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What It's Like to Hang-out With Teri Polo

Updated on May 9, 2014

The lovely Teri Polo


Isn't Teri just the prettiest girl ever?


Just to be

Hanging-out with Hollywood-superstar, Teri Polo, would be nothing short of ecstasty. I won’t lie. I just happen to be a studied-man who has watched Polo in many films. And watched her in interviews on many talk shows. Now I have to ask, “What is the big deal about hanging-out with Teri Polo?”

Why is everyone pointing at me with shock welded into their faces? It is “just” Teri Polo, a successful actress who knows her way around stardom pretty well. Just take a look at the brief history I put together for this story that is entitled, “A Brief History of Teri Polo.”

Theresa Elizabeth "Teri" Polo was born June 1, 1969, and is an American actress best known for her role as Pam Focker, Ben Stiller's fiancé, in Meet the Parents (2000) and the two sequels, Meet the Fockers (2004) and Little Fockers (2010). Teri was one of the stars of the sitcom I'm with Her (2003–2004), and had a recurring role as Helen Santos on The West Wing (2005–2006). Polo has also starred in romantic films on The Hallmark Channel.

Isn't Teri Polo the prettiest girl ever?



Are you as amazed as I am at “just” being on a first-name basis with such a wonderful, pretty girl as Teri Polo? I didn’t think so. You are all eaten-up with jealousy.

I can explain more in-depth what is bothering you. You all have bought-in to the oldest Hollywood “Glam Scam,” ever. That every film star is made of pure ivory and is to be carried from place to place on a silken pillow by a crew of East Indian body-builders.

Not so with Teri Polo. I hate to break it to you like this, but take a look at these

Facts about my friend, Teri Polo:

  • She eats regular food just like you and I.
  • She uses the bathroom just like you and I.
  • On occasion, she burps when food doesn’t digest well.
  • She loves puppies of any breed, but mostly dogs with no pedigree.
  • Teri loves to go barefoot anywhere she can get away with it.
  • She loves to giggle at corny jokes.
  • Music and early American history are her two passions.

Teri Polo at her more casual moments



in the next two days, I took much-needed time to gather my thoughts and prepare a near-perfect series of words and phrases that would touch the heart of my friend, TERI POLO.

So I enlisted the help of some of today's best romantic novelists and poets and within a few hours, they had me the best "note of apology," that, to me, has ever been delivered to a lovely girl whose feelings have been injured by some man (like me) who sometimes speaks before thinking.

Upon arriving at Teri's home, of course I was nervous, but as she opened the door, I sensed that there was something else afoot. But I kept my course to read her this note of apology that my friends had written for me.

Long story short, Teri broke down in tears and told me that "I" had been the butt of a practical joke that she used to sharpen her acting-skills.

The "ex" who accused me of being a bum and then threw a big rock and hurt me was in fact one of her bodyguards, "Thad Dillon," actor, Matt Dillon's third cousin, who was playing along with the gag that Teri had engineered.

Teri and I embraced and then had a light supper and today are still good friends.

Honestly speaking about Teri Polo

In my estimation, she is as near-perfect as any young female actress to ever come out of Hollywood. Wouldn’t you agree?

Hanging-out with Teri Polo did, at first, make my heart pound like some husky high school junior named, “Delton Mitchell,” who could only be in the band by playing the bass drum. But as the newness wore off, Teri was as plain as any outdated bank calendar hanging on the wall of a couple of senior citizens who reside in Yuma, Arizona.

Teri Polo, in all of her glory, after the sun has set on another happy day for her, is a real girl. A real human being with real human feelings.

Actually Teri hates to wear a lot of make-up. On our hanging-out “date,” she called me into her bedroom to show me how she applies her make-up and was I ever surprised. She took about ten whole minutes and she was ready to go get some chili burgers at a burger joint just below her modest home in the Hollywood hills.

Yes, we walked, not rode in her pink BMW to get our burgers which served as our lunch. We sat outside underneath one of the colorful beach umbrellas—eating French fries, chewing our chili burgers and having the time of our lives. The most I had seen Teri laugh was when she was yakking-away about her films of the past, and I noticed she had dropped a big hunk of chili on her white silk blouse. Of course it was ruined (the blouse, not the chili), but Teri laughed so hard that she cried.

I added to the gag by asking, “Are you going to take that off here?”

And with a sexy look, Teri started to slowly unbutton the chili-tainted white silk blouse in front of me and the four Hispanic customers who were gazing in appreciation at her mock strip-tease. Teri Polo is one good sport. Some female stars would have thrown one big hissy fit and made an embarrassing scene. But not Teri. She took it and moved on.

Later on, we walked down a stretch of her private beach and she elaborated on several topics that blew my mind at her grasp of the geo-political sector as well as the economic devaluation that is occurring in most third-world countries.

Although she dropped out of Dover (Delaware) High School, her mind is as sharp as a razor when it comes to world politics and daily issues.

“I just cannot see it,” Teri said. “All of the attention being centered on unemployment, because the way I see it. If you have to take a job that you hate, take it. Any job beats no job,” she continued.

Teri takes her opinions on unemployment and having the spirit to survive very seriously.

