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What happens when you try too hard

Updated on October 11, 2015

Everyone wants to be good at something. But some of consider it so important their life depends on it. Pushing yourself to do something can be very destructive and it can actually hold you back. Being an overachiever is not a bad thing but trying too hard to be one can be a very bad idea. It affects your productivity and relationships and you might not be even aware of it.

You are always nervous

You strive so hard to achieve something but never seem to do it perfect. It may not even be so important as you might think. And you never seem to do it right. You are never good enough. You get nervous in trivial things like making a cup of tea for instance makes you so nervous and you worry about getting it just right.

You worry about opinions

You start worrying too much about opinions of others. You start taking into account lame comments that don't even actually mean anything. That might make you a pessimistic person. You start trying too hard to make others happy and try looking for appreciation. But when you are actually complemented you feel sort of awkward.

You stop being productive

You have too many goals and you try to be good at everything but it never actually happens. By trying too hard you loose your productivity. To understand your strengths ans weaknesses you have to let go. It is sometimes your quirks that make you who you are. What you need to do is to please yourself and let yourself be. It is not as easy as it sounds but it is what you need to do to be perfect in what you are.

You are not at ease with your relationships

Your relationships might make you very anxious as you constantly want to make others happy and look good to them. You check yourself when you speak or share experiences. You are always afraid of the other person and what he/she might think of you. You maybe depriving yourself of the wonderful time you could have with them. The relationships that are supposed to give you a boost and fill you with confidence drag you down instead.

You are always tired

You get tired of trying to be perfect and trying to please everyone. You never seem to achieve what you want and it fills you with disappointment not only with yourself but with others as well.It drains you emotionally and you lose interest in everything. At times your mind might just go blank and starting the day might seem like the worst thing to do. Trying to hard to do everything and not getting it right fills you with a feeling of defeat.

You don't know what you want

Trying to be a people-pleaser makes you become ignorant about yourself. You try so hard to satisfy others that you don't even know what you like. You want to make them happy so you just act like you enjoy what they enjoy, laugh with them when they think something is funny. You react the way they want you to. It makes you change your attitude when you are in a different company. This also relates to the lack of productivity and it leaves you feeling confused about yourself.

You are unable to make decisions

To make a decision you have to be firm on something and to be clear about what you want. When you try too much to prove yourself, you think less about your interests and preferences and more about what would make you look good to your parents or your friends. You start trying to achieve something you don't really want to and it is major cause of faliures.

You feel lost

The inability control your own life despite trying so hard to achieve everything perfectly can make you feel lost and dissatisfied. You can never achieve the goals that other set for you and even if you do, you wouldn't be as happy about it as you should be. Because you did not make the decision for yourself. It makes your mind go blank. You just want to start over. But you don't get to make all the decisions again like choosing subjects for your college. You might be motivated to become a doctor at the time but you later realize it wasn't what you actually wanted.


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    • Rafia hassan profile image

      Rafia Hassan 2 years ago from Faisalabad

      being so crazy about things is really bad for real life :) . You wrote the best