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What Motivates A person To Kill- A Short Story

Updated on January 31, 2013

Judy lay in bed in the darkness of her bedroom watching the shadows of darkness dancing happily across her room. She waited for sleep to come but it quickly passed her by. It was 3 o'clock in the morning a mast of hot tears rolled down her face., as she thought about the last time she had seen her son. One month ago Benny begs her for a pair of expensive sneakers. Judy knew that kids was being robbed and shot over name brand expensive sneakers, immediately she said no. Oh my God she cried why didn't i give him what he wanted. I blame you God she cried you took him away from me. You gave me this beautiful little boy to love and protect, I did what you wanted me to do. This is how you reward me, by taking my son. The room was silence with no sounds, it was as she was waiting for God to give her and answer.Judy heard a voice that made her sat up in bed, it was the voice of Benny her dead son. Mommy what are you doing to yoursel? You was the best mother in the world, you gave me your love . Up here I am learning what is important and that is love and respect for others. Stop crying for me mommy, i'm gone. God needed me up here to teach other's the right way.Stop worrying about me up here is beautiful, theres no crimes, no sickness, no guns, no poverty, no death just life. Judy lived in a poor community, with young killer, drug dealers, pimps, rapist and poor people living in poverty. She didn't sat back and wait on a broken system to diciate to her how she should run her life. She didn't believe in begging for child support from any man she was a single mother who had to made a way for herself and her son. She was a single mother who devoted her life to raising her son and supporting if she had to work 3 jobs. At the age of 13 Benny, she would sat back and see a loneness in Benny eyes that almost scared her because so many of his friends had been killed. She had attended with Benny so many funerals of his friends. He would sat in church with a face of stone not shedding a tear. she tried to protect her son keeping him home spending time with him but at 13 she had to giving a little freedom. One night at dinner after a phone call he stood up telling her that he was going out, you sat down and eat your dinner .I'm going out he yelled back at her young man you stop,with Benny slamming the front door behind him. Judy waited for Benny to come home, 3 hour later a knock was upon her door. This would be the first time that she would slap him, jerking the door open two policemen stood. Judy X we are here to inform you that your son Benny has been killed. We will drive you to the Hospital no thanks, I can drive my self she spoke with tears running down her face. Judy knocks on Deloris her friends door, not yelling or screaming her face was full of tears. Benny has been shot and killed. By who she ask another young boy who has been arrested. Deloris started to cry but judy put her hand over Deloris mouth. It took forever for her to get to the hospital,looking at her son she broke down yelling and screaming. This was one of the hardest thing she ever had to do in her life, indentifing the body of her son practicually faceless. Oh my god she screamed.. Never in a million years had she ever thought that she would be one of those mother planning a funeral for her child. The day of the service Judy sat in front of the church surrounded by friends and family. Two weeks ago she had sat in church with Benny listening to the minister repeat the same words. All her tears was gone,walking up to the beautiful white coffin she kissed the top of the box placing a dozen red Roses and a beautiful blue orchid on top of the close box.All eyes was placed on her as she return to her seat with tears running down her face. The Minister spoke, None of us knows what motivates a another person to kill;only God knows the answer.


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