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What Kind of Man are You With?

Updated on October 5, 2011

Not all Men are the same

Is He an Ace or a Disgrace?

So you are dating…Or you are married. What kind of man have you fallen for? Is he everything that you have always wanted and more, or perhaps you ask yourself-why am I wasting my time on this jerk. Some men are easy to peg as scum, as others are a little too manipulative and slimy to figure out. You express your views to him; confident that you have a valid point-and you end up walking away thinking what just happened-somehow you ended up saying I am sorry and are now going to fix him something to snack on to make it up to him???  What your relationship is-is based on actions, reactions and perceptions. When you say something to another human being it does not matter what you said or how you meant it, it matter how the person receiving the words perceived them. How do you read and perceive the things your spouse is doing or not doing? Sometimes we just don’t give much consideration that not all men are the same and we could be ready to leave for someone whom is less than ideal in comparison just as well as we may be staying with someone because we don’t realize that more exists and someone else may be a more suitable match. This Quiz was created using situations that real people have actually experienced. One of the answers was the truth as the others were alternatives. It’s mostly for fun-but it’s also to show-that many men are not just black and white-they are many shades of gray... Have a bit of fun-the Quiz takes only a few moments...


1.       It is 1am on Monday-you both must leave for work at 8am… Is he;

a.         In bed with you.

b.       Home-but is playing on the computer on the opposite end of the house

c.        Not home, I guess he’s out with his friends-but I’ll never know for sure

d.       Getting the kids stuff ready for tomorrow, the two of you have decided to alternate the chore and it is his turn.

2.       You call him about an hour before he should be home, to remind him to pick up some milk, he;

a.        Doesn’t answer the phone when you call, because he is trying to close up his work for the day-but calls you back without listening to the message within 10minutes.

b.       Pushes ignore-does not call you back-listens to the message, picks up milk- but does not respond or let you know.

c.        Picks up the phone, and says of course-do we need anything else?

d.       Avoids your call-Does not get milk, and comes home late/again….

3.       You have a big job interview that you are excited about, when you see him and begin to tell him your news he;

a.        Listens attentively as you share every detail

b.       Doesn’t hear a word that you are saying-you know this because he interrupts you five times about random circumstances having to do with his day

c.        Listens as he casually thumbs through an Auto Trader Magazine

d.       Listens and asks questions-but when you can’t answer every detail, because you haven’t yet had the interview-makes you feel ill prepared and ridiculous

4.       It’s your birthday-and you haven’t been out in about 9 months at all, you have expressed your interest to him of having a night out on the town, when the day arrives, he;

a.        Is not feeling well because he drank too much last night-and throws a fit when you don’t agree to just stay home and relax with him.

b.       Shows up early with flowers and a smile. Tells you to go take a shower and start getting ready-he then showers and gets ready, he has made dinner reservations and after you will be heading out with him and some of your friends to a local hot spot, for a night out.

c.        He gets home late from work-and does not rush to get ready. Takes you out, but you do not arrive until almost 1am, you are at the strip club, on your birthday.

d.       He plans to take you out, but gets stuck in traffic and shows up late, so rather than a nice dinner and ball gown; you are treated with Pizza Hut and a Country Club, so at least you can dance together.

5.       You disagree with the floor plans that he has chosen for your home improvement project, he;

a.        Does not even pretend to listen as you make suggestions

b.       Listens but with every suggestion you make-he promptly opposes your ideas.

c.        You and he go through the plans room by room discussing each option that is not agreed on-not all your suggestions are taken and discussed. In the end he agrees to give you that extra square footage in your office, but not jumbo sized bathtub.

d.       He changes the entire house plans for you and apologizes for not considering it all before

6.       Your laptop is not working properly- and you are afraid that it won’t be working very much longer, you tell him about the laptop and ask to borrow one of his two, until you can get yours replaced, he;

a.        Says of course sweetheart-let me go get it for you right now

b.       Changes the subject quickly-and does not answer your question at all

c.        Says no, I am using both of them, but offers to look at yours and see if he can figure out the problem.

d.       Never gives you a straight yes or no answer-and a week later, pulls out a third laptop-one which was, not working for him before but now is. Does not offer to let you use or have any of his now three laptops, nor offers to help you get yours up to par.

