of Bitch up because this is the Bitch I HATE.  The female that decides she doesn't like you without even knowing you. The Bitch that no matter how hard you try to be nice to her she gives you the Bitch Factor. She has it in for you at work, at home, at school, at a club everywhere.  She stares at you, gives you dirty looks and makes you feel like she is talking about you even if she is not.  You would think you slept with her husband or son (heehee) by the way she is treating you.  This Bitch is the worst.  You can't break them at any cost.  My advice is to stay clear and don't bother trying together to like you.  She won't.  She will, however, notice when you pay her no attention.  Bitches hate loss of attention.

Why the Rise?

I feel there is a general negativity all over. You can not only see it but I can feel the bad vibes (if you will) coming off people. I hear this from everyone I know all over the country I do not think because my Bitch Hunt was near New York Metro area is the reason I saw it. You can be a Joe's Diner or Maude's hair salon in no- where- ville and always contend with the Bitches. Southern Bitches a breed of their own and the West Coast Bitch, yikes!

I know there is a recession and people are out of work. Times are tough but no way is this the cause. I have seen this in great flourishing economic times too. People have become angry and just don't care.

Now woman are given huge responsibilities. Wife, mother, worker and volunteer. Woman today have more on their plates than ever. They are over extended and over tired. You have women drinking wine in their kids sippy cups, vodka in their water bottles and popping prescription drugs to get through their very busy days. Bam one cause of The Bitch Factor.

The Good News.

The good news is woman are strong, steedfast, loving, loyal and simply fabulous! Everyone has the ability to turn their energy around which will in turn will change the energy around them.

Dis-empower the Bitches.

This morning I went into the same Starbucks. I made sure I held the door for some Bitch and I smiled at her slightly- too big of a smile could outrage the Bitch. Moderate results. I went and ordered a coffee and was extra nice to the sales woman. She was OK but after I smiled just 2 times she began to weaken. I then went in for the kill and told her I loved her hair cut. Success she was elated and my pal!

Later, I was in the supermarket (a different one) and there they all were moms on the run. I took my time in produce which outrages the Bitch on the run. Got a couple of cart threats. Then I turned to one lady and said, "Oh am I blocking you. Are you in a hurry? Why don't I let you pass." All said with a really kind face. A some what snotty looked with a fake smile but at least she faked it. I did this 3 times. The other two were quickly diffused by a kind word and a smile.

So why the rise in the Bitch....I really don't know. But I feel it has spun out of control and feeds off of itself. Money, work, spouses, kids who really knows. This stuff has always been around.

Kindness is contagious. I know when I go out with a kind attitude I get it back. Not always easy and more easy said than done- but it works. We have the ability to turn our environment around. It is one of the few free things we have why not do it. See what happens!


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    • Scarlett Black profile imageAUTHOR

      Scarlett Black 

      7 years ago from New York

      Thank you. I read it once and a while to make myself re-laugh. We all have a little bitch in us. It is the mighty bitches that have to go down :)

    • Kannibalc profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm sure we've all encountered the type of "bitches" you refer to here I know I have and at times may have been guilty of being one myself and I enjoyed the advice you gave to tackle the bitch-fest. You've made me smile.

    • Lucy83 profile image


      8 years ago

      Cool hub Scarlett.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 

      8 years ago

      No Bitches for Thanksgiving just turkeys.

    • Scarlett Black profile imageAUTHOR

      Scarlett Black 

      9 years ago from New York

      Nicely done Dream On. LOL. No worries there will always be plently of bitches.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 

      9 years ago

      They are out there but I see them thru a guys point of view.Sometimes they don't let you cut in,while you have been waiting in traffic.I think to myself she has to pick up her three kids at school and she has another one on the way.She deserves a break today.I walk in to Barnes and Noble I hold the door for her,she doesn't even smile or give me a thank you.I think she is sexually frustrated and is in a hurry to pick up her next romance novel and can't wait to go home and have some real fun since she isn't in a relationship and desperately needs one.At work where they whisper quietly about you to a friend but deny it to your face.She is really a lesbian and thats a turn on for me.I get to see who she talks to next and think what she really is thinking.How about a threesome tonight no I can't I have to work.So if there are many bitches out there,they don't bother me.I think maybe their panties are too tight and it is that time of the month.All in all I might give them a thousand excuses but when it comes summer time and I take off my shirt and they have a bra and shirt on.I'm pretty cool and they have a right to be hot headed.I never had to carry a baby around for nine months.It is hard enough to remember my wallet and keys.Maybe in time they will mellow and be less ruthless and mean but until then I will be a little more understanding and maybe a smile and a few good words will win in the end.If not it's been so much fun trying.I say BRING ON THE BITCHES!!!!!!!


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