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What Men Secretly Want In Women

Updated on April 19, 2016

When we talk about personality between men and women, surely we will never find common ground between what men want and what women want. The differences between men and females often become the trigger of misunderstanding. Therefore, as a woman sometimes you have to give in and obey what your man wants. Likewise, a person should also understand a woman's desire. Through this article, we would like to discuss what men secretly want in women.

What do men want in women? What men want in a woman is quite different from what women want to a man. Here are some things that men want in a woman. As a woman, you have to understand a few things if you want your relationship to remain safe.

1. You are independent woman

Men do not really like women who are too dependent on another person. If you've got a lot of friends for fun, but you also get to enjoy life when you are alone, then you are the type that is appropriate for all men. The men want their sweetheart to live independently and be able to do anything by herself.

2. Care and Respect

Sometimes, you are advised to do the little things to your man. Doing little things to show him that you care will make him closer to you. The sense of caring is one of the respect principles that a woman should have to treat the man as good as possible. The main thing to remember is that you have to give full of respect to your man because he is the head of your family.

3. Be patient for Having Sex

What do men like in bed? Making love is a natural thing that a person wants with his woman. However, as a woman you need to understand your man. Do not force your guys to make love with you. Let your man wants or decides it first. If you force a man to have sex with you while he's not in a good mood, then your man will feel annoyed. If you want to make love with your man, just ask but do not force him.

4. Be His Friend

Get him feel comfortable in front of his friends and famous people. Do not laugh at him in front of his buddies, even though you think it is worth for some reason. A woman should be able to be a good friend to a man. If you have a relationship with a man, then you should make your man feel comfortable around you. You should not be rigid to your man. It is one of what men want in a woman.

5. Do not Be Over Protective

What do men want in a woman? A man intends to have a lady who is not too over protective of him. A man doesn't like being ruled by a woman excessively. You must be protective of him, but do not be over protective. Being over protective to your man, it will make him bored and upset with you. Understanding men are critical. Do not be paranoid to you men, because men hate it the most.

6. Do not be too Aggressive

What men secretly want? Men like women who are not too aggressive. If you are a woman, then you should not start a step and too bold to approach him. Let the man begin to seduce or approach you; this will be a challenge for a husband and l make you honorable. So let the man play his role.

7. Be an Assertive Woman

Men like women who can appreciate themselves, not only always have to follow the wishes of others and do not have an attitude. You should be able to decide what is best and not, including deciding not to date a man whose his eyes are always darting to another woman, abusive man, evil men, etc. Therefore, just be an assertive woman in deciding something.

Assertive woman
Assertive woman

9. Feminine and Sexy

What do men want in a woman? A man likes a woman who looks feminine and sexy. The sexiness of a woman could be the most beautiful thing ever seen by man. Dressing feminine is also one thing that a person wishes to see in his woman. Therefore, you should always look gorgeous and sexy when you're in front of your man.

10. Good at Cooking

The nature of women, in general, is good at cooking. It is one thing what men want in a woman. A man would feel proud if he has a wife who is right in the kitchen. If you are a woman who is good at cooking, then you have to be happy because your man would come home earlier from work because he wants to taste the food and dishes that you make. Thereby, you have to learn to cook from now to give a positive impression on your prospective husband.

In summary, understanding men can be done easily by any women. What men secretly want is actually kind of a normal thing that a woman should do, should have, should know when she treats her man every day. You have to pay attention to some important things explained above so that your relationship with your man remain harmonious and happy. Indeed, it is the secret about what men want in a woman where they never express it. Therefore, hopefully, this article can help any women in the world in understanding men correctly until finally you and your boy will be happily forever after.


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