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What guys ACTUALLY find attractive in the opposite sex.

Updated on October 6, 2015

Girls these days lack feminine charm....

I wish I could say that girls in this generation know how to not only attract a guy but to hold onto him...Sadly, more times than just doesn't happen that way. Why not? They lack one simple trait that could lead to a lifetime of happiness. What's the secret? Feminine charm. Something now otherwise labeled as 'out dated', or 'out of style'. The majority of the female population has discarded it as unattractive and unappealing. But this simply isn't true! It's in higher demand than ever, because of it's rarity. In the end it all comes down to one factor: What guys and girls find attractive in each other. I'm not coaching on 'Pimps discovering other pimps, 101' or 'How to find the perfect partner for a one night stand.' I'm reaching out to those of you still interested in finding your significant know, the one you'd like to spend a lifetime with. To me that should still be more desirable than empty nights filled with meaningless hookups, leading to an empty life, devoid of true happiness. The happiness that only a lifelong best friend/partner can fill.

So now we get to the question you've all been waiting for: What really attracts a guy to a girl? Not only am I talking about chemistry, or sexual attraction, I'm talking about real, genuine love. Falling in love and staying in love, are two things that are also out dated...sadly. Children growing up in and past 2014 will never know what it means to fall in love with someone, and then proceed to grow old with that someone. All they'll ever know how to do is move on to the next hookup. What kind of life is that? Doesn't love mean anything anymore? To this generation, love is no longer sacred. Is love even a word anymore? I know f*** is. Have the two, very different words (Or I might say word, and slang) somehow become the same? I wouldn't be surprised. What guys look for in a girl isn't just her booty, her ability to twerk, her breasts, her seductive attitude, or her lips. It's her feminine charm....You know, the thing that separates us from from guys and animals. Guys are ready to settle down (Or at least most of them are) and they're looking for a girl to settle down with them.

What is feminine charm?

Women are not all alike. We are created differently, and that's what makes us unique. It's something to celebrate, not be ashamed of. If you're a rough, cow girl, that's okay, if you're quiet and a bit sarcastic...that's also okay. But there's a few very important things that classify us as women. (Yes, ladies...vaginas are one of those listed). Our femininity. We were given our roles for a reason. We were given breasts to feed our children, We are mothers. That's a very special task to undertake. We're strong in our ability to calm, defend, nourish, love, uplift and soothe. Some things that men just aren't as good at. That's why children tend to migrate towards the women. We offer comfort, we're softer...we're sweeter. It's also what attracts men to us. Men protect us physically and they in turn rely on us to offer a different kind of protection. Men need comfort and petty talk too. Big shocker, huh? Also....feminists, before you start attacking my hub with how "sexist" it is....I CONCUR! Because we're two, opposite sexes for a REASON. Can't swallow that? Well then choke on this: Men were created to take on the role of a 'man' and women were created to take on the role of a 'woman'. We both need each other, and neither of us are more important than the other. Men would therefor OBVIOUSLY be attracted to someone that is not like him....a male. That's where femininity is key. I don't mean wearing dresses below your knees, talking quietly and raising dem babies! I mean the ability to offer what the opposite sex needs. The same way you rely on them. *not talking about the physical aspect* I mean magic. How else would I describe it. It's how puzzle pieces fit together, it's how two people rely on each other to offer what they can give...from their hearts. That's why men are attracted to femininity in women....Whether they know it or not. It's simply what their bodies and minds are created to desire. When girls say they want a "Many man" How much more sense would it make for men to say they want a "Womanly Woman".


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    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      I want to point out how transphobic this article is when you refer to women being classified primarily by having a vagina. A transwoman is still a woman because she identifies as a woman, regardless of what's 'under her skirt'.

      And the deal about women being 'softer' or more nurturing, how can you be positively certain that's not firmly rooted in social upbringing and expectation? Men are just as capable of being emotional and sensitive and nurturing, but because as a society we don't praise those things in men, they learn very early on to become stoic. These are prescribed behaviors and traits that really box people in and prevent them from reaching their true potential as human beings.

      Case in point, I may be biologically female but I identify as non-binary. I'm certainly not a nurturing and sweet person - my boyfriend actually fulfills that role better than I do and there's nothing wrong with that!