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What Women Think About Men

Updated on December 11, 2012
Is this male perfection to a woman?
Is this male perfection to a woman?

Significant studies have been done on perception of beauty and how it relates to men. Much has also been studied about beauty in women. When a man thinks on a woman he loves, wants, and cares for, he will want to know what else he can do to bag his catch. However, it is different than how a woman pursues or values a man. Security is important as women DO have an innate need to nest and they want to be taken care of. The term "gold digger" is here for a reason; yes, there are women who hunt down men with money, bagging them as if they were a big buck. Yet, most women would not want to equate love with money like that.

Facial Features Desired in a Man

According to the studies, women like a combination of feminine and masculine features in a man. Feminine features would be small nose, narrow chin, and large eyes. Masculine features include a strong jaw, big nose, and small eyes. However, during a fertile cycle time, women preferred a more masculinely-featured face. In addition, this type of face was desired as a long-term mate. Perhaps these type of faces were perceived as strong, protective, and steadfast. Small, beady eyes are also the mark of a criminal. Hmmmmm.

Height in a Man

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Body Types in Men Preferred

The good news is that all types of bodies are preferred. One woman might like a broad shouldered back while another prefers someone's gluteus maximus. While there are many women who crave the safety they feel a tall man gives, others (myself included) prefer shorter men for their more proportionate body type. The body builder look might seem as if it would be popular, but women in general don't like the bulked up look. There are even women who could care less if you have a six pack or a four pack. Some women like the hairy man; however, I think it is universally agreed that men can be TOO hairy, like on their back.

Preferred Fitness Level

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Groupies- you don't see men running around being groupies, do you???
Groupies- you don't see men running around being groupies, do you???

The "Groupie" Effect

Women find men more attractive when other women are smiling at the men. So another woman's opinion about the man's attractiveness was important to women. This could explain the groupie effect on rock gods and teen idols.

In the studies,men did not find a woman more attractive if other men found her attractive. This made her less attractive to him. I found this finding pretty interesting as I would NOT be attracted to someone who is being chased around by other women. Conversely, I have seen that men DO like it when their women attract other men's attention, as long as they didn't respond back to the attention. You are THEIRS. How else to explain the whole "trophy wife" phenomenon.

Less Attractive Men Rejoice!

While there is certainly a subset of women who are looking for Adonis, studies have found that less attractive men may have an edge over attractive men. They were perceived as more faithful and loving than attractive men. This is where a great personality won out over looks. But keep in mind that typically couples who looked like they "went together" were couples. Sometimes to the extent where they looked alike! While there are women who are attracted to "bad" men, there are many who don't want the drama that this will bring. Later will bring enough drama when that average-looking man is targeted by a young gold digger when they become successful. Hopefully, the perception was correct.

Which Do You Prefer?

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What Can You Do?

After reading this, some men might think, "Sure. Most girls are gold diggers and go after the bad boys." Not necessarily. Yes, there are certainly women like this. If they are truly gold diggers, count your blessings that they have moved on to someone else as these are usually fairly classless women. Your friends' wives will not associate with her.

If you continue to have this problem and the girls are not gold digger types, look deep within. How are you really treating your date? Are you looking at other women, distracted from the woman in front of you? This is a huge pet peeve of mine. My husband may look at other women but I've never caught him! Believe me, I try! I remember a man I dated in college who was perfect in all other ways, except this.....and I dumped him. Never looked back and I believe saved myself a future divorce.

Do you compliment her on her good features, ignoring the bad? Women need reassurance, a crazy amount of compliments. They don't want to hear that they need to lose 5 pounds, ever!

Are you smothering her? It's only natural when you are crazy about a girl to go overboard. DON'T! Give her some space and it's okay for you to have your own time for your own hobbies. Set that time for hobbies from the beginning. Leave her wanting more time with you. This doesn't mean don't see her again for a week. It's fine to schedule seeing her every two days. You want to avoid every night. Enough to make her see that you do like her, but you aren't obsessed with her.

It's a fine line, and I never said it would be easy. Do what you can with what you have. Ultimately, there is something called chemistry that has to happen and nothing can be done about that. Be a good, kind, and faithful mate. That is all any girl really wants is to be loved deeply.


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