7.       With the change of the weather from fall to winter the chore of doing the dishes has made your hands dry and they are beginning to crack and it is now painful for you to submerse them in water, he;

a.        Offers to share the chore, one week he will do them, the next you will.

b.       Offers to take over the chore completely, until your hands heal.

c.        Comes home with new dish washing soap with extra moisturizers, and hands it to you as if he just bought you a diamond ring. When you look at him with amazement he asks, “So where is my thanks?”

d.       Responds-guess you better figure something out or get use to it, because it isn’t like we cannot use any dishes because your hands are a little dry and hurt.

8.       It is the week before Christmas-you have done all the shopping for him, both sides of the family and the children. All gifts are wrapped and awaiting Christmas morning, when you look to see if your gifts are there you;

a.        See one small jewelry gift box hidden within the branches of the tree with your name written on it with XOXO-I love you written on the tag

b.       Don’t have to really look at all-he has been adding your gifts daily and there is hardly any room left for anyone else’s presents.

c.        Not one for you, but he did buy a few things for other people, which are wrapped and waiting

d.       See not one gift that he has bought for you-or anyone else for that matter.

9.       You forget to mail the Electric Bill that is due today, when you tell him he;

a.        Is upset and tells you to fix it and you better figure out how to immediately

b.       Says, okay. Well, can we call and pay it over the phone?

c.        Says, while smiling-I mailed it honey; I know you were busy this week so I decided I am capable of dropping it off, so I did.

d.       Screams-Yells-Tells you that you are worthless-and can’t do anything right-Throws the bill at your feet and demands you drive it over to the CPS office immediately

10.   You are expecting guests for dinner and it is an hour before they should begin arriving-you call him in from outside to help with the kids and clutter in the house, he;

a.        Never even turns to look your way-pretending that he does not hear you.

b.       Says ok, I’ll be in within the next five minutes-but does not actually come in until people begin to show up

c.        Asks you if you are capable of doing anything on your own-and says that right now are a good time to start trying to.

d.       Says, sure honey. He cleans up what he was working on and comes in saying, where do you need me to begin.

If your score was 38 or above- you have a spouse that bows down to you at the flip of a coin. Although you get what you ask for-the relationship may be a little flat. He does not show any signs of possessing a back bone or even an actual personality-he just lets you make all the decisions with your lives and relationship.

If your score was in-between 29 and 37- he is a normal nice guy. Not a push over, and realizes that sometimes you have to decide whether you would like to be right or happy. He wants to be happy and with you-but if he is in a mood, which is not often-he stands his ground, which you also respect.

If your score was in-between 14 and 28- he’s a normal jerk of a guy. He isn’t completely rude-but wants what he wants and that is what comes first. He thinks that your complaints are mostly irrational and unjustified-but he does hear you when you say something. He may not say something at that moment, but does make changes per your request if he sees your point.

If you’re Score is 0 to 13… Run!!! He is a complete jerk. He does not care to see what you are attempting to accomplish-and you do not have the ability to give another human being a heart or conscience. His frame of mind is that he is the king of the castle and does not want a queen to stand beside him; that is why you are the nanny-maid-cook and when wanted arm piece for special events and party’s at which he wants to show off how magnificent he is.

Score Your Answers-

1.       A.4   B.3   C.0   D.5                                                6.    A.4   B.1   C.2   D.0

2.       A.4   B.2   C.5   D.0                                                7.    A.3   B.5   C.2   D.0

3.       A.4   B.0   C.2   D. 1                                               8.    A.4   B.5   C.0   D.1

4.       A.0   B.5   C.1   D.4                                                9.    A. 1  B.4   C.5   D.0

5.       A.1   B.0   C.4   D.5                                                10.  A. 2  B.0   C.1   D.5


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    • IdeaMorphist profile image


      8 years ago from Chicagoland

      Beautifully arranged!

    • H.C Porter profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Lone Star State

      Thanks Nan!

      Ben, let me know how your wife rated you :)

    • Ben Zoltak profile image

      Ben Zoltak 

      9 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      Interesting piece, I just sent it to my wife, I asked her to score me, so I'll get back to ya! Intriguing and fun collection here H.C.!!!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I think that you have had a lot of experience with men! Good article to measure your relationship.


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