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Top Lessons Superheroes Can Teach You To Become More Attractive and Successful - Part 1

Updated on June 2, 2017

How To be a Superhero Success

Deconstructing The Superhero For Abundant Success In Dating and Business

We may not be able to fly, have claws rip through our knuckles, shoot spiderwebs and climb up buildings. Perhaps one day! And on that one day I will rejoice!

Until then, I dream of a simpler life, where I can integrate all of the greatest aspects of a superheroes personality, moral code, drive, compassion and empathy in order to make myself a next-to flawless human being.

Until that day I will be truly fallible....unique BUT ultimately fallible.

Many of us nerds have not grasped how to land an amazing partner. For some reason, that kind nerdy nature does not equate to meeting Mary Jane.

But at some point I worked it out and I thought I would share with you some amazing insights that will help you win the heart of a phenomenal woman if you find you have never been able to compete with the bad boys, gym junkies, tycoons, New York attorney types or yuppies.

By deconstructing the personality traits of some of our greatest superheroes and then integrating those traits into our own personalities (With a little bit of discipline), you too will have no problems meeting and attracting an amazing partner and having more business success..

The following rules can be applied on a daily basis. To be successful, you must be consistent.

While Part 1 tends to concentrate more on the male perspective, be assured that as we progress we will look into the best female superhero characters.

Good luck!

Why Are Superheroes a Great Base Model To Be More Attractive?

I have watched superhero films all my life. They are my favorite type of movie.

In part 1 of this series, we discuss how a superhero mentality can make a man more attractive and how to do it. It is not meant to be sexist. It is meant to highlight characteristics that women tend to find attractive.

I realized long ago they offer many insights when it comes to the attraction women have for men. Put the superhero powers aside for a moment. You'll never get those. You will never shoot laser beams from your eyes or webs from your wrists. But strength of character, like a superhero is the most important factor in long term attraction. Here is how you can strengthen your own character: By developing a superhero mindset.

  • Superhero's are aloof to their lady, yet give them extra attention at the pivotal moments...when it counts.
  • Everybody loves a superhero. The woman loves being the special one out of the many. This also counts much more when they know there are many others who want him. As the crowd waves at the superhero, he will wave back, and wink at his special girl.
  • Superhero's have the strength to face all challenges. They can feel the weight of the world but can carry it as long as they knows there is purpose.
  • Superhero’s are not always there when WANTED, but always there when NEEDED. (Big difference).
  • Superhero's project loyalty to a greater cause than their relationships with women. Their woman is not the be-all-end-all. A superhero always has a higher purpose in his life than his woman, yet always makes a little time for her.
  • Superhero’s spread their attention around, making the love interest WORK for their attention.

This all works to create LASTING attraction. No superhero's love interest has ever been able to break her attraction, even when that damsel is dating another man. The superhero will always pull her back in.

Find Your Inner Strength

Always There When Needed. Not Always There When Wanted

"Here I come to save the day!!" sung Superman as he soard the skies.

Each and every superhero I know is not there on demand. He doesn't show up just to entertain people. He doesn't show off his abilities. And he definitely does not fly in just because his love interest calls out his name for some attention.

But when all hell breaks loose and the love of his life is in imminent danger, when all seems lost and there seems no way out, there he is, completely there to bring her out of danger.

A man who shows up when he is really needed but is strong enough to avoid showing up because a woman just wants him there for some attention, is a man who is considered much more elusive and attractive.

Now by that I don't mean he swoops in to help her move house because he can lift heavier things. She still doesn't NEED him then. She could hire removalists.

He must make himself unavailable and respect his own time. This man has other things to do. He has his own priorities. But as we have seen many times over, he is her protector when all seems lost.


Lois Lane loves Superman. She is obsessed with him. She feels his energy and is drawn to it. She will go anywhere for this man who can save her, provide danger for her, and sweep her off her feet.

When he is Clarke Kent, a weak, fumbling man in glasses, she cannot even be decent with him! She steps on him.

In Superman Returns, Lois has had Superman's Child!! Her current boyfriend is a good provider, raising Superman's son, believing it is his. He is not the alpha, strong guy, but provides a good life for his woman. He is raising Superman’s child, and Lois allows him to believe that it is his! (Read a book called Sperm Wars). This is a dirty trick. But she will not let her provider go and she will always have eyes for Superman.

When you are an alpha man, you will attract a more physically attractive and confident woman. Also, women who are dating weaker, unsatisfying men will be drawn to your presence.

Everyone Loves The Hero. He Loves Them. But Loves That Special Woman That Little Bit More

Spiderman is a crowd pleaser. Perhaps it is because he is picked on at school, but when that mask is on he plays up for the crowd. But behind all the fanfare, the autograph signing, the photos with fans, he will always give a little more attention to Mary Jane.

Iron Man is the same. He knows who is closest to him and even though he seems to constantly screw things up with Pepper Potts, he constantly attempts to make things right. Tony Stark may be the ultimate bad boy but he is trying to temper his nature so that he can be a greater man with the help of a greater woman who he needs the love of.

The REAL Hero is UNDER The Mask


As Peter Parker, Mary-Jane steps on him. In fact, she will date EVERYBODY around him, including his best friend, but not him. She treats him like her gay best friend. But when he is Spiderman, she will even cheat on her other boyfriends who seem to be great providers and seemingly more alpha than Peter Parker. In fact, at one point she starts dating an astronaut. The status of her boyfriends get higher and higher. She dumps Peter's best friend for the astronaut, an even higher status male. Yet even while dating the astronaut, nothing beats her attraction for Spiderman

It is not that this woman is looking for financial gain in my opinion, but that he has stepped up to be in strength, confidence and is a rock. In turn she gives him all of her feminine energy.

