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What Lucky People Do that Makes Them Lucky

Updated on June 9, 2013

Ever know someone to be an extremely lucky person? Everywhere in their lives they are touched by luck and chance encounters that bring them sort of positive revelation or fortune or mere coincidence. They have marvelous opportunity after opportunity seemingly handed to them with hardly any hard effort.

Is it luck of the Irish? A lucky charm they carry around? Genetics? They were given a lucky break when they were born?

It seems none of these are what makes people lucky.

Uk Psychologist and amaeuter magician Professor Dr Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire, conducted a 10 year study into what makes people exceptionally lucky and unlucky.

He published in his book "The Luck Factor" his findings and recommendations on what makes people lucky and how you can be one of those lucky buggers.

Make Your Luck

Lucky people create their own luck. They're not born lucky or fate doesn't make them lucky nor is it star signs or horoscope. They simply create their luck.

Have a Strong Network of Luck

Lucky people have a very strong network of luck. They tend to have many friends, acquaintances, people they know and are very good connectors. They are the type of people that knows 'everyone' or a part of not just one or a select few groups but part of many various groups. The more people they know the more opportunities to be lucky are heightened.

Lucky people tend to be extraverts, the more people they meet the more opportunities to run into someone that could bring positive experience into their life. Lucky people smiled twice as much as unlucky people and had 3 times more open body language then unlucky people and made eye contact more frequently.

They are great at making friends and building lasting and secure relationships without being 'clingy'. They are quite trusting and most people tend to like them and form close friendships with them. They are good in keeping in contact with friends or people that are acquaintances and building relationships.

Relax About Life

Lucky people have a relaxed attitude to life and are generally happy go lucky people. They don't take life or themselves too seriously and enjoy the ups and downs of life. When people are relaxed they are more open to seeing the big picture and seeing what's around them and any 'hidden' opportunities that others would have missed. Tunnel Vision is a common term for people that are too focused because they block out their peripheral vision because they are too focused on their goal. It's good to stray off from your immediate goal as your chance opportunities often are hidden in the side or leeway.

Break Routine

Lucky people score very highly on 'openness' of the Big 5 personality assessment. They love variety and novelty. They love trying new experiences and aren't great fans with keeping things too rigidly routine. They love being spontaneous and taking different adventures and routes. The more different things and experiences they try the more opportunities of luck they encounter. Think about it; if you go to the same shop, meet the same people, take the same route, do the same activity your luck will soon be exhausted because you keep going to the same place, if you go to another activity or do different things, you will find new opportunities of luck simply because they haven't been 'dug' up by you.


Lucky people make lucky or really good decisions based on their intuition or gut feeling that tells them to do it or also not to do something.

Make decisions based on your gut or intuition feelings

Lucky people pay attention to their intuition, that interesting sensation that tells us that something we are about to do are have done is very right or very wrong. Some people might refer it to a hunch. Research also indicates your intuition is actually your subconscious telling you something is right or wrong coming from past experiences that you may not necessarily be aware of.

Take steps to Boost your Intuition

Lucky people take steps to boost their intuition. They may simply try to clear their mind, or do it through some form of mediation, go to somewhere to think, journal their feelings. They use some sort of method to clear their mind and bring calmness into their mind.


A huge part of being lucky is the ability to be optimistic or see the glass is half full rather than empty.

Expect Good Luck to continue in future

Lucky people expect good luck they have to continue on in their future. They believe that the good luck they have experienced isn't just a once off encounter they think that good stuff will happen to them. This itself is a very self fulling prophecy, if you think your luck will continue then you will be more open and receptive to different situations and more likely to perceive them in a more positive way.

Persevere in your goals even when chances aren't too high

Lucky people don't give up when they think something is too hard or unlikely. They have a persevering mentality and often the more harder and longer they try usually the effort pays off and they achieve their goals. Don't be confused with pursuing a goal where you or the person is too focused on it that they miss out on any sideway lucky opportunities. People that are able to persevere and try hard though also combine with a relaxed and have an open mentality have their luck factor rise up. Lucky people are able to see the things they aren't able to control though are very able to control the things they can indeed control in a positive way.

Lucky people believe their interactions with others will be positive

They have a positive view that if they meet someone whom they either know or don't know that the interaction with them will be positive. This in turn becomes self fulling as they are more likely to smile, say hi, exhibit positive open body language such as uncrossed hands, legs ect and generally be seen as more friendlier, warm, caring and approachable, which in turn leads people to want to interact with them and behave in a reciprocal friendly manner.

Transform bad luck to good luck

Lucky people are not immortal and often have their fair or sometimes far more than their fair share of 'bad' luck or ill fortune.

See the positive side of your bad luck

Lucky people are able to think optimistically and see the 'silver' lining in the ill fortune or when things go 'wrong' or not as hoped for. Lucky people think that things have gotten worse or been worse off though feel better and a lot luckier that it didn't and often say they are quite 'blessed' that so and so didn't happen.

Believe that ill fortune will work out for the best

Lucky people believe that when things go wrong it has gone wrong and that eventually as the ill fortune is only temporarily that eventually things will work out for the best.They think of things that have 'benefited' from any bad luck.

Lucky people don't dwell on their 'ill fortune'

Lucky people don't ruminate or think over and over again about the negative things that happen. They don't forget the negative events that have happened instead they focus on the positive events that have happened, which in turn makes them feel happier.

Take constructive steps to halt or combat bad future luck

Lucky people take effective constructive steps to halt or combat any future bad luck. They are the proactive people that see things as a challenge rather than constant bad luck. They see their negative events as a way of growth and learning. From their experience they have become stronger, more resilient and take precautions to prevent it. They think of other ways to come up with solutions and persevere in trying to prevent the bad luck as they see it as something they can control.


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    • profile image

      The Very Truth 4 years ago

      well here is a good story that is very true. I am hoping very much to meet a good woman for me that hates going out all the time and i always do meet so many very nasty women that have such a very bad attitude problem, and when i see so many very blessed men that were very extremely lucky to find the right woman in their life to have a family, it hurts me very much knowing that God really loves these type of people but hates me very much since i would had certainly wanted to be as extremely lucky like they were to have the same thing. i was married twice, and my first wife turned out to be very trashy since she cheated on me with this guy that i knew too. he is twenty years older than her, and he is only a bus driver. this happened to me in 1998 which i filed for divorce, and i was divorced within a month. then they moved down to Florida. then in 2000 i met a woman that i dated for a while and had her move in with me which she has an autistic daughter, and i was very happy at the time since i never had children with my first wife. then we did get married after being together for three years, and we were married for only ten years. she is bipolar which i never knew at the time, so i really had a lot of trouble with her since she would start arguing over stupid things. she was very depressed all the time and i wanted my second marriage to last, and she caused me bankruptcy since she was spending money all the time. now single and alone and really scared to meet someone else, since there are not that many really good women to meet these days. it is amazing how God can Bless certain people to be so Very Lucky to find real love and happiness like my aunt and uncle that just celebrated their 65th year together, and punishes many of us innocent ones that are so Very Unlucky.