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What Women Want: Look Your Very Best, Simple Tips For Men

Updated on December 10, 2009
Don't worry, you don't have to look like James Dean to attract women (but it does help!)
Don't worry, you don't have to look like James Dean to attract women (but it does help!)

Trust Me, You Can Look Better to Women

I am here to help you look better. But you have to trust me. Stuff you have been believing your whole life about looking good you will have to just toss out the window. But the good news is, there is hope. Even for the sloppiest, nerdiest guys. Everyone has potential, and there is more than one way to look good. You can breathe a sigh of relief, because I am going to share with you some very simple facts and instructions that will maximize your appeal to women without making any drastic changes, or spending tons of money.

1) Forget About Big Muscles, Focus on Health: The healthier you are, the more attractive you will be. It's simple. By healthy I don't mean staring at a mirror all day every day, building huge muscles. This is not healthy, it's weird. If you are not athletic, find something you enjoy doing that involves some physical activity. Couch potatoes are not sexy. But we don't expect everyone to look like He-man, either. Don't have a six pack? Neither do we. Don't sweat it. Just make a consistent effort to stay active and you will see results, I promise.

2) For Those of You Losing Your Hair: If you are going bald, it is not the end of the world. The worst thing you can do is try to cover it up. Whether it be a comb-over, straggly ponytail, or god-forbid, a hair-piece, covering up the bald spot will only bring attention to it. If you try to pretend you are not balding, women will notice and think you look pathetic. Instead, either shave your head, if it suits you, or keep it cut short and trimmed neatly at all times. Sometimes bald men are extremely appealing to women. But they are confident enough to go with what they've got and that is always more attractive than faking it.

3) Going Gray? You should thank your lucky stars. Women love gray hair, especially on relatively younger men. Don't try to dye your hair. You will lose hotness points and you will look weird.

4) Pepe le Pu: Newsflash guys! Chill out on the cologne and body spray. We've all seen the Axe commercials, and it is true that women like their men to smell good. But what they don't tell you in those ads is that women have much more acute senses of smell than men. What smells like a subtle amount of perfume to you, can be totally overwhelming to a woman. So spray with caution, and don't forget that deodorant can also be very fragrant. Make sure your cologne doesn't clash with your deodorant.

5) Quality not Quantity: Those of you who are well-endowed should not think they are off the hook. It takes skill and not size to please a woman in bed. A man who is considerate and skilled is way more sexy than some big oaf.

6) You are not a band/brand name: If you want to be a cool dresser, forget about advertising brands and bands on your tee-shirt. This is a cop-out, and does not necessarily look good at all. If you want to know the secret to dressing well, go to the tailor.

1. Fit is the most important aspect of clothing. Anything too big or too small will only emphasize your least favorite features.

2. Quality over quantity. This does not necessarily mean the more expensive, the better. Look for 100% cotton fabrics or any otherĀ  type of natural fabric blend i.e.linen, silk. Get rid of the synthetic crap.

3. Wear colors that flatter you.

4. Any man who is covered in brands, trends, band names, or is stuck in one type of style (hippie, grunge, sporty, whatever) gives off the message that he is making up for some kind of personal inadequacy or lack of sense-of-self. Keep it simple. The man makes the clothes, not the other way around.


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      3 years ago

      Me fui de vacaciones a nosrtee de Espaf1a el pasado verano para divertirse con mi familia. Mientras estuve alled me tomaba el sol y nadar en la piscina. Pense9 que era fante1stico mientras este1bamos alled me habeda divertido tanto que perded la cuenta de tiempo. mientras yo estaba alled, fuimos a algunas tiendas, learn't mi hermanita cf3mo montar a caballo y mi otra hermana se fue a clases de baile. tome9 fotos de ellos a recuperar y el tesoro de nuestras primeras vacaciones. visite9 muchos lugares de intere9s como monumento tiendas y tiendas de ropa. Mientras este1bamos lejos he enviado un montf3n de mensajes de texto a mis amigos conte1ndoles lo que era cada deda por ahed. Se preguntf3 cf3mo era y cada vez que me preguntaron respondif3 diciendo que fue maravilloso. El buen tiempo por alle1, a veces, cualquier otro momento que estaba caliente y tambie9n conoced a muchas personas. Mientras este1bamos lejos, nos quedamos en un hotel de cinco estrellas que habeda camareros que se Ingle9s. Se encuentra junto a una playa frente a la costa, es muy acogedor y servicial con el equipaje. El mobiliario era muy cf3moda y, aparentemente, el hotel era nuevo, por eso es un hotel de cinco estrellas. No es caro en todos los ni fue barato, el hotel teneda un encantador bar, restaurante, cafetereda y una piscina climatizada cubierta. Lo mejor de la fiesta fue que llegue9 a tomar el sol e ir de compras en el centro de la ciudad. Pase9 2 semanas en Espaf1a y llegamos en avif3n , el vuelo durf3 cuatro horas. Afortunadamente cuando llegamos al hotel es muy moderno, y los camareros vestedan uniforme. Algunos clientes se Ingle9s, y los camareros tambie9n Ingle9s. Mientras estuve alled me encontre9 con un montf3n de gente joven, que estaban muy bien y he mejorado mi espaf1ol mientras yo estaba alled. El sol de las 2 semanas, usted podreda hacer todo tipo alled. Mis padres reservado una habitacif3n doble con una cama doble y una habitacif3n individual con una cama individual para med. Mis dos hermanas poco teneda una de las habitaciones en el dormitorio de matrimonio y que compartedan una cama de matrimonio y mis padres tenedan la otra habitacif3n. Estuvimos durante trece noches y catorce dedas, la habitacif3n del hotel habeda un baf1o y un balcf3n para que Estoy muy satisfecho de ello. El costo total incluyendo el servicio de habitaciones, la comida, el desayuno y el te9 era de tres mil euros para el conjunto de dos semanas. Tenemos acceso a internet, y la recepcif3n cierra a las 10pm y se abrif3 a las 6 am. No se admiten animales en los clientes del hotel Funda tenido alergias a los mismos. Espero volver el af1o prf3ximo como en el momento que ya estoy aburrido (y perder mi piel oscura loovely).


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