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What Should The Organizations Who Raised Money And Fought For DADT Repeal Do With Their Time?

Updated on January 8, 2011


What happens to fundraising organizations once their cause is no longer a cause that needs money? What do these highly motivated and organized people do with their time and energy? I really don’t know but when it comes to the people who fought tirelessly to see the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell I have some ideas. Now that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has been repealed what should the organizations that raised money and fought for its repeal do with their time? – Don’t Get Me Started!

I always thought that the real reason behind the political religious right’s vigor against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell had little to do with their beloved bible, showers, fearing the straightee soldiers would be raped by having gays climb in their bunks and give them blow jobs (I didn’t make this up, this was actually suggested by a member of Congress) and much more about the fact that once you give gays the right to serve openly, to fight and die for their country how can you deny their spouses (in the states that allow gay marriage or domestic partnerships) benefits (including being beneficiaries) and from there if the country’s men and women who are fighting for this country are allowed to have benefits for their same sex partners how can you deny the civilian population these rights too regardless of the laws of their individual state? From there it’s just a short hop, skip and jump to allowing gays to marry (or have something like it that allows all the rights of marriage – for those of you who don’t know, domestic partnerships and even same sex marriage granted by the states don’t give gays all the same rights as married straightees when it comes to stuff like tax breaks, etc.) and have their unions be recognized federally. My theory? Once you let the military have it or you condone it federally, how can you deny the general population? Short answer, you can’t. Whether or not this is what was really going on I’m sure I don’t know but it’s my theory and it makes sense to anyone I’ve ever told.

The thing is that for whatever reason, the world relies on marketing and propaganda to move not only causes, rights and civilization (according to some) forward more than its willing to admit and now that the repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell people are stuck with twelve million t-shirts and bumper stickers that never got handed out and will no doubt find their way into thrift stores across the country what will the people who spent hours and hours designing, choosing the right shirt and finding the money to pay to have them produced do with their talents now that this particular battle is over? If they don’t find another cause they’re out of a job, right? And they need to eat like everyone else, right? And I suspect that they need a cause to feel as though they are “fighting the good fight.” So economically and spiritually they need a new fight, cause, battle whatever you want to call it and while some may say the next logical cause would be to take their fight to the fight for marriage equality I’m not so sure that’s where they should head next. Mostly because I think my theory above is going to in its own way take care of gay marriage eventually but if that happens then you not only have the repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell freedom fighters out of work but also the gay marriage folk looking for jobs too.

That’s a lot of “causies” out of work. I guess the logical progression for many of them would be to become lobbyists but there are so many lobbyists all ready, too many if you’re asking me. If I were in politics I would tend to believe a lobbyist as much as a “preacher” on a street corner but for some reason the cheese stands alone on this one. No, I don’t think the causies should take their passion and cash raising capabilities to the lobbyist world so where does that leave all these newly named (by me) “causies?”

Maybe they could take up the fight for kids being bullied? Sorry, that’s been picked up all ready by other causies. Hmmm, maybe nutrition in schools, education or how many calories are in a Whopper – nope, the Obama administration is taking care of that (though the Democrats’ publicity and propaganda department seems to be one of the most ineffective teams ever so who would know that Obama and/or the Democrats are doing anything besides supposedly giving health benefits to illegal aliens?) And while I guess they could take up the environmental cause, let’s face it these have been the least successful campaigns ever with people talking about “going green” more than they’re actually doing anything to make the planet actually greener (the emperors who came up with the “green” slogans have no clothes, I’m here to tell you). No, the causies need something they can win. So I would like to suggest they take their time, efforts and intelligence to a real cause like the ethical treatment of gays by gays. Enough all ready with gays putting down other gays for being “too gay” or creating another gay movie about a sensitive young man who discovers he’s gay only to date some closeted gay who breaks his heart and marries his sister. Enough all ready. Let’s start acting, producing and being who we are, human beings who just got an extra turn in the fabulous line when we were being created (either by God or our design)! Let our cause be one of fixing ourselves now that we’ve begun to fix the public’s perception of “us.” And just to show my own “put up or shut up attitude” I’ll stop rolling my eyes every time the flaming gay in my Zumba class hollers, “Hollah!” Okay, I don’t think I can do that so maybe we need to find another cause, suggestions? Now that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has been repealed what should the organizations that raised money and fought for its repeal do with their time? – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • profile image

      Amber 6 years ago

      Good idea. Still though, I'd like to see everyone (gay and straight) have to get legal civil unions that give everyone the same spousal rights under the law. Then, if you're religious and want to formalize your union under God somewhere, that's between you, your spouse, and your church. I know I'm (ahem) preaching to the choir here. I really hope you're right about the slippery slope of the DADT repeal and that everyone gets equal rights sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I guess the TV thing is a good, achievable goal.

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