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What You Can Learn From A Person's Eyes

Updated on December 28, 2016

Have you ever heard of the saying that “the eyes are the windows to one’s soul?” Well, whether you believe in souls or not, the truth is that there is a lot of wisdom into looking into a person’s eyes in order to understand their psychological makeup. The body language of the eyes can reveal a myriad of different things about a person including what he is thinking at the moment and what his general personality type might be like. Also, reading a person’s eyes is one of the most instinctive things in the world since studies have shown that even very young children learn how to do this by the age of four. By looking at their mother’s eyes, they can discern whether the mother is angry, sad or happy.

Reading a person’s eyes has multiple applications. You can use it to discern emotions, learn whether the person is an introvert or extrovert, and it can even be used for eye-contact flirting.

Left or Right?

Whether a person is left brain or right brain dominant can actually be discerned through the eyes. By simply looking at a person’s eye movements, you will be able to tell which side of the brain the person is dominant in. At least ¾ of a person’s eye movements actually move in only a single direction – either to the left or right.

A left brained individual: Will have eye movements moving to the right. People who are left-brained are generally good problem solvers and have analytical minds.

A right brained individual: Will have eye movements going to the left. A right-brained person is generally a creative, artist type.

Lies of The Eyes

A good way to determine whether a person is lying or not is by looking at his eyes. Furthermore, the direction that a person’s eyes faces can also tell you whether a person is actively thinking and manufacturing information or just cleanly remembering something.

Look at the person’s eyes and see which direction he/she is looking into while “remembering” something. If it’s to the left, then this is the side of visual construction – which means that he/she is most likely making things up on the fly and not really remembering something directly. Looking downwards might indicate guilt or shame.

One thing that you have to be careful of is that if you see someone with shifty eyes, this is not really an indicator that someone is actively lying to you. In fact, the body language of someone who is trying to defend himself from a false accusation is actually pretty similar to someone who is lying. Do not make hasty conclusions as to whether you think someone is lying or not based on the eyes alone.

Before you can truly ascertain someone’s thoughts, make sure you pick up on at least four nonverbal communication cues that all lead to the same thought.

How the eyes pertain to the senses

The direction of a person’s gaze can also be used to tell you what kind of thinker this person is.

Visual thinkers: Look either up, down or somewhere else out of focus. This is because the person is trying to visualize something in his mind.

Auditory thinkers: Auditory thinkers tend to look to the sides in the general direction of the ears. This kind of person thinks in terms of sounds and thus instinctively looks to the ears.

Kinaesthetic thinkers: A person who looks downward is a kinaesthetic thinker and is concerned with moods and feelings. Kinaethetic thinkers are the most likely to be falsely accused of lying or being guilty of something that they probably did not do – which is why you have to be careful when judging someone through their eyes.

Flirting with your eyes

There are many techniques for eye-contact flirting including a long stare followed by breaking off eye contact, or constant glancing. If a woman makes eye contact with you and then glances downwards, this is either a sign that she is flirting with you or that she is just a submissive type of person.

There is also such a thing known as “the flirting triangle.” When you see a person whose eye movements seem to be drawing a triangle while starting at another individual, this means that the person who is staring is flirting with the other individual.

Staring at a person’s mouth is another eye-flirting technique as is, blinking rapidly while looking at the target person. A sudden twitch of the eyebrows upward is also another indicator of a strong interest in the person being stared at. If the other person returns the gesture, then there is reciprocity and both persons are interested in the other.


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