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What Sex can Cure-7 benefits of sex

Updated on November 10, 2011

what sex can cure?

Wonderful sex not only makes people happy but also brings many unexpected benefits. What are the benefits? Recently, US sexologist Barbara Pix indicated in his new book entitiled “men needs sex, women need love” that sex is a magical cure to help defend from many kinds of diseases. Here are a list of benefits:

1. Sex cures allergy: Sex is a natural antihistamines, it helps to reduce the chances of nasal obstruction and pollen allergy. It effectively reduces the incidence rate of asthma and cures dermatitis. The sweat during sex can clean the pores and increases the skin temperature, thus helps to recover from dermatitis, rash and acne.

2. Sex cures depression: our brain produces a lot of endorphin during sex. This substance can produce plesant and happy feeling. A research conducted by California university indicates that after an orgasm, 85% of symptoms of the patients of depression can be alleviated. So if you are depressed, sex is better than taking pills.

3. Sex can help you lose weight: sex can make people happy, meanwhile it removes fat. Different positions can train and stretch different parts of body, the effects can be comparable to swimming and running.

4. Sex help you sleep easily: to men, 5 to 10 minutes of intense sex is equal to taking 2 to 3 grams of tranquilizer and helps to fall asleep fast. To women, 10 times of sex can helps to reduce the chances of insomnia.

5. Sex cures headache: it helps to releases stressful feeling and effectively cures headache.

6. Sex protects your heart: regular sex can reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke by half, but it is suggested that patients of heart disease should prevent from having intense sex.

7.Sex helps to build strong skeleton: It also keeps skeleton healty and reduces the risks of osteoarthritis and prevents tooth decay. A lot of saliva secrete during kissing can clean the teeth and reduces the harmful acids.

what sex can cure?
what sex can cure?


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    • profile image

      DatingWithSTDs 6 years ago from USA

      Good information. I will have to see if some of these work.