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What To Do While You Wait On Your God-Sent Husband

Updated on March 30, 2014

In this article, we'll delve more into the spiritual and natural side of marriage preparation.

Spiritual Preparation

This is the most important area in which to prepare. Exactly how do you prepare?

  1. Prayer- You're probably saying well I'm already praying to God for a husband. But let me ask you this....are you only asking God...are you doing all the talking. Do you ever take the time to listen to what God may say. What about praying for others? Prayer should be two-way communication. In a relationship, communication goes two ways. Why is it when it comes to our relationship with God, our communication is one-sided? Spending time in God's presence listening to direction can bring so much peace and joy. It will make your day a whole lot better. Never underestimate the power of Prayer!
  2. Personal Bible Study- Your physical body needs food to stay nourished and strong. Your spiritual body needs food as well. Without it, you will become weak and malnourished. Bible study is paramount in the Christian walk. Reading the Bible is another form of communication. God speaks through His word. Make sure your day includes some personal study time.
  3. Regular Church Attendance- Hebrews 10:25 tells us to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together. This means our directive is to go to Church! Watching the TV evangelists has its place and can provide a substitute when sick or when your schedule won't allow. However, it does not replace the synergy of going to a worship service. In "live" church, being in the atmosphere of other worshippers, hearing their praise and testimony provides a direct connection that is often lost with TV land. If you are not connected to a local, Bible teaching and Bible believing church, get connected right away!

Natural Preparation

Now that we've got your spiritual life on track, what should you do in your natural life while you wait for God to send your husband?

  1. Take Care of your Temple- let's just face it...what usually draws someone to you initially is your appearance. Your temple should glorify God just as your inner man does. Are you eating right....keeping your weight down....avoiding alcohol and drugs... not smoking? They say the one thing you can do to add years to your life is not smoke and if you do, quit. We know that beauty is only skin deep and what is inside is more important. But we are to honor God in our bodies as well. Doing the best with what God has given you honors him. In addition, it may draw attentive eyes!
  2. Set Goals-Don't live life waiting around for some knight in shining armour to come and sweep you up and live happily every after. Get real! What are you bringing to the relationship? Some life goals are: getting a degree or that promotion, losing weight, eating healthier, buying a condo or house, saving for a rainy day. Setting goals keeps you moving forward in different areas of your life. Don't become stagnant.
  3. Work on your domestic skills- In this economy, both partners usually must work to make ends meet. Let me just say that I believe that a man should help with the cooking and cleaning if you both work. Those chores should be shared as they are too much for one person! Having said that, I want to be clear that God's design in a family was to have the woman take care of this as the husband worked to provide for his family. I repeat, that was God's design. When Eve usurped her authority and convinced Adam to eat of the great fruit, the family structure started its decline then. Women started taking they are raising families alone because Eve was out of place. What am I saying.... that God created women to be the domestic partner. If you are single, you should cultivate this. Keep a clean house. Learn to cook. Your husband will appreciate it. When the time comes for you two to share those responsibilities, it will be easier for him to help as you have already shown him that side of you. The God in him will want to help because he appreciates what you have already done.

Your Finances

Are you consistently saving money? Are you working toward becoming debt free? Credit cards can be trouble if you aren't disciplined. Learn to pay things off on the card before you purchase something else using the card. If you want to marry someone debt free, you should work on becoming debt free yourself? Just start where you are and work toward it. Create a budget and stick to it.

While you wait for God, be active! There's a gospel song I love, "Make Me Better, Lord". This should be every one's prayer, especially singles looking for a blessing from God. Strive to be all you can be!

From A Male's Heart- While Looking For A God-Sent Man


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    • Matty Fernandez profile image

      Matty Fernandez 13 months ago from Passaic, NJ

      Being complete in the Lord is the best thing that could happen to a woman and a man before they meet each other.

    • profile image

      niya 3 years ago

      Really needed this. Thanks

    • profile image

      Marion 3 years ago

      It is to late now. I am so lonely and just want ton give up .

    • profile image

      Andrea 3 years ago

      Thank you so much....

    • Evans4life profile image

      Evans4life 3 years ago

      Jamaica- Stay encouraged! Thanks for stopping by.

    • profile image

      Jamaica 3 years ago

      This post has blessed and encouraged my heart.

    • Evans4life profile image

      Evans4life 4 years ago

      Nikki- thanks for stopping by. Please share with family and friends. Also visit my blog and our online store God bless you!

    • profile image

      Nikki 4 years ago

      Thank you so much I really needed to read this

    • Evans4life profile image

      Evans4life 4 years ago

      Thanks Linda! I pray for your success! Thanks for stopping by!

    • profile image

      linda 4 years ago

      great advice. putting it into practice straight away! May God blee you and your family! #trulyablessing

    • Evans4life profile image

      Evans4life 4 years ago

      Melly, stay in touch and thanks for stopping by!

    • profile image

      melly 4 years ago

      Thank you evans4life may the GOOD LORD bless you more

    • mollymeadows profile image

      Mary Strain 4 years ago from The Shire

      Good, practical advice! Up and useful.

    • Lastheart profile image

      Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 4 years ago from Borik√©n the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

      Well done! Happy to see people like you spreading the seed. God bless you and your writings for His glory.

    • Cherese George profile image

      Cherese George 4 years ago from Trinidad and Tobago

      This is very good advice....i am taking note...


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