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What Woman truly want out of a Relationship

Updated on October 26, 2010
A Woman is Mans Flower in Life
A Woman is Mans Flower in Life

The PrivilegeSharing Thier Memories

I had to think about writing this Hub for awhile now, but after I accidentally set up a Forum on similar Topic, I was surprised how many seemed to give favorable comments to what I was expressing, which I had learned or experienced from allot of fine ladies I had dated or created a relationship our my 63 years. I was married three times during my prime and I enjoying a great relationship now, but since we both have come from completely different religious and ethenic back grounds and our families seemly haven't found reason to endorse our decision to be together whole heartedly and since we both love our families and don't wish to offend or hurt them in anyway, So we just do our best to make each others life as magic as we can, with out hurting or upsetting anyon elses. So the topic and what I was trying to share, was basically something that I formulated from things I had learned or experience over the years with all these wonderful ladies. I truly feel that I was privileged to have met and shared these magic moments in time with such great women, and actually believe that there are allot of men who have been down simular roads. Plus most of them had shared their thoughts in confidence, so I can't quote them word for word in some of thier private experiences.Besides I feel that collectively with a slight twist of a males side of what I might have experience if it had been me that had shared such an experience with.

   What I enjoyed most from having them share them was learning just where thier orginal desires were coming from that brought about the feelings they felt from having had the encounters they did with their dates or weekend get a way’s. If I was to summarize their combined thought of what  women are really looking for in relationship its not what allot of men might think. Don’t get me wrong there are those that just want to find their soul mate, and get married, live in a beautiful home, have children and live happily ever after.

Desires of Something Differnt
Desires of Something Differnt

Women Wanting Something Different

The Ladies I knew wanted something total different, It wasn’t exactly the same desires that each individual woman wanted, yet there were allot of common expression of what they wanted out of there encounters. Some had it down to a science, to What kind of guy there looking for as they cruised the local hot spots, They all in thier own way described how they used different colognes, and where they put them on thier body, like behind thier ear lobe, or on thier right wrist. they also had this mind chart to what certain types of me would wear as thier cologne. they each had a formular on how they wanted to wear thier hair, so to compliment what they was expecting to take place with this evening. So how they had thier hair to them is how they want to appear or feel sexually.

  over the years as I played in that arena and I'm sure that everyone knows it’s a time in which we never forget regardless how the years unfold. Besides with having a males own sense of interpretation on the matter I believe I'm just putting spice on it all, don't you! So I will just try to throw a few of my thoughts here and there as we look within the mind of Women on the matter of finding good sexual encounters. Actually as a guy I have to honestly say was truly empressed how many of them want something binding within these sexual encounters. Something that is far more important! Which must take place first for a woman to truly feel like she just had a great unforgettable sexual moment, and that is that it was with someone that will possible bring forth the potential of being Mr. Right. They construct with in thier sensual part of thier body and mind these triggers or switches that seemly turn them on to the fact that they have truly found mr right or better said thier soul mate, If you ask me, I believe I men do the allot of the same oly with a males struts.

   Ah now having said that, I might add that having been married several times during my peak of manhood, and having had to sort through other men’s boast and the male images portrayed in movies and books. Also I believe having raised a daughter living at home and as a divorced dad gave me a broader insight to what allot of today’s women experience as they are maturing into a woman. And to make matters worse there are more women to day than ever before single with children, and their pay scale, is very limiting for them to afford getting back out into the dating arena. I believe this site might give you a much clear picture to what the ratio of difference between the Sexes. and its not because thier are allot more women than men. Its that they have a far more difficult time in being able to get out and be active in the dating areana than men do.

