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Unique Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Updated on January 26, 2017
Eternal Blossom: anniversary flower that will last forever.
Eternal Blossom: anniversary flower that will last forever.

Gift Ideas For Her

I have like getting unique gifts that pertain to my own style and taste and not something that just any ol' Joe will get for his Jill and I like to think that most women are the same. Here's just a few ideas on what I've received from my man (or wished I'd received) that can be unique to any woman.

  1. If your woman likes movies: Everybody has their favorite movie, one that really speaks to them. For women it’s typically a romance. You know, the one she’s made you see a hundred times, the one that makes her cry on your shoulder, etc… She wants to reenact with something from that movie. And there are several things you can do with this. You can take her to the city filmed in the movie, the restaurant, the river, the landmark, whatever is the focal point of her favorite film. Reenact the dance from Dirty Dancing, or any scene will make her heart melt.
  2. If your woman likes books: There are those bookworms out there that love a good read. Does she have a favorite author? Has that author released a new title recently? Get that for her. First editions are recommended for serious book collectors. Any reading accessories that she’s mentioned lately? A new bookcase, reading lamp or chair? And bookmarks are a plus!
  3. If your woman likes poetry: Women adore men that quote from other great men. I’m not saying you should memorize Shakespeare, but pick up one of those books that she’s always got her nose in, find a passage, and write it out on a Post-It and stick it on the fridge or coffee pot for her in the morning.
  4. If your woman likes to smell good: Lots of women out there love to pamper themselves with makeup, shower essentials and the like. But, women don’t want you to recognize that they have those ‘needs’. Perfume, is the only essential that’s appropriate to buy for a woman. But not just any perfume, she wants her favorite perfume. She wears it to smell good for you, all she wants is for you to notice and appreciate it by keeping her stocked.
  5. If your woman likes shopping: Every guy must suffer through the torment of shopping with his woman. She can’t make up her mind on anything, she looks over the same things, over and over. Is she trying to tell you something? That hat that she tried on and couldn’t decide if she wanted, she’s hinting she wants it. Did she try it on for you, did you rave about how good it looked and she likes it, but she didn’t buy it? That’s your cue. Go back and get it.
  6. If your woman is an organizer: There are so many ways to take this idea. Go to any Walmart and you’ll find creative ideas on how to keep a home. But don’t do this, an organizer must be in control. They don’t want you to do it for them, they don’t want to tell you how it’s done, they just want it done right( their way). A good gift idea for this type, a gift that says I love that you’re this way and I pay attention: a subscription to Woman’s Day magazine. Full of tips and tricks for the everyday woman.
  7. If your woman likes jewelry: And what woman doesn’t? But there are so many kinds out there, which one is for her? There shouldn’t be a need to go all out for every occasion and buy her a three piece set several times a year. Women love to wear what you’ve already given them, and just adding to the pile only complicates things when she’s choosing an outfit. A good tip for this scenario: buy one piece at a time. Buy the necklace for Christmas, a pair of earrings for her birthday, then the bracelet for Valentine’s Day. Get her a charm bracelet, then just add meaningful charms later on, that gives you ideas for several more occasions. Pay attention to her favorite color!
  8. If your woman likes flowers: No girl turns down flowers. They are the official mediator for apologies, the go-to’s for last minute gift ideas. Fresh cut flowers are always amazing, and we love you guys for them every time. But mix it up! How about a flower portrait? Seeds to start her own potted garden? A candle that smells like roses? Yes, please! Or how about a glass candle holder with real flowers pressed in the glass? With, anything is possible!
  9. If your woman is at the office all day: Then any gift to be placed where she spends most of her time is going to be greatly appreciated. A gift that she can enjoy at her desk in short periods and remember what’s waiting for her at home. A new photo frame with the two of you would be perfect. Any office supply store can give you ideas on what’s needed at the office, while offering personalized items. Stamps, notepads and sticky notes with animals, flowers, whatever lights up her eyes. Does a custom font pen sound nice?
  10. If your woman is a mother: The best gift to give her is time for herself. Draw up a warm bath with scented salt, light some candles for her and offer to take the kids while she relaxes. A day at the spa will make her feel like a new woman. Don’t have that kind of time? Offer to do the dishes, ask to put the kids to bed for her. Want to go all out? Hire a babysitter and take her to a movie, a hotel, anywhere that will remind her who she is other than mom.

These are only a few ideas on what the everyday woman can relate to in some way or another. But remember that every woman is different and the only person to know her best is you. A few notes on what NOT to get her:

  • Clothes- women have their own style, that men usually don’t understand. Also, size can be confusing and differing from brands. Not getting her clothes keeps you from upsetting her emotionally about her size.
  • Soap- no matter how fancy, she interprets it as she stinks. Not to be mistaken with perfume, soap is necessary for hygiene, perfume is a luxury.
  • Lingerie- everyone knows this gift is more for the man than the woman. This type of gift suggests that you are only after one thing. However, the exception is if SHE mentions new lingerie or sex toys, then the TWO of you should go together to pick it out.

And there you have it! A look into the everyday woman’s ideas for romantic occasions. Good Luck!

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