So by now, I am really enjoying this imaginary “date” where I get to hang-out all day long with Teri Polo, but I knew that somewhere down my road of happiness there would be a snag, and the snag came in the form of one of her “ex’s,” a weight-lifter, personal-trainer and bodyguard for some of Hollywood’s most-famous celebrities. (I would tell you his name, but that would hurt Teri’s feelings).

The “ex,” “Thom Silver,” walked to where Teri and I were sitting and with his muscular-chest pumped, said, “Who’s this bum, Teri?”

She looked hurt. “None of your business, Thom!” she replied with her voice shaking.

“See if you like this,” this giant-of-a-man said as he threw a huge rock and hit me dead-center in my tummy. And talk about hurting. This man knew how to hurt someone. But for Teri’s sake, I acted like I was okay.

You have heard of “something happening as fast as lighting,”? I can testify that this saying is true.

I was about to get up and talk some sense and peace to this “bully,” but as soon as I stood up, he hit the ground on his back and rolled over and over until he was in the ocean tide.

There stood prim and proper Teri Polo doing the gesture of dusting off her hands and giving the thug a prissy look with her nose stuck up in the air.

She winked at me. We both laughed.

“Care to get some dinner?” I asked looking confident.

“What? With you?” she snapped. I was stunned. I thought she was playfully-fooling me with her in-depth acting skills.

“I am not dining with a wimp who lets his girlfriend do all of the fighting.” She said as she wiggled her way back to her modest house in the Hollywood hills.

“Teri, are you angry at me?” I yelled again hoping all of this was just an act. Sadly, it wasn’t. She just kept prancing in a straight-line toward her home leaving me standing on the sidewalk looking like a fool.

“How do you expect me to get back home?” I yelled and with real fear in my voice.

“Search me,” she replied still wiggling her way out of sight.

“You dreamed your way into this, now dream your way out of it,” she replied as she finally went out of sight.

Man, what a lethal practical joker Teri Polo can be.

“Don’t feel sorry for me, dear followers. She will be back.”

An hour passes.

Two hours pass. I am getting a little edgy.

It is now early-evening. I sit down and wait for when she will appear in her pink BMW.

It is now 9 p.m., darkness and gangs start to surface.

“Teri!” I yell, but not too loud as not to get the gangs’ attention.

Then two hours pass and I yell,“Heeeyyy, Terrrrrri!” without any fear of gangs.

As the sun starts to come up, I wonder what Teri was trying to tell me.

Teri Polo is "right at home" with her female super-star actors



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    • profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      4 years ago

      That was the truth. You write as if you are here talking to me. Thanks for the nice compliment. And yes, I am here for you if you ever want to JUST talk, vent, or share a movie idea. LOL.

      Your Friend Always,


    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Ken: I love how you said it's like we're sitting in your living room talking. That's a good description about the way I feel. It's great having a friend on the internet with which we share our opinions, thoughts, humor, etc just as we would in "real" life.

    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      4 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Dear friend and partner, sheilamyers,

      Firstly, thank you for your comments. I learned so much about you through them.

      You are not a selfish lady.

      You would be attractive to the Hollywood males who know how to treat a lady like a lady.

      And you would know how to manage money.

      I enjoyed reading your comments. It is like you sitting in my living room and talking to me.

      Thank you and I hope you have a peaceful, safe night.

      Your business, writing partner,


    • Careermommy profile image

      Tirralan Watkins 

      4 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Kenneth, this is a really great piece, very funny. I'm a big fan of Teri Polos in Meet the Parents!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Ken: What you said about celebrities filing for bankruptcy is one of the few things I think about when it comes to their personal lives. Wait! I take that back. I do sometimes wonder if any of the handsome guys my age would ever be interested in me (although I think the answer would be no). Anyway ... back to the bankruptcy thing. I don't think those CPAs are guarding much of anything except the part of all of that money that goes into their personal bank account. But we can't blame only them. People will say it's all part of the "image", but if the celebrities wouldn't spend the money as fast as they get it, they wouldn't have as many problems.

      Wouldn't it be great if we could get a movie made? We'd make tons of money showing the "little guys" can do it AND not go bankrupt showing them how to properly manage money using the right people. Five billion dollars? I wouldn't keep nearly that much. I'd be going out and finding people who need it more than me and giving it away.

    • profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      4 years ago

      Hi, Sheila,

      Thanks for your nice comment that I appreciate. I did not run the sad fact about her bankruptcy. She owed over $775,000.00 in back taxes to the I.R.S. and had to sell her $3.5 million-dollar mansion for less than the value it was worth.

      Now this raises a concern of mine: Why do these stars trust their agents or CPA's to invest and guard their fortunes?

      I am pretty burned-out of hearing about so and so signing a mega-billion contract with so and so company, then in a month, he declares bankruptcy.

      I say. Let me have $5 Billion now and I promise you that I will NOT file for bankruptcy. I will pay my taxes, hire a reputable investment firm and keep some for a used truck.

      Talk to you soon, Sheila. We need to get started on the New Gilligan's Island.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Before reading this, I had no idea who Teri polo was. Sure, I've seen her in some of the roles you mentioned, but didn't know her real name.


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