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What is True Beauty?

Updated on February 18, 2013

Beauty isn't how you look; it is something that happens to you. It is all the moments of your life, the stories that mold the lines around your eyes, the wrinkles in your forehead, or the way you hold your lips. It is all your failures and all you successes. It is your moments of joy and moments of sadness. Beauty comes with living and taking chances and not trading moments and experiences for the guarantee of a predictable outcomes or protection of your pride. Beautyis a journey. The people and experiences in your life create it; Your loves, your losses, your mistakes and your achievements. You might only be beautiful to those who understand that the willingness to live takes courage. Beauty has nothing to do with how old you are but with what you did with your time.

Putting a definition on Beauty breeds dangerous hope and potential for disappointment. Beauty just is …..It is being in the moment. It isn't caught up in refusing to touch places of sadness, bewilderment, happiness and joy within ourselves or others. It is looking at your face and seeing a story. It is the ability to hold ourselves and the world around us in our own hearts. Beauty is in our hope and willingness to have joyfulness in our lives. Beauty is inside us and around us and created by us as individuals.

The older I get the more worn I look, which makes me feel beautiful for I have lived an amazing life. It hurts sometimes and I make mistakes, but, I don't mind. I imagine I would look younger if I hadn't lived life the way I do but would I have more beauty? I choose the lines, the wrinkles and the way I hold my lips and wisdom that comes with them. I hold BEAUTY in my stories and in the people I have grown to love.


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