Becoming one with another

Being caring away into the magic of Love
Being caring away into the magic of Love

What Some Woman wants out of relationships

Well this is how it all unfolded from my prospective taking into account all I heard and observed as to What a Woman wants out of relationships in regards to Sex. I really don’t know just what placed me into the situation to why women felt comfortable sharing their Sexual secret just as men at times sit around sharing their sexual fantasy. To me one must be truly concern about one true state of mind and well being for them to open up and be able to share there most private inner thoughts. This is an art men need to develop if they truly want to have a healthy relationship with a woman. And even more important is not only being able to have them comfortable with communicating with you at this level, but the desires to make what she wants to come true, this helps her to manifest within her mind, that you’re the man she’s looking for. Men that are already happily married are most capable of delivering these kind of fantasies out of there shire desire to please thier wives because it brings pleasure also to them. Thus conjuring up in her mindset that your stil the man that brings her desires to perfection, and of course allows her to see you as her Romeo, because you’re the only man she knows that brings this deeper side of your emotion out for know other reason than to bring her pleasure while still being able to conjure up yours so the two of you can explode with ecstasy together, Which is the very force that take this marriage to the winners circle. Giving her the finest gift a man can give a woman. The sense she’s still hot, she’s truly desired. I just wish I had realized that before I reached my third relationship. Hey better late than never.

So the general consenseious on what mattered first to them was coming to the reality that they had to first love themselves before they would be able to love anyone else or except the reality they were in fact being loved, and they needed to come too a greater understand to what Sex was really all about and not just an act of pleasure but a gift from the God, for those that are truly in mind and body willing to give that purest part of them self and in doing so also using their deepest emotions to bring it all to surface, which was the original design of our creator. so Man and Woman would go forth and multiply for that which are lord and master so desired, thus he created all these varying level of Spiritual Loving Emotional States offered unto those willing to commit themselves unto there well chose partner, which were deserving unto this greater appreciation purely and only unto him, an offer which brings forth the a true orgasms.

So I highly recommend to first search out a good love noval to get yourself purculating on the Art of making love, and the mindset of receiving good healthy orgasm, I hope you noted I said healthy, If one is in the middle of what they hope is going to be a moment to remember, they have to be free of all concerns and fears, Ah Fears, that which cancel all positive thoughts and feelings, get my drift. Ah Good! Ok once you read this books, you realize mentally you burn the story and keep the sexual feelings churning, because this is your Hearts desire, not someone’s past experience, you are the creator, not the student. So ladies look in the mirror, create and image that everyone you pass knows whats on your mind. Remember your about to experience the moment to remember the rest of your life, well at least till the next one, and you might want to keep a dairy on on just how you created this climatic moment, because another master piece will be needed, hey lets take care of this one first, Oh one might note: one of the best things about having a magic evening with or without sexual encounter doesn't just come from the moment we actually experience it, but that’s there a second coming when we express it to those we trust in confidence. Get my drift. Well I wish we could go into great detail, but the real magic for you is doing what you believe know one else has ever done, so not knowing completely what to do helps bring that to surface, Good were almost there.

Last but not least, When the Hour grows near, have your most Romanic music dancing through the atmosphere of your bath and bed room, So to start the creation and absorption of the Bath of your dreams is very important, candles, oils and rose petals in the water, even a small bowl of the fruits as for a divine queen close by. And no wine, we don't need to dull any sense here (note), White rose petal floating in our bath water will gives us one type of feeling where as red bring forth another, so it’s been told, Ok! this too is important, do not use Make up or any perfume after bathing and if you really lay back into this most comfortable bath and reminess just how wonderful it would be when you and your date come together in a bath just like this one, so remember to put some Rose petals in a zip lock bag, along with the bath oil beads. Remember your the Queen this very night that is resonsible to just how this magic evening goes, so fear not to ask your gentlemen to show you the bath room. I might inject something here I almost forgot one fair lady shared with me, that she had learned the hard way, alway plan this night of all nites to be in a nice hotel, not motel, and you have the room already picked out, payed for and waiting for the two of you to arrive, Hey what a few hard earned dallors invested into what might turn out to be the beginning of a great romance. After all he will be taking you to dinner afterwards, Oh yes afterwards. How else are you going to measure how magic it was for him. I'm also sure your wondering why go to this much trouble to have a date, well you get out of something what you put into it. Then your going to say and what am I to say to him why I'm carring a key around to a Hotel room, Easy, tell him the truth, it alway works, "I've been planning this night for a long time, the only thing that kept me from having it till now was finding Mr Right to have it with. That should tell him all he needs to know, and I highly recommend you consider wearing some eatable panty's if you so choose because there were a few that really seemed a bit in that voice of enthusiastically explaining or sharing that part of their experiences or better said "it seems allot of them really light up and laugh as they talked about the reactions they got when they wore them and how it felt when the guy sort of nibbled at them, then slowly ate them away. Now tell me that don't send goose bumps up your spine just thinking about it. well only you will know just how it all goes, who knows may one day soon well read a hub about your engagement. Ok! one more thing sit down and write a very warm and sweet thank you note for the wonderful time that ya'll share and just how magic it made you feel, for one its sort of reinforcing within your self how all this going to turn out, hey and its never to early to plant the seeds for those next magic moments ya'll will share again, well ready. Good!

