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What are Love Languages

Updated on April 08, 2013

Love Languages

What is Love?

Love is an emotion of personal attachment and strong affection .In context of philosophy, it is a virtue that represents all of human affection, kindness and compassion. Love is also vital to many religions, in Christian faith, Agape or God is love in the gospels of Canonical. Love can also be defined as actions towards others people or oneself, based on benevolence, or it is an actions towards others people based on fondness.

What are Love Languages?

Love languages are demarcated as non-verbal and verbal communications among partners which expand the physical and mental welfare of both couples. These reciprocated actions and expressions help to form up an environment that is nurturing in which they can expand both their physical and emotional intimacy levels.

The 5 Love Languages

There are 5 love languages which include; the Words of Affirmation, the Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, the Acts of Service, and the Physical Touch. We feel love and also we give love to others using these 5 diverse languages of love, nonetheless we all have the primary language of love by which we felt we are being loved.

Words of affirmation is the 1st language of love, it is an assertion of something that is true. The words of affirmation go distant beyond obligatory ‘I love you’ customary and contain specific gratitude of a lover's contributions into the relationship or a career. But if this is your language of love, unwelcome salutations mean the world for you. Hearing words, I love you, are significant—hearing the reason behind that love directs your feelings skyward. The point of the usage is to deliver enough encouraging affirmation of the partner's worthlessness in order to inspire the person towards even more in personal development. By saying to a friend, co-worker or partner how much you value her/ his efforts, you are talking in a language that she/he can understand.

Spending quality time to a loved one is the 2ndof the 5 languages of love. The Quality time or QT in short is a casual allusion that is spent together with the loves ones such as friends, family or partners, by which in some way it is profitable, important, productive or special. The QT is the time that is being set aside to a person or matter at hand for undivided attention and paying in full. Which means a friend or partner obtains your undivided and complete attention by setting aside your important amount personal time. It has an idea to have considerable exchange of thoughts together with another individual or to take the time to pamper in a common interest, like a hobby or a movie. The QT can build up the trust and intimacy in any relationship.

In the vernacular of QT or Quality Time, nobody says the word, I love you, undivided attention and full time. Being there for a person and making yourself available makes them realized that they are truly loved and they are special to you. Postponed dates, distractions or failure to listen can be hurtful.

The 3rd component of love language is receiving gifts. A present or a gift is the transmission of thing without the anticipation of getting something in return. Though gift-giving might include an anticipation of inter change,a gift is intended to be free. Almost every person enjoys getting a personalized gift from friend, family member or loved ones and a gift that is surprise can be more special. The customary surrounding in presentation of gift is frequently as substantial as the gift itself. Some of the gifts are not essentially touchable, but a friend or a spouse can give a gift of time or gift of their talents that are unique.

Do not be blunder the love of language – receiving gift for materialism, the receiver of the gifts prospers on the effort, love and thoughtfulness behind the gift. If you express this language of love, the most appreciated gift or the gesture displays that shows you are being love, being cared for and you are valued above whatever was forewent just to convey the gift to you. A hasty, thoughtless, missed anniversary or birthday gift would be disastrous.

The act of service is the 4th language of love. Example of showing or speaking this type of love language is by volunteering to clean the house just before the other partner will return home from work; a spouse may decide to change a garage to a craft room in order for his wife to pursue her hobbies and interests. The important idea behind this language of love - act of services is it should be free and unconditional of hidden motives. Anything you do to comfort the encumbrance of responsibilities considering on Acts of Service. The words that person most love to hear is: ‘Allow me do it for you’. Making more work, broken commitments and laziness for them express the speakers of this love language that their feelings do not matter.

Physical touch is the final element of the 5 language of love. Althoughsome thoughts might invoke, the language of love, Physical Touch doesn’t always denote about sex, it is just one aspect of the many language of Physical Touch. The Physical Touch is any touch that is loving and gentle: running fingers in someone’s hair, kiss on the cheek, foot rub, holding hands, hugs, caress and back rub after a very tough day at work are good examples of positive expression in language of love. Thoughtful touches on the face, on arms and on the shoulder are also ways that shows concern, love, care and excitement to you partner. Another good example is,a husband or wife may extemporaneously scratch the back of each other or a dad or father may give his son or daughter a loving and supporting pat on the shoulder or back after a baseball game or any good sports play. The point in touch physically is to give satisfaction on the basic human needs. Persons who feel secluded from others physically may instigate to feel insulated on other aspects as well.

What are the 5 love languages?


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    • lisadpreston profile image

      lisadpreston 5 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      Very informative hub and very true. Now, if we can just practice this, we will do well. Thanks.

    • Florida Guy profile image

      Chen 5 years ago

      I agree :-)

      Thank you Lisadpreston :-)

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