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What do your gifts say?

Updated on March 13, 2012

I always had problems chosing the right gift. I bet you have the same problem . It doesn't matter if it is a birthday gift, Valentine's day gift or you just want to surprise someone you love gifts are meant to make statement. So I asked myself what do the most popular gifts say, not only to the receiver, but also what do they say about the giver. First I made a list of the most prefered gifts today and I spend three days thinking and taking notes about their meaning.

Flowers and chocolates

Those are clasic gifts. They say I care about you. They are romantic which means that the person giving the gift is too. He/she respects the old values and he may be a little conservative, but he wil always respect you At some point relationship with flower giving person may become boring because at some point you will learn what to expect.


Personaly I love jewelry because you have vast choice of items and materials. But no matter what the item is(ring,necklace, bracelet or earrings), no matter the price it aways means "You are more more brilliant than this". People who give jewelry and those who like to recieve it are both sentimental. They usually love the past, history and their main goal is to create and leave something for the future.

Technology gadgets

People who like to give technology gadgets are future oriented. They like to communicate in every possible way. Their gift says "I want to stay in touch with you all the time". They may have some trouble expressing their feelings, but if you receive new laptop or tablet keep in mind that it is love what stands behind this gift.

Cars, houses and other expensive stuff

When it comes to very expensive gifts I think there are two possibilities. The first one is that the person wants to built his life with you and he is sure that you are the love of his life. The second one is -he simply wants to buy you of. So think very well before you accept an expensive gift and thing twice before you buy it to your significant other because you can make her/him feel very uncomfortable.

That was my short list of popular gifts. My idea is that when you want to buy gift to someone you have to think what is the meaning of this gift . But the most important thing is to make others happy.


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