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What do Bulgarian Women Like?

Updated on June 19, 2013

Bulgarian women

Every woman is different but here are some practical advise for those of you who like a lady from Bulgaria and want to ask her out. Do the following, and you are sure to make a very pleasant impression to every Bulgarian woman.

Beautiful Bulgarian women having a good time
Beautiful Bulgarian women having a good time

Bulgarian women are generally social people, so it is important to take her out in a social setting. She will like a nice restaurant with good wine and all of that, but the evening should include dancing at a club or having drinks with a group of people where the stories will be fun and the laughs will be long. This is a great chance to make a fine impression with her. She will never admit it, but she wants you to show her proud of her and and let her shine.

If your date is more casual and you are headed for a cup of coffee, show some class and go to a REAL coffee house that serves coffee in porcelain cups. You are dealing with a European now!! They aren't interested in loading up on caffeine! They want a relaxing atmosphere with good conversation and an enjoyable cup of coffee. You don't get that with a paper cup, baby!

Bulgarian women may have very nice careers, but they are not so career driven to want to talk about work socially. They are social butterflies and will be much more impressed if you spend your time telling funny stories, discussing travels, cuisine, even telling jokes. They will give you subtle hints that they are into you, and they will expect you to drive the romance. When this happens, Bulgarian women are very much like all women....sweet nothings and compliments about their beauty and sexiness will get you everywhere!

Dress nicely no matter where you go, show that you have class, it does not have to be something expensive, never wear a stripy shorts or things like that.

You will make a great impression if you share your knowledge of foreign languages (she is likely to know at least one more than English), European literature and philosophy. If you don't have any knowledge of this matter, go to the library and get a college textbook in humanities, this should give you a good overview.

DO NOT ask if they speak Russian in Bulgaria (they don't, they speak Bulgarian which is a Slavic language) and DO NOT confuse Bulgaria with Bolivia.

If she invites you to her place, always.. remember... always take your shoes off at the door even if she tells you not to. This is very important. If she offers you sleepers that fit, gladly accept them.

If her parents are at home and you are invited for a visit, buy some flowers for her mom and a bottle of wine for the dad, you will make a really nice impression by doing this. If they serve you a cooked meal, dip some of the bread in the sauce, that's how Bulgarians eat.

Most Bulgarian women do not like to get up early in the morning (there are probably some exceptions) but that's the general rule.

Never brag about how great you are in ... whatever, she has heard a lot of bragging in Bulgaria already, show her and make her experience your talents.


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    • profile image

      Buck 4 years ago

      Bulgarian ladies know what is important and have a healthy understanding of relationships; they seem to be resistant to the Washington DC dogma and appreciate

      Good company and affection

      . I love my Bulgarian girl for her heart and beauty and mind.

    • profile image

      Nara 4 years ago

      To Sten

      I am bulgarian girl. And if you are not familiar with our history and language then you should make a search at last in wikipedia, before to paste such a thing. Even the kids in first grade here starts to learn, that our alphabet is writen by Saints Cyril and Methodius, which is Early Cyrillic Alphabet (Old Bulgarian) or otherwise the SLAVIC alphabet. And we repart it all over again so we can always remember it. And next time when you speak with bulgarian face in BG ask him what do he celebrate at may 24 . The answer will shock you as well. We (womens) likes many things and you can make us happy in many diferent ways. But remember never to make fun of our motherland.

      cuz personally I want to slap you out of the way (wery proud with my country ~mhm)

      P.S.: "...Bulgarian language is not slavic, because we are not slavs..."

      I couldn't get that part very well. Who are YOU anyway?

      P.S.2: To everyone else i'm glad that your love is bulgarian. I wish you all the good things in the world. At the subject I just love to do that thing with the bread, well only when I am at home thought. :)

    • profile image

      Sten 5 years ago

      "DO NOT ask if they speak Russian in Bulgaria (they don't, they speak Bulgarian which is a Slavic language)"

      This is not true. Bulgarian language is not slavic, because we are not slavs. This is all russian propaganda.

    • profile image

      the coon of the alps 5 years ago

      where can i buy one?

    • profile image

      Zweti 5 years ago

      This one about the shoes is soooooooooo true! :D haha

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Am currently dating a bulgarian lady based in cant imagine the love and care i have received since we begun.very geouguos,intelligent,loving ,caring and all the attributes of a good woman are in her.