Well hopeful you chose wisely who this magic belongs to, and he too is home thinking as wise as you, but if not he'll get his long awaited Fantasy fulfilled. Don't even worry about what you wear, as long as it is what turns you on and fits the occasion, you'll be fine. So again Hair natural, lip sticks light, Eyes lightly highlighted. Shampoo (light fragrance) and no jewelry or Earrings. Just Think beautiful thoughts and if he doesn't play any music remember to bring your own, that which you listen to as you bathed. Well that my rush Course, and remember you deserve the best so see, think and feel it and I'm sure your going to enjoy it.

Now, don't let the occasion results cause you to forget to leave in your Hand or bathroom on the sink, if the date was at his place, your thank you note. Of course in his hand if he drops you off the next day or so at your place. Yeah! I 'm sure if this was really planned right it was a friday night that you started this magic moment and you didn't have anything planned till monday morning at work, and of course you made sure he knew you had a free weekend and a Key to a really Nice Hotel, thanks to a friend, hey thats me, so your being honest. Oh yeah and he had already made it known to you he wanted to take you out on a date, and if your going to plan it to this degree, you most likely have been out before with Him.

After all, I've had a few really great ladies, unfold some really wonderful and magic weekends before me. I'm living with one now. she took me to New York, so she could go see her TV soap Opera Fans on One Life to Live. It was the most wonderful weeks, She covered the Hotel and I covered the rest, and we havn't ended the magic yet. That was in 1995.

Doesn’t hurt for him to start his day off with his first thoughts being of you, from reading your note, or recieving a delivery of some freshly baked Cookies and if you did your homework, his favorite type. Well I hope this in some form opens your imagination to many other approaches which might serve you equally as well. Just remember your the master of your own success and one recieve from it that which they put into it, and a secret to keep in the back of your mind is if we don't find mr right the first few times, the odds of sucess are improving greatly in your behalf.


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    • TravelinAsia profile image


      8 years ago from Thailand/Southeast Asia

      Trying to figure out what women want? Thats a tough one.. I gave up a long time ago!

    • atifhameed profile image


      8 years ago from Islamabad, Pakistan

      Nice hub... Really touching!!

    • Girish1000 profile image


      8 years ago from India

      This is very nice hub and thanks for written a good article.

    • RosWebbART profile image

      Ros Webb 

      8 years ago from Ireland

      Very good article , you know more about women than women know about themselves , and I agree with the mantra love yourself first , I try to instil this in my daughters every day and hope it will set then up for life's journey.

    • prettydarkhorse profile image


      8 years ago from US

      very nice one specially wen you say women must loved themselves first, you're on expert on women SIR, thank you for this article, Maita

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      8 years ago from Chicago

      This is an excellent article. I think most healthy women really want to be loved--are desperate to be loved. As are most men. Thank you.


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