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What You Need To Know About Man Cave

Updated on June 16, 2011

Man Cave

A man cave is not a cave but rather a metaphor to describe a space inside or outside the house. It is a male sanctuary where he retreats to be alone, to be away from his wife or girlfriends. It is also known as a mantuary where he indulges in his hobbies or a place where he hangs out with his male buddies.

A man cave is no longer an elusive dream. Many homeowners have already got one or in the process of building one in the house. It comes in all shapes, sizes and themes. It can be any space in the house with a lounge chair and a set of headphones. It can also be a room in the house designated for such a purpose. You can refurbish the basement, attic or any spare room and called it a man cave. It is a man's personal refuge where does his own things alone or with his male buddies, where he surfs the net, plays his computer games, watches his football matches, reads his books, builds his toys or relaxes.

A man cave is the only place that fall solely under the jurisdiction of the man of the house. He gets to decorate or keep it the way he likes. It is full of his favourite things and collections, ranging from ordinary to exclusive items. Most man caves have at least a few of these things inside namely: a flat screen television, a recliner, a stereo, musical instruments, a pool table, a refrigerator, a DVD player and a computer. A big screen television is useful for watching sports games alone or with his male buddies. Since it is an area set off from the rest of the house, it is possible to make noise, or cheer at the television, without fear of reprisals from his wife or girlfriend.

Some man caves are found outside the house. They are known as communal man caves. Examples of communal man caves are pubs, gyms, men-only clubs, eateries and so forth, where a man hangs out with his male buddies for happy hour, to relax or establishing friendships.

Man cave also serves another purpose. It is a place for a man to brood. So if a woman do find her husband or boyfriend avoiding her and spending too much time in his cave, she may have to figure out why and help him to get out of his cave. It is fine for a man to retreat into his cave for a while or for a short period to relax, enjoy his drink or to sort things out but it would not be healthy for him if he stays in there for too long to brood over his problems. When this happens, the wife or girlfriend may have to use her feminine power in benevolent ways to get her man out of his cave.


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