    • profile image

      Yana 5 years ago

      Hahahha I'm Bulgarian female and yes you are so right, NEVER get russian mixed up with bulgarian. That is a HUGE turn off for women as so many foreigners ask about it. Also, I know where the bragging thing comes from.. it is just annoying -.- And also, I live in New Zealand now.. so I grew up in a place where people don't judge or discriminate whereas a lot of Bulgarian oldies descriminate Asians, blacks etc and the second someone discriminates, I leave. So yer, good luck boys ;)

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      I am a Bulgarian man and we do not dip bread in the sauce :)))). If you dip yoru bread it will only mean that you are from a small village a.k.a 'selqndur' :)

    • profile image

      :) 5 years ago

      Hey, I am a Bulgarian woman too, greetings from Sofia :)

      Firs of all you should know that there are all kinds of personalities and diversity here - all of the things that has been written here may be true for one girl and, in the same time, untrue for another BG girl.

      It is true that we are more opened and social and like to talk a lot, so it is important for us that our man would listen to us and our stories and that there is a feedback of what we're speaking, we don't like it when he's not interested in our life. Even if he's not the most talkative type, of course that is fine, just show that you care.

      If I have to speak about me - I like to have fun and to experience, but I don't like discos, nor chalga houses. I prefer to go have a drink in some bar or beer in a restaurant/beer place. It doesn't matter, the good company is important. But I don't like it to stay closed home all the time.

      Also BG women like to chat a lot with their female friends - sometimes men say that this is gossiping or something negative, it is not. We are just discussing and searching for understanding and for how to solve our problems. We may share some of our secrets and worries and so on.

      It's true that we don't like the guys to brag about themselves to impress us... I prefer someone that will be natural, I prefer to get to know him and to get impressed by his self.

      But the most important thing I have to say is that it is true that our women have forgotten what chivalry is.. Once I almost fell down from astonishment when one guy offered me his hand when I was stepping down from the bus stairs. I was damn impressed and didn't know how to react. Also until this day I have always appreciated when a guy acts kindly. Every time a guy offers me his jacket if I feel cold, or if he wants to carry something for me, I say because of politeness"No, no, don't worry, thanks, but I am fine, I am used on doing this.." just because I am not used to this and I am used to taking care of everything by myself. As well as paying in restaurants for myself and so on. It will certainly make me a great impression if the guy acts caring about me. I don't know about the other BG women, this is just me that reacted this way.

    • profile image

      Danny 5 years ago

      I have met an amazing Bulgarian lass (i am English) She is funny , hard working and loyal. The reason i came to this blog is to find out as much as possible because we are going to visit her parents next month and i want to make a good impression. Thanks so much , i will have a look around to see what i can take them as a gift.

      P.S , she was round at my house last night and i wore stripy shorts!!! maybe the visiting of her parents may be called off now !!! HAHA. (hope not) :-S .

    • profile image

      Nariman 5 years ago

      I've been twice in Bulgaria. First in Sofia and Blago and then second time in Plovdiv.

      I like Bulgarian girl looks, intelligence,sense of humor and the way they dance- mmmmmmm!

      I was just checking around the bars and stumbled into a karaoke bar. The girl just started chatting with me and we introduced each other. She was curious where I came from and was very hospitable and open. This was one of the stories.

      I would love to get to know them more and even make friends, but it will be impossible since I am from another country. I would learn Bulgarian if I lived there since i know the Russian language well.

      I noticed big difference between older and younger generation outlooks. And i assume there is no need to explain that.

      Overall, the people are very hospitable and always ready to help. I noticed that when I spoke Russian rather than English, their reaction was obviously different. I tried to always use basic bulgarian words and could understand more than I expected.

      I studied their history and it helped me to understand the people better. I think Bulgarian women are mixed with asian or eastern component that that make them look so different.

      I like Ukrainians as well. Uwahh jana!



    • profile image

      Gabriella 5 years ago

      Hey I am bulgarian =)...honestly,I have never read something so true for us but also remember,we don't care that much how big is your wallet!!I mean maybe some...but is not that important!!Just be yourself and don't overreact "how wonderful you are" or sth like "I'm doing great at my job"...we heard lots of that here!!

      ~~Good luck when you come to Bulgaria~~

    • profile image

      Hi 5 years ago

      Hi There

      This is an interesting article and very close to the reality. I live in London and I have some great Bulgarian friends, most of them are women and I must admit, they are one of the best women around.

      Very polite, like to laugh, and more important, very down to earth women! When they are married, they are just superb and are very loyal to their boy friends.

