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What do you eat before sex?

Updated on March 10, 2011

You've thought of sexy lingerie, waxed or perfumed yoursefl. But a successful night in two usually starts with a romantic candlelight dinner. Here are some pieces of advice in order to get over dinner and into bed with a light stomach! .

How to keep your breath fresh

Obviously, the first rule of a fresh breath is avoiding food that has a very prominent taste, like onions, garlic, cauliflower or cabbage.

Unlike the vegetables mentioned above, some food groups actually have great proprieties that can make your breath smell fresh: lactates (especially yogurt). They help digestion and allow for benefic bacteria to grow in the stomach. They help the digestion process. Also, drink water and green tea in stead of coffee. Chew a leaf of mint or a gum without sugar.

How to avoid gas

A disturbed stomach and flatulence don't rime with romance. They are the enemy of an exciting night of romance. That is why you should definitely exclude from the dinner table: pasta, cereals, fried food, fat or alcohol.   In order to have the odd on your side, eat lactates (cheese), drink a lot of watter and order a glass of baisil or chime tea.

Food for the libido

Some food has aphrodisiac effects. Here are the best ones for a night to remember!


For the Aztecs, avocado was a fruit with aphrodisiac power. The named it "ahuacatl", which meant "testicles".


Although artichokes don't have sexual proprieties, it still remains a very sensual type of food to eat in two because it's leafs must be gently sucked. 


This spice has a reputation to be an aphrodisiac.


In Antiquit, almonds were known for their effects that stimulate the sexual desire.


Although it's not an aphrodisiac, the basil is know for having a very sensual smell.

Celery roots

Celery roots have the power of enhancing the sexual performances of men.


In Indonesia, cloves are considered very powerful aphrodisiacs.


Ingredient of Japanese origin, wasabi has become popular in the world because it is used in preparing sushi. It is said that this sauce has the power of bettering sexual performances.

Do you think food can really determine your sexual mood?

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