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Relationship Dating Advice For Women Who Want A Successful Relationship

Updated on February 4, 2015

Relationship Advice For Women

Relationship Advice For Women

Having someone tell you how they love you everyday and promising to make you a happy woman for the rest of your life is the fantasy we all have. What makes a lover stop telling you the sweet things you want to hear and how can you inspire them to romance you without making it seem like an order.

In my opinion the truth is we have to become what we want to receive from our partners. Woman have been wondering what men want for centuries. Actually I believe most men don't really know themselves. We all have ideas what we would like but when we get it we want more or something different.

1st Relationship Advice For Women:The Only Man You Need To Understand is Your Man

I don't believe men are no more general than women. If you lump a gender all as one you will always have problem. Every person is different with different needs. Ask your man what he wants and needs.

He may not know himself, but it will open the doors to better communication. Be sincere and explain that it is important for you to have him happy and he would want to do the same for you.

Know what you want in a relationship and sit down with your partner to make sure your on the same page. When a couple comes together and express their desires they work harder to achieve their desired goals.

Not knowing what you want leads to cheating and more broken relationship in the future. But when men finally meet "The One" they will most definitely proceed with caution or without until they get what they want. But are they willing to do what it takes to keep what they have?

What happens after the family is started and the responsibilities set in? Can we separate a personal relationship from the business of running a household? Are we big enough to fight for our happiness or become cowards and cheat or leave the family you once fought to have?

2nd Relationship Advice For Women: Know What You Want,To Get What You Need

Your man needs to know what you want and what you like. It's just that simple, he is not a mind reader and should not suffer when he doesn't have a clue. There's a saying "closed mouths don't get fed".

We women do have a problem expecting our men to know what we want. The we make the bigger mistake and de-masculate our men when they make mistakes. When a man doesn't feel like the man of the house, you will feel less of the desirable women you crave to be.

We forget how we used to communicate early in the relationship and must start new habits to get new results.

Reading relationship books and getting advice is great, but it has to be done as a couple. "15 Ways to Get a Man to Give You Everything You Want" is not going to bring you and your love any closer.

Your relationship will take work by both people involved. If you love one another you have already committed to making each other happy. You can not do this without having a plan you both agree to and know about.

  • Date Night
  • Counseling
  • Dinners together
  • Daily phone calls

3rd Relationship Advice for Women

There is no better fight than the one that is won between two lovers that are committed to making a relationship work.

Have you ever seen how that crazy couple from "Malcolm In The Middle" gets when they are alone?.. Crazy! (YouTube them). They have gone through horrific situations but are committed to being together and have an unbridled passion because they consider themselves "One".

Can you consider yourself "One" with your family and your spouse? Can you program your mind to not consider even the possibility of another? If you believe you can, you will.

There are no winners in a lost relationship unless you have been trying your best and it was too late. Even if things seem beyound repair, dropping your ego may open a door later for new beginnings. Not learning this will cause your to go through the breakup process over and over again.

What your man wants is for you to want them and fight for what you want. If you fight with passion, he will know the difference. Greet your man as if he is the only one for you treat him with the clear thought that he is the only one you can get your loving from.

It's normal to want to know what your man wants, but knowing what you want will give him so much more direction. A man that has a confident woman, craves a confident woman. Becoming your best will enhance his desire in you. Most people don't know what they want until they get it. Give him you.

I'm saying treat your spouse like you know what he needs. The same way you treat your boss when you want a promotion. Treat the boss right and he gets what he wants and so do you.

I was told along time ago that woman are the necks that move the head (men). Women you hold all the cards. Women have to be the bigger person first most of the time. But good men always come around and will fight like soldiers for a woman that appreciates them even when they fall short.

If you want to know what men want, be committed and talk about it. Don't forget the person you met in the beginning still wants what he had, the same as you, passion,communication,commitment and romance.I know what men want. They want you. Don't try to be anything else. If you have found my friendly Relationship Advice For Women useful please vote me up.


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