      One of my friend and also a customer is a young lady, and its always great to go out for a cup of coffee, I will therefore rate this post 10/10


      Luqman Qadir

    • profile image

      Andrej (from Moscow) 5 years ago

      gino from canada

      I am a little confused about what you are talking about... I have been to Bulgaria many times and most of the women there are very educated, intelligent and independent (they work and earn enough to support themselves). Money is not the most important thing for them, sure, it is good if you are rich but there are things much more important than money in a relationship.

      Money does NOT guarantee you success in a relationship with a Bulgarian girl, it is more complicated than that (if you don't trust me go to Bulgaria and you will see this for yourself).

    • profile image

      Andrej (from Moscow) 5 years ago


      These days 95% of Bulgarian children don't learn any russian language at all. Most young Bulgarian people do not speak any russian (unless they go to schools that specialize in russian language which is very rare these days).

      In modern Bulgaria most young people learn English, German or French. Almost nobody wants to learn russian these days in Bulgaria.

    • profile image

      Andrej (from Moscow) 5 years ago


      Thank You for the reply.

      Just like to say that:


      Did i ever say that Bulgaria is a part of russia? Did i ever say that Bulgarians speak russian?

      Every russian person knows that Bulgaria is a completely independent country and every russian knows that Bulgaria has its own language and culture and traditions and so on.

      Please note - people who think that Bulgarians speak russian and are a part of russia are NOT RUSSIAN PEOPLE (they are usually from Western Europe or North America) and have nothing to do with russia.

      It is not the problem of russia or russian people that some westerners think that russian and Bulgaria are the same country.

      (2) If russia didn't join in the fight with the Turks than there would be no independent Bulgaria now (during the war against Turks the russians send almost 800,000 troops while the Bulgarians only sent 40,000).

      (3) You still fell bitter about communism? so do many russian/ukrania/georgian people.... after all not only the Bulgarians suffered, all former USSR and Warsaw pact counties suffered in a similar way.

      But at the end of the day ask yourself a question: was life during communism much worse than life is now in Bulgaria? it is a difficult question, during communism Bulgaria had many great industries, agriculture (Bulgaria was producing great wines and fruit and vegetables and was exporting 75% of it to the soviet union).

      Many older Bulgarians still remember the communist times in a good way (if you don't trust me speak to Bulgarian people who are over 50 years old and ask them their opinion of the soviet times and how life in Bulgaria is now).

    • profile image

      gino from canada 5 years ago

      i don't really know what you guys talking about evry body say bulgarian women are sexy but no 1 been there who do you know the are sexy and easy to get when you have money all girls will be your all about money

    • profile image

      Mal3chka 6 years ago

      I am also a Bulgarian women. Thanks for the words :) its nice. And we do speak russian but not as mother toung. We learn it at nursery and school. I don`t know about making mistake between Bulgaria and Bolivia but where i am people always call me Romanian :O

    • profile image

      Rosi 6 years ago

      Andrej, what Angela meant to say is that people assume our official language is Russian, i.e. that the Bulgarian language doesn't exit. We are offended not by our history but that the rest of the world cannot seem to get it in their heads that we are NOT A PART OF RUSSIA. We are our OWN country called BULGARIA and we speak BULGARIAN. We are greatful to the Russians for all their help in our fight against the Turks, but on the other hand people still feel bitter about communism which causes a certain strain on our feelings towards them.

      Also, thumbs up to Dave for the 8th of March comment :)

      Kim, just because your daughter-in-law/son's girlfriend is a bitch doesn't mean all bulgarian women are, don't generalise. It really pisses me off how the western world has created this stereotype of Eastern European women :@ :@ :@ :@

      The sauce.. that's just a bit much. I hate dipping bread, in fact it makes me a bit sick inside whenever I see my mum dipping her bread in the salad sauce. Blehhhh.

    • Angela_1973 profile image

      Angela_1973 6 years ago

      Thank you Andrej for your kind comments, I do love Russian people, please read my hub on Why I Like Russian People?

    • profile image

      Andrej (from Moscow) 6 years ago

      Bulgarian women generally are not as materialistic as Russian women, which was a nice surprise.

    • profile image

      Andrej (from Moscow) 6 years ago

      Dear Angela_1973,

      sorry, just noticed that in my above message i've actually made a mistake, it should say Dmitri Mendeleev school in Stara Zagora (not Dmitri Medvedev school :-)

    • profile image

      Andrej (from Moscow) 6 years ago

      Dear Angela_1973,

      I really like your article but just like to ask a question:

      (1) Do You have a problem with Russia/Russian people - WHY? I have done a lot of business in Bulgaria (in and around Varna) and actually many Bulgarians do speak the Russian language (especially the ones who are a bit older or who work in the tourist industry).

