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What The Different Between Your New Sexy Underwear And Your Fail Relationships

Updated on December 22, 2011

Fail relationships no matter if it was a marriage of short term courtships, it appeared to me like a pair of New brand Underwear(sexy)

In the beginning you brought that Victoria Secret Under wear and you fell in love with it,

You take it home, and you Model that sexy panties and bra in front of your mirror,

you love the way its made your curves looked, You introduced it your your better half, or whomever, it made you feel like a sexy provocative woman in the bedroom,

The way he looked at you, when you wore it. It was so inviting to his eyes, you thought that he wouldn't have taken his eyes off you, because of the sexy underwear

Then within a month, you notice the underwear colour was changing, the elastic in the legs was getting weaker, and to you it lost its sex appeal, so you tossed it aside, then finally you dumped it in the garbage, "History of the beloved undergarment you once love,"

"Out with the old , in with the new"

Good bye good riddance.

And off to Victoria Secret to select one our several of the latest one,


You meet the Geoffrey's of this Worlds, and you fall in love, everything seem to go wonderful,

you two was inseparatable, the sex was great, lots of laughter, and everything to you seem

Wonderful,and New ("No Problem")!

Then one day things started to change, less sex, Silent in your home, (communication door) seem to be closing, he stays out late and it became more and more frequently,,

These were all the signs of a man having an affair, Now you're thinking . "This relationship seem to be coming to an end, "Have worn itself out

So who will have the juts to throw it in the garbage, or who will be honest enough to tell the truth,

and say "Honey It is over,

For you and me"

It's time to move on.( A New Dawn A New beginning!!!!!

Goodbye my Love.

And your Relationship became just like your sexy underwear,

It worn itself out, and so was the relationship,

So "Out with the old, in with the new.

Goodbye my Love

And on to another. by W.Walters(Darknlovely)3436

. .


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    • Darknlovely3436 profile image

      Annie 7 years ago from NewYork

      lol i hear you..

    • hillrider profile image

      hillrider 7 years ago from Mid-west United States

      DnL, your Hub is cute in a humorous way yet there is truth in the comparison. From a male standpoint, underwear is superlative, (extra) not a necessary consideration of attractiveness. It's like wrapping paper on a gift, pretty to look at but not what you want to play with, we want the toys inside the paper. lol

      Still your point is expressed well. Both genders become enamored at the beginning of new relationships and to use a different metaphor but similar idea lets use a tool, say a hammer. Now everyday at work I pound nails with this hammer, it is trusted and true, always does the job well and never lets me down. When I reach for it there it is, right in my toolbelt where I know it will stay until I need it.

      Now my co-worker has a little more cash or less bills or maybe is just younger and spends his cash on a nice shiny new cordless nail gun. When he uses this tool it slams home the nail without effort on his behalf while I am still over here using all my strength and energy to get the same result. We both are simply nailing boards and either does the job.Yet from a male perspective he is working easier, has a nice shiny new tool and it makes us look twice. Once with envy and again with wonder.

      I have a nice trusty hammer, she has been a good "tool" and is always there every time I reach for her. I have also seen from the other side of the job site when his "gun" gets jammed and he has to stop and figure out how to fix the issue and even take it in for repairs. Plus there is cost, while I only had to purchase my tool once he is required to oil his, maintain it so it stays working up to snuff. Spending his extra money and time just to have what I have already. A tool that fits me and that I can rely upon. Eventually he will come to realize that men have been using "hammers" for eons while these new "guns" remain untested for the long haul. I imagine most men want the shiny and new, this guy will remain with the tried and true. And guess what, in the end he has to go to a hammer too, to get the same performance.

      Well that's my reply, in a nut shell, I am just a guy who loves his "tool." Meanwhile, my tool belt could use an update,..LOL