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5 Things Men Really Look For in a Relationship

Updated on February 21, 2017
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Do men want differently from women?

When it comes to relationships, men are easier to deal with and before female eyebrows are raised, hear this out first. Men are quite straight forward when it comes to what they want in a relationship. The only problem is that, they don't actually come out with a list of what they want and shove it in our faces. It takes a special woman to figure that out. Of course, there is no tried and tested formula for what a man wants. Generally, like most of the men and women population, men look for compatibility in terms of looks, personality and chemistry.

Study Results That May Surprise You

While looks and a pleasing personality are believed to rank top on men's list, it does not work simply that way for many in real life. This is a conclusion is often bred from stereotypes proliferated in the media and the movies.

A study conducted by the University of Iowa in 2009 concluded that the top two things men look for in a woman are mutual attraction and love, and dependable character and emotional stability. Results of the same study point to the conclusion that men prefer intelligent and financially independent women for their long term relationships. Finally, chastity and same political background ranked the lowest on men's priorities.

1. A rare attraction

Humans are on an endless quest for love and happiness. Men on their search for that person that they can be with permanently look for someone they have a mutual attraction with, or chemistry and looks.

Attraction is a basic consideration for men, but not the only sole factor. Mutual attraction is often the basis for the initial chemistry between a man and a woman. Admittedly a man's preference for looks does not trail far.

Some studies say that couples who are mutually attracted to each other experience a different level of chemistry than those who are not. So chemistry is tied to mutual attraction or are they the same thing?

Are Looks That Important?

Not necessarily, but looks play a part in the initial phase of the interaction. Men's eyes are often caught easily by an attractive woman, but this will stand the test depending on the result of any further interaction between them. Choosing a partner based on looks is a very controversial subject. Indeed, it plays a part but there's hardly any argument on what looks do men prefer since preferences are as varied as there are shades of lipsticks in existence.

In effect, looks still play a role but not so much after the initial interaction. Men are visual creatures and women with looks that are within former's preference are easily singled out but this is just the initial stage. To move on to the next level, it takes more than looks to satisfy what a man wants.

2. Best version of yourself

Someone said that "Men marry women hoping they will not change, while women marry men in the great hope to change them."

A man wants a relationship with someone who continues to grow and be her best version of herself. Men expect their women to be on their toes and not be complacent and more importantly, not change for the worst. On one hand, while women tend to be comfortable, she would be best advised to be on her toes and try out things to keep him guessing.

Relationships take some work and men may seem to settle down to it, however, he is continuously admires a challenge every now and then. Therefore, he would appreciate a change of routine and scenery every once in a while. A special woman who knows how to handle this peculiar nature of men would be highly sought after.

A man would likewise prefer her woman to take effort to improve herself. Complacency is often not tolerated. He might not say anything about it but it is always best to be on your toes despite years of being together. When there is no more challenge and chase, men often get bored. Keep yourself presentable and don't let go of the beautiful woman that your man has fallen in love with the first time you met.

3. He wants to be appreciated

A man may not say it out loud but truly like everyone else, he wants to be appreciated and recognized for everything that he does for his family no matter how small it is. This need for appreciation e may not say it but deep in his heart, a guy wishes to be appreciated for who he is, for his contributions to his family and for his efforts. Most men are wanting in the emotional showing off department but this does not mean that he doesn't appreciate being showered with it. Some guys just need the right prodding and you've got a readily appreciative person that one could imagine.

Another important thing that men want is the assurance from the people who matters most to them. Like women, men also need an ego-stroke.

4. Love and Care

Emotional stability is an factor why some men chose a woman over another. Men would prefer women who are emotionally anchored and stable. No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who is emotionally immature. Petty quarrels and unfounded jealousy are simply not their thing. Immaturity may seem cute but in the long run, women who has a rein on their emotions get plus points over their emotional counterparts.

5. He wants you to be direct and honest

Men prefer their partners to be straight forward in their relationships so as much as possible, it is good to make no room for guessing. Women who knows how to tell them as it is are dearly appreciated by men. Mind you, men are are not mind readers and often do not have time to analyze and over analyze everything that a woman says. When they are told something, they often take your word for it. So, when a woman has issues, a guy would appreciate bluntness instead of playing mindgames.


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    • gmmurgirl profile image

      Gei Moore 5 years ago from Pilipinas

      Thanks Rahul! Coming from a man, that's a good sign that perhaps I hit it right on.

    • rahul0324 profile image

      Jessee R 5 years ago from Gurgaon, India

      this is a very useful hub! I feel this is the case with most men around the planet. Women and girls please read!!

      voted up and shared!