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What does his kiss on my forehead truly mean?

Updated on August 1, 2010

Ladies, why do we love what we do?

Many people have experienced the sensuality of a kiss upon the forehead, others dreaming of their moment. So many wish for romantic moments with their significant other, but might not truly understand why they lust so deeply for such mundane acts of romance. A makeout session in the rainy storm of the night, or a sweet kiss laid upon the forehead, are two very common wishes ladies would love to experience. Other than the idea that our foreheads have become extremely attractive, and that getting soaking wet in our freshly dry cleaned suede boots is a good thing, there has to be some other explanation to these romantic dreams.

This idea approached me while I was daydreaming of a past question that I never seemed to gain an answer for. Yes, ladies! I experienced the forehead kiss. Of course, yes, standing under the spotlight, he stopped me mid-stride and held me close, closed his eyes, and kissed the top of my head. It was gentle, pure, and absolutely made my mood, flutter. But before I become too head over heels, let me bring back up my question, "Why does this kiss feel so good!" After great thoughts, and a talk with my mother, I have built my own conclusion of what his kiss meant to me.

After a huge fight, and in my raging anger for defending myself, I pick my class up off the floor of the garage, and stormed to the top bedroom, hoping to gain a bit of peace, and moment to gain my things from the bed. I have no idea to why he was lingering in there, but he was. I tracked in unconcerned with his presence; I was looking for peace. He had known my situation, the defense I had just taken for myself, and the prideful stoop I had placed myself upon. I felt strong for myself! For once, yes, outside of him. I couldn't wait for him to defend the harsh world from me any longer.

As I was striding to the side of the bed to clutch my purse from its bedding, he stood, full chested to my face. I stood speechless as he instantly brushed a kiss to the softest part of my body. His lush arms grasped my shoulders, fully taking my whole body, pressed against his. My arms wonderingly found his shoulder blades to grip the tip of his back. Why now? Why is he being so subtle to me, when he seen me so hurt by another? I had to think back to what that little spot on my forehead really means.

Directly underneath the thinnest of skin, and a skull to protect your brain, is the section that makes every person unique; their mind, their thoughts, their personality. That is what he kissed! To me, he kissed my mind, and that is the most beautiful gesture I could ever receive. Any subtle kiss he lay upon my lips, reverted to the feeling he had at the moment, but this kiss was different.It was not the passion of the moment, because it was hectic more than anything, that he decided to grab me so close. Yes, the move made me tremble, but that was for the satisfaction of no one but me. The way he expressed his love for my mind knocked me off of my feet. I stood strong, and he loved that in me.

I guess everyone might not truly understand what is so enduring about a forehead kiss, or why the release of the rain against steaming passion might not stop a snuggled couple laughing in the rain, but I feel as if I have my own answer now. The validity of my reasoning with every situation is debatable, but I know that I do love for a man to compliment me, and not just of how I make him feel. That he truly cares about the person that I am, valuing my strength, and falling in love with my mind. Nothing is more meaningful than knowing someone else loves yourself, just as much as you do. So please, kiss my mind. I know why you want to, and I love that. 


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    • profile image

      Rebaz Manmi 4 years ago

      Forehead Kissing . it means that he is a perfect protection for the girl and trying to show the girl a sign that he is the best cover for her and she has to think about the same feelings at the same time the man kisses her forehead ....

    • profile image

      Ireen 5 years ago

      He kissed my forehead too!! It was really nice..

    • profile image

      supladita 5 years ago

      oh my... wooh my best friend kissed me in my forehead..