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What Maks Him A Man?

Updated on April 24, 2016


Machismo, its a word I have come to despise. All men posses this machismo, this swagger that seems to hurt them more then it helps. Yes, confidence is a virtue, yet thinking too highly of yourself is not.I have rarely come across an attractive man, who didn't already know he was attractive. It seems the "prettier" they are, the uglier the inside. What a drag it is, when you go out for that third date, and he reveals his true -obnoxiously flamboyant- colors. Are all men simply boys? Do they have no substance? I would hope that they are out there, the good guys: the guys who are not afraid to cry, who are not afraid to be wrong who are not afraid to say the "l" word; yet if they are out there, I have never come across them.

The "L" Word

Love. I for one, love love. There is nothing greater in the world than being in love. Of course when we are younger, it seems so much easier to love. We all remember our first love, our high school boyfriend, or maybe the boy next door. it was so easy then, it was so easy to love, but that's because we were all naïve.

As children, we barley know ourselves, if we don't know ourselves, we cannot love ourselves and if we don't love ourselves we cannot love others. That's why, "love" in grade school is so easy, because it isn't real. Its simply puppy love. We are all caught up in the notion of being with someone, we really don't think too much about it. we don't consider his level of immaturity, we let his crude language go, we just want to feel wanted.

To be honest, not much changes when we get older, except that with age comes wisdom. We learn, that muscle mass is not a defining quality. We learn that looks are not what is most important. We learn that how many times he hits the gym is trivial. We finally realize that if the inside isn't as pretty, or prettier than the outside it isn't worth it.

I want a man, not a boy. I want someone to talk to. Someone to know when to listen, and know what to say when I come to him for advice. I want a man who is not afraid to cry, a man who puts me over his friends and his sports channel. I want a man to be there, physically of course, but also mentally and emotionally. That is what defines a man.

What Defines A Man

Yes, I relish the feel of being held in his arms, but sometimes I need more. A real man, know how to comfort you when you are in need. He knows what to say, and even if he doesn't, he tries anyway. He is present both mentally and emotionally, he is your rock. you can tell him anything and he can do the same with you.

A real man knows when to speak up, and when to just listen. When to hold you back, and when to let you go. When to hold you close, and when to give you space. A real mans first concern should be you, not his friends, not how much he can lift... You, you should be whats on his mind.

If your man, can do all these things, and show you affection, he is a catch. He proves he is a real man by juggling work, friends, family, bills and you. Its is a difficult feat, but it can be done. this is where a mans strength is tested, if he can manage to excel in juggling all the aspects in his life and keep you happy, he is a real man, a good man. a strong man.

At the end of the day, his looks may have been what drew you to him, but his personality and character is what will make you stay.


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