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What Sort of Traditional Hen Party Will Pippa Middleton Have?

Updated on July 25, 2016

Pippa Middleton planned sister Kate's low key and sophisticated hen party back in 2011

So last week Pippa Middleton got engaged to hedge fund manager James Mathews. With the Wedding set for 2017 that gives her 12 months to plan the festivities.

But what about the hen party itself. As some of you may remember Pippa was the Maid of Honor for Kate and Williams wedding back in 2011 and along with that touching honor came the responsibility of planning a Royal hen do. As you might have guessed it was a very low key event held behind closed doors at a friend’s home. We assume it was a big success and haven’t heard stories to tell us otherwise.

Will Kate be the Maid of Honor and if so what sort of hen party will it be?

But now the shoe is on the other foot (presumptuous are that Kate will be the Maid of Honour) and if she is what sort of hen party will the Royal plan for her little sister? Will It be a very low key event away from the spot light like Kate's was? The press would be dying to snap a photo of Pippa or even Kate chained to an inflatable blow up man stumbling down the local high street, we can see The Suns headlines know “A Royal Rumble”. While we seriously doubt that will be the case, on a more informative note what will send off be like. Surely with the world watching it has to be more upmarket and conventional. The Royal institution has always followed tradition customs. So if Kate plans Pippa’s hen weekend will it be using the same traditional guidelines. If so what traditional hen party ideas are there?

Afternoon Tea

There is nothing more British than a spot of afternoon tea, A few crumpets, finger sandwiches and cakes. In fact, Kate is probably one of a handful of people that could hold an afternoon tea in Buckingham palace being served by a butler, with the queen invited. Just picture it, that would be amazing!!!

Spa Break

The classic Hen Party Spa Break could be an option but where would a group of ladies of such high class go on a relaxing weekend break that offers more luxury than some of the hens in her group would be used to? Here are 10 best luxury spa hotels in England on trip advisor.

Rent a Hen House

Renting a country house or cottage is very popular and it provides the best way to combine that bit of privacy ladies want on a hen weekend (especially in Pippa’s case) and still all be together under one roof.

If you pick the right hen house the weekend can be a big success, especially if you plan to pop out to a local spa for the day or even get people to come in to the property to carry out certain spa treatments on site.

If they really want to make some, let’s say “large memoires” they could arrange for butlers in the buff to come in and cook for them, come on boys for Queen and country and all that. Again we seriously doubt this will happen but after all ladies it is a hen do.

Champagne Tasting

Cocktail making is extremely popular on a hen night but if Pippa/Kate want to put a more upmarket spin on it they could go for a Champagne Tasting Class instead. Most of the ladies in Pippa’s hen group probably consider themselves Wine Connoisseurs and drink Prosecco and champagne as frequent as we drink cups of tea.

Chocolate Making

What Lady isn’t a chocolate lover? Chocolate making classes are very popular with hen’s that want a more sophisticated social gathering. Pippa and her guests could spend the next hour whipping up some delicious treats to take home to their friends. Make sure to save a box for Liz, Kate.

Day At The Races

A large class of wine, Beautiful dresses and stunning hats and gorgeous British summer sunshine, talk about a glamour’s send off.

Having your hen party at the race course is a popular idea. In fact, a lot of race course around the country hold special ladies race day events to encourage women to come and place some bets. Some of the best race courses in the UK are York, Chester, Cheltenham and of course The Royal Ascot. Would Pippa place a few bets on any of the Queens race horses? It’s a sure thing or a “lock”.

Whatever Pippa decides to do for her last evening as single women it will be a big success. After all haven’t they both worked for their parents party planning company Party Pieces. So there is no way they could get it wrong.

What Traditional Hen Party Activity Would You Pick?

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