It's a great trade-off.

So if you aren't getting what you want from other people, including finding somebody who loves you, or even new customers for your business, have a look at how you are perceived from how you act.

A woman cannot help how she is attracted to somebody and not you. She had no choice. Her genetics choose. She is looking for the strongest genetic traits for her children o ensure their survival. She wants an adventure because her life is never as interesting as when the superhero is in it.

In business, people get a feeling about you and whether they want to trust you enough to do business with you. If you are losing out it is because you seem weaker and lower quality.

The Dark Heroes - Women Want To Know the Softie Underneath


Batman will have the girls no matter what. He is strong on both sides of his personality. He is alpha and wealthy by day, dark and brooding by night.

But while he is brash, handsome, fit, wealthy and of course angry and dark, women find him attractive because they know that behind the darkness, there is light and it is warm.

When you play too light too often, you are not mysterious. You are easy to figure out.


The wolverine is just a badass who makes the older women quiver at the knees. He won't be around forever. He is a lone wolf. He is a fly by night. A woman wants him to sneak into her room and ravage her and have her yearning for more. He will be gone by sunlight . Yet as dark and hurt as he is, his morals and values make him a powerful long term attractor.

These dark warriors know how to be men and will fight for the right cause and will not put up with small dramas. All that matters is the mission and the solution.

Externally Arrogant and Cocky, But Humbled By Innocence

Tony Stark is the best example of this. He created weapons of war and he didn't care who died. he simply wanted to profit. Until he was in the battlefield and saw the destruction his weapons caused and the deaths and the impact those deaths had on other people, he was just a cocky profiteer.

But while retaining his arrogance, everything he does is for the greater cause. And while he will never lose that pure arrogance, he will stop and even change the life of a young boy who he meets along the way, as he did in Ironman 3.

Even if you are arrogant and think you are top notch in this world, you must always stop, reflect and take the time to help others without any expectation of return.

Learn The History of the Superhero Culture Here

A TED Talk on a Child Superhero

Every Superhero Has a Weakness

Excuse me if this seems sexist. Some of this you may or may not agree with, depending on which side of the fence you live on.

Hire every superhero film made since the Christopher reeves superman 1 and 2. Don't worry too much about superman 3 and 4. They are just painful.

If you can strengthen your character now, as you prepare yourself for implementing all these lessons, you will be ready for anything.

Believe it or not, and I am sure you know this, as sweet, kind and caring as women appear, some that you meet can have some crazy notions about life. Because of the feminist movement, they are trained by magazines and a one-sided mainstream media to believe that they have been mistreated, used and abused in all ways and some try to create a battlefield landscape where no man is good enough. It has become a very judgmental environment.

Some believe they have not had a fair deal and they have a victim mentality about it. Unfortunately, this cultural mis-thinking does not allow them to realise that they already had the power all along. They only needed to use their soft femininity. There is no need to compete with men by being masculine.

But for the superhero, it creates an opportunity to be stronger, more vigilant of bad thinking, to be more understanding and empathetic but also firm they will not allow bad behaviour to occur.

I want you to hammer this home if one of the reasons you are developing yourself is to meet an amazing woman:

  • Women are the selectors. Men are the attractors. Women have all the power when it comes to dating and in order to select a mate they will throw out constant tests to see whether a man is strong enough to take her on. You know this. And if you haven't been getting laid, it is because you have failed these tests many times over. By living a superhero attitude you will begin to handle these tests.

But there are many tests. They come out of nowhere and you need to be quick on your feet.

When women withhold sex for example, men come to believe that they need to try harder and that women have all of the power. I am going to share a secret that women may not know and you should embrace: The more somebody withhold affection, the less attractive a person they become, man or woman.

The less attractive they become, the less power they have over you.

I'm also going to reveal my secret weakness so that you know that I am penetrable. Even Superman has his kryptonite. The only test I tend to fail when it comes to a woman who throws them at me, is her silence. I can handle everything else. Anything she does rolls off me and I remain unphased. But if I SMS her or call and she doesn't return my call, while I know I should just wait forever for her to call back, but I don't. I think of the next thing I will say. I know I will lose her attraction by giving her my power. Can you imagine superman hoping Lois will call? Not gonna happen! Yet, I still find myself cracking when I really, deeply like a girl. If she's just pretty, I am fine. But when I have a deep attraction beyond her looks, I yearn for her and start to hope and pray for her contact. I have learned to distract myself to win this test. It does not always work, but I am taking control. Mastery of self is my highest priority.

What tests are you thrown to test your strength? Do you always buy her drinks or dinner and stay in the friend zone with no commitment to you than she does of any other guy? Are you there for her at her beckoned call? Do you listen to her bleed out her feelings about not finding a nice man, while she fails to notice you, the nice guy, and you totally take it?

Quality Superhero Movies to Learn From

The Matrix
Captain America
The Dark Night
Superman 2
The Avengers
X Men
X Men 2

What We Have Learned So Far

In Part 2, we will cover some of our greatest female superheroes as well as some deeper topics that affect men in today's world.

The overall lesson is strength of character.

Loose values creates a loser life.

  • Think right
  • Act with good intention
  • Know you have a higher purpose (This is not religious)
  • Act with kindness regardless of your perceived status in life
  • Help others in need
  • Take care of your health
  • Search to create positive outcomes from tragedy
  • Always give back


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