      Most young people in Bulgaria don't speak Russian but some still go to schools in Bulgaria that do teach the Russian language (for example there is a Pushkin school in Sofia and a Dmitry Medvedev school in Stara Zagora and probably other schools as well).

      In Moscow I have met Bulgarians that came to Moscow to work or study and most of them like the life in our city.

      (2) Russia has helped Bulgaria in the fight for its freedom/independence from the Turkish and generally Russia has been good to Bulgaria or at least tried to be as much as it could.

      (3) If someone asked me the question ''Are you Bulgarian'' I would politely say that I am not and would say that I am Russian (I would not be offended if someone mistook me for a Bulgarian). But from what you wrote here it seems that Bulgarians are offended if someone asks them if they are Russian or not... I understand that Bulgarians have a great history and that they have given many great things to the world but so have we - Russians.

      Also it is kind of sad to see Russian war memorials in Bulgaria being vandalized (there has been a recent story about this in Sofia - You probably know what I am talking about). Those Russian memorials/statues are there not for fun, they are there to remember those many thousands of Russians who have fallen fighting side by side with Bulgarians for what they believe was the right thing to do.

      Having said all this I do like Bulgaria a lot and I have a nice house right near the sea close to Varna where I love to spend my time. I also have many friends in Bulgaria (male and female) and they are great people.

      my email:

      Best Wishes,


    • profile image

      Neil 6 years ago

      All good advice - although IMHO a lot of this applies to women from any country in the world - be polite, don't brag, take them somewhere fun etc. .. !

    • profile image

      Victoria 6 years ago

      I don't think that dipping bread in sauce is all that important. Also it would be better if you show interest by asking questions and not so much by trying to impress with knowledge because not everything you read online is true. And finally, there are some women that put on loads of make up and spend most nights in clubs looking beautiful. Sure you can impress them with how much money you carry on you, but there is also the other kind that would insist on paying her share in wherever. And there's the important part- this is not meant to irritate men like they often think but quite the opposite- women here have forgotten what chivalry is and may even be surprised if you open the door for them.

    • profile image

      Peter 6 years ago

      Haha, interesting read and much of it true.

      But indeed dipping bread in the sause is not for every dish. Just eat the dish the way your host suggests - Bulgarians like being unique and talking about it so you not knowing how to eat the national dish scores you extra points. :) Also if someone tells you something is a national dish never argue that you've seen it elsewhere.

      And about showing interests I'd suggest reading some Bulgarian history in wikipedia - easier and will leave a deeper impression than general philosophy/literature knowledge.

    • profile image

      Bulgarian girl 6 years ago

      Amen to the "DO NOT ask if they speak Russian in Bulgaria (they don't, they speak Bulgarian which is a Slavic language) and DO NOT confuse Bulgaria with Bolivia" lol both have happen to me many times also people ask me all the time if Im Russian, my hubby always says to new people "Don`t ask her if she is Russian. she won`t like u" :) Thanks for the great article, I really don`t care if my hubby will dress up every day or walk around with pijamas its important that he loves me the way I love him :) Cheers from the last Frontier Alaska

    • profile image

      Dave 6 years ago

      One thing you did forget to mention is never to forget Women's Day on March 8th :)

    • profile image

      Dave 6 years ago

      I've never met a Bulgarian woman but hopefully will make some friends when I spend a month or so in Veliko Tarnovo this summer. Quite an interesting read but I'm not sure I would dip my bread in my food though, maybe if I had known them a while lol. I hope they have a sense of humour cos they're gonna need one when they meet me, especially as I only know four Bulgarian words lol :)

    • profile image

      greta 6 years ago

      Really nice article written with a lot of inner understanding about the Bulgarians. I would just add that it is not all that important what you bring in the house if a Bulgarian woman invites you, but its very important to not come with empty hands. It can be a loaf of freshly baked bread(we love bread) or something from your own country it doesn't matter, but don't come with nothing as whatever person comes through the door he brings luck and prosperity to the home by bringing his energy and presence. And really really NEVER ask if we speak Russian in Bulgaria as we are very proud with our history and origin and this is offensive to us(not that there is anything wrong with being a Russian). For the record Bulgarian is actually the First written slavic language in the world.

    • profile image

      kim 6 years ago

      bulgarian women don't care about there partners kids if they have them from another marriage they push the kids aside and don't care about them i no because im have this experiences with 1 bulgarian woman and she is upsetting my son very badly. but then he is so taken in by her that he don't care about his son i have had a word with her but she just shrugs it off. but they r like english women they aint all the same!!!

