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What Women Want and What to do About It

Updated on July 15, 2010

According to Redbook's reporting on a survey of 1,200 women, sex is one of a woman's top priorities.  

Here is the Break Down

  • 81% surveyed ranked sex as more important than their social life.
  • 54% surveyed ranked sex as more important than career satisfaction.
  • 53% surveyed ranked sex as more important than owning a home.

It's amazing with these reported numbers that more women aren't happy with their sex life.  The excuses range from "too tired" to "I have a headache".  Now, honest physical ailments aside, being single is the only reason a woman should go through a "sexual dry spell".  Even then, giving yourself pleasure can really help keep the sexual juices flowing.  Not to mention a whole slew of other benefits we don't have time to list right now.

No, more often than not, the problem is in the relationship, not in the bedroom.  "Too Tired" usually means that a woman feels resentful that their partner isn't pitching in more around the house or with the kids.  "Just not interested" usually translates into having a partner who either doesn't know, or doesn't care, how to really send her over the edge of desire.

It's time to rekindle the romance people!  It's a brand new decade and too much time has been wasted becoming old and dried up before your time.  Hell, a woman should never dry up.  I've heard post menopausal women can have some of the best sex of their lives.  But, do you really want to wait that long?

Find out why your sex life isn't getting the attention it deserves and face the problem head on.  If it's because of resenting your partner, then work those resentments out.  If your partner just can't see the issues, send them to me, I'll be happy to let him know this is one of the top complaints from women, and The Number One reason why so many men aren't getting as much sex as they may want from their significant other.

Ladies, if your lack of a fulfilling sex life is due to your partner not understanding your desires, then it's time to clue him in.  If he won't do it, then do it for yourself and show him exactly what you need. 

There is no shame regardless of what you have been raised to be oppressed by.  What feels good to you, feels good.  That's not something you consciously decide or determine if it's right or wrong.  You aren't bad or skanky if you really want anal stimulation and he hasn't gone south of your labia.  It's just how your body is built.  Honor what your body wants.

If you really can't get over the embarassment of asking for what you need - make a list of every sex act you can possibly think of and put it in a hat.  Take turns pulling ideas out of the hat and do it unless you are totally turned off.  For example, bestiality is a number one NO on my list of things to do.  But if it's not an absolute NO - then just do it.  If you like it, put it back in the hat.  If you don't, then throw it away.  Eventually some of the things you secretly like will be tried out and you'll know what you've been missing by being too timid to share.

You'll be amazed at how much your whole life improves just by rekindling the passion in your sex life.  The couple's I coach for the 101 Day Sex Challenge™ have stated that weight loss, better sleeping, and better skin is just a few of the other benefits they've noticed from having more sex.  

What women want and what to do about it?  

For starters, become her helpmate, her best friend, along with her lover.  Ravish her as if she's the most desirable woman on earth and that today is the last chance you'll ever have to show you how much you love her.  Repeat daily for best results. 


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    • HappyHer profile image

      HappyHer 7 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      Thank you! That means so much coming from you, I adore your writing. This really made my day.

    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 7 years ago from California

      Good advice! I love your honesty in your writing. really great hub! Best, G