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What are you doing this Valentine's Day?

Updated on February 12, 2009

This weekend, February 14, is Valentine's Day!  I think it's great that there's a day set aside for people to celebrate the love and romance that they share!  For all of you couples out here, what special things are you doing this Valentine's Day?  Is it a time for chocolate and delicious meals cooked at home or enjoyed at you and your special someone's favorite restaurant?

Valentine's Day, like the start of summer is when it comes to folks focusing on losing weight FAST, is also a day when people who are not involved in a romantic relationship sometimes feel like there's something wrong with their not being "coupled up".  If you fall into this category, rather than feeling desperate to find a relationship in the next few days just before Valentine's arrives have you tried:

Enjoying the company of good friends

Love comes in all types.  Good friends are sometimes there when our spouses, beaus or lady friends are not.  There are friends who are never too busy to talk and who you can call at any time . . . doesn't matter the day or the hour.  Good friends listen and really see who we are.  They know what makes us laugh and love having fun.  Enjoying fun games, great food, having fun hanging out and laughing until your sides hurt are excellent ways to enjoy Valentine's Day with friends.

Treat Yourself

Take yourself to an event or place you've always wanted to visit but kept talking yourself out of experiencing.  Could be that you keep telling yourself you don't have the money to take that ski trip, visit someone you haven't seen in a long time, catch a play live on Broadway, etc. Do it this Valentine's Day!  Treat yourself to something you've been putting off for a mighty long time. After all, who's sweeter than you are?

Share the Love

Volunteer for an hour on Valentine's Day at a senior citizen's center, orphanage, hospital, etc. Read a book, sing a song or do something the folks you're visiting with at the center, orphanage or hospital want to do.  You can't imagine the sunshine you're presence will bring to someone life, not to mention how good it will make you feel!  Because isn't that what Valentine's Day celebrates . . . love!

Go on a date with someone new

Not because you feel like you have to and not even because it's Valentine's Day, but as a way to encourage yourself to have fun meeting new people while you both do things you love, accept the invitation to go on a date from someone you trust.  Who knows?  You just might end up celebrating the next Valentine's Day with the person you go out with for the first time this year. 

So what are you doing for Valentine's Day!  Whatever you do, remember to share love . . . starting with yourself!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Denise Webbing It Up!



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