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What To Expect From Your Wedding Video

Updated on January 19, 2010

Wedding videos are a trusted way to document the events surrounding the creation of a new marriage, recording not only the ceremony itself but also the sentiments of all the family and friends gathering to take part in the joyous occasion. The work of a skilled wedding videographer will be a great resource for members of the wedding party, who carry out the duties necessary to make the wedding a success and yet often miss the beauty of the ceremony that other guests get to enjoy as spectators. Wedding videography is also an asset for the married couple, as it gives them the chance to see their wedding from another perspective, and experience moments they may have overlooked in the intense emotion and flurry of activity of the wedding itself.

Photo by neate photos.

Large or multi event weddings

In many cultures nuptial traditions take days, or even weeks to complete rather than one day of excitement. Multiple-event weddings are particularly suited to wedding videography, as it provides an overview of the intensive process that cannot be captured by photos alone. For large weddings as well, the wedding video offers guests a chance to convey their blessings to the happy couple, an opportunity they may not have otherwise due to the many competing demands for their attention.

Research your videographer

A good videographer is as important as a good photographer, as both roles require a talent for presentation as well as a sense of discretion to determine which moments best exemplify the experience of the wedding. To begin your search for the right wedding videographer, the best place to start is with your family and friends, as well as the internet, to hear reviews of potential videographers.

The right videographer for your event will be someone who has a consistent reputation for timeliness, dependability, and understanding the needs and desires of the couple to be married. Your satisfaction with the people responsible for committing your wedding to film will influence your overall happiness with the events in retrospect, and so it is important to be selective when choosing a videographer. Keep in mind that the couple to be married is not only the subject of the weddings video, but is the most important audience.

Your candidates for videographer should have portfolios of their previous work to show you. As their style of shooting will affect the final product, in addition to their skill level, it will help you to determine whether this particular photographer can produce the type of video that you desire. A videographer who has honed their skills on intimate gatherings may not be the best choice for a larger event, and vice versa.

Agree terms with your videographer

You should next discuss the technicalities of their service before choosing a videographer for the big day. While it may seem obvious to lock in an hourly rate and secure their presence at all of the wedding events, do not forget to get a tangible promise for the receipt of the finished video by a particular date. By deciding upon a deadline for the compilation and editing of the video, you will have one less worry on the day of the wedding itself.

Arrange for copies of the wedding video

Make sure you will receive multiple copies of the wedding video, as your close friends and family may want their own copy to commemorate the occasion. Thanks to the ability of copying DVDs, it is easier than ever for married couples to preserve and share their memories for a lifetime.


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    • ej_videographer profile image

      ej_videographer 7 years ago from Seattle

      This is a great hub! Thanks for the share! As a Professional Wedding Videographer, I appreciate solid content like this. It truly helps our industry!

    • Mark Jenner profile image

      Mark Jenner 8 years ago

      We never had a wedding video and regret this - out stills were not much good either! It does pay ton think about this important area - great post