    • profile image

      elichka 6 years ago

      Very true except for "dipping the bread", lol... but the most important hint here - don't confuse us with Russians! Bulgarian women are shy, not pushy and aggressive and hate being mistaken for Russians.

    • profile image

      bulgaria holiday 6 years ago from Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

      I would agree that Bulgarian women are some of the most beautiful ones in the world. Due to the history of the country the Bulgarian nation is genetically very rich. At these lands have lived different nations, the migration from the East to the West was passing through the territory of Bulgaria. That is why you would meet quite different women in Bulgaria. I strongly recommend visiting any of the summer resorts of the country for your holiday. Bulgaria is the cheapest destination in EU and at the same time a good value for the money. For further hints you can check:

    • profile image

      A Bulgarian gyu 6 years ago

      "buy some flowers for her mom and a bottle of wine for the dad, you will make a really nice impression by doing this. If they serve you a cooked meal, dip some of the bread in the sauce, that's how Bulgarians eat. " this is so not true, about the bottle of wine... is more like for Americans to do .. not here.... and depends what you are eating .... to dip some bread in the meal....

    • profile image

      misiki 7 years ago

      The most beautiful womans of the World is Bulgarian's. I am from Italy, but i know 2 girls from thereand i can tell u that they are gorgeous, kind, very inteligent and good looking. Everyone will tell that American girls are the best, but i will ask u something: - Do u see them without make up? Bulgarian womans are naturaly beauty! I want to go there to see them!!

    • profile image

      andy 7 years ago

      i really really want a bulgarian wife, i love the looks, the accent and everything about bulgarians...i cant afford to get there

    • profile image

      DesiSlava 7 years ago

      That's so true to a cert ion point,but Bulgarian women also like it when you act like your self. We are very different from most women, unlike other women we take everything we do very serious so make sure not to make fun of something we take very serious and one more thing, Bulgarian women don't like men who think that just because you have a big wallet full of cash, we will automatically throw ourselves at you. Bulgarian women have way more common sence then that and we like men that don't brag about how many women they can get by how big their wallet is and I should know I am a Bulgarian women after all.

    • profile image

      john 7 years ago

      I'm an irish man dating a bulgarian woman for 8 months now and she is the most incredible person i have ever met. she is beautiful intelligent and very funny but treats me very well as a person. love her to bits and hope we are together for a very long time x

    • profile image

      Nt 7 years ago

      If you're gonna be dipping bread in the sauce, that is if you're so devoted to follow these tips use your fork to skewer the piece of bread. Then dip it. This might be common sense but just in case.

    • profile image

      A bulgarian 7 years ago

      Open a wallet full of money and the bulgarian women are yours.

    • profile image

      Peter 7 years ago

      damn those sexy bulgarians ... i love them , there so cute & fun to play with ..

      i love all bulgarians

      p.s im bulgarian

    • profile image

      NMD 7 years ago

      I have only dated one woman of Bulgarian descent. She is incredibly bright, engaging, treats me incredibly well, and a joy to be around. She is absolutely stunning and is the best lover I have ever had. I feel completely blessed to have met her.

    • profile image

      Eli  7 years ago

      Hej im a bulgarian woman and i haven't read smth so true written by a foreigner :D I did laugh a lot, thanks :)

    • profile image

      Roger 7 years ago

      I just met a beautiful Bulgarian woman. She puts all other women I have known to shame. There are so many beautiful women in Bulgaria that they don't even realize how incredible they are.

    • profile image

      Sisi 7 years ago

      Mnogo vjrno..pozdravi ot Texas :)

    • Angela_1973 profile image

      Angela_1973 7 years ago

      Varna is a beautiful city right at the Black sea, I had very good time and also enjoyed the social life, the artists selling their pictures on the streets, the music and of course the food.

    • profile image

      Morteza 7 years ago

      Bulgarian women are so beautiful and sexy. they are kind and loving and well dressed. I loved my stay in Varna and was in awe of how many beautiful gorgeous girls i saw there. I love their food and their music too. I hope I go back there again someday.

    • profile image

      Pete 8 years ago

      Bulgarian women are the most wonderful lovers and wives in the world. The older they get, the better they are and you will never be left wanting for anything.

    • profile image

      ROB 8 years ago

      I love my Bulgarian wife

    • hinckles koma profile image

      hinckles koma 8 years ago from nyc

      privet kak dela!! nice hub love all koma.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 8 years ago from Chicago

      Well, this is very interesting. I had never thought about Bulgarian women before. They sound a lot like women in many other places. Which is good. I love women! :)


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