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What is Cheating in a Relationship: To Cheat Yourself

Updated on May 28, 2015
Cheating is breaking the golden rule
Cheating is breaking the golden rule | Source

What is Cheating?

Most people will say that cheating, infidelity, adultery, affairs, or playing in a relationship is when someone has or is having an interpersonal relationship with more then one person, and for a simple definition of cheating, adultery,infidelity, having an affair, or playing someone in a relationship that would be true. However, relationships are not so simple and neither is cheating, adultery, infidelity, affairs, or whatever you want to call it. So if you are looking to keep a relationship true, or you are trying to avoid being labeled as a player, cheater, or worse, a simple definition of cheating in a relationship will not suffice.

What is Cheating Really? It is to Cheat Yourself

To really understand what is cheating, adultery, infidelity, playing, etc., you need to really understand what a healthy relationship is, as you can't expect to keep a true relationship until you know how to have a healthy relationship. So what is a healthy relationship? Well you may say I'm contradicting what I said about a relationship not being simple, as the definition of a healthy relationship may make it seem that a healthy relationship is easy to have, and though the definition of a healthy relationship is a relationship that provides equality in every aspect of life especially in regards of respect for each person in the relationship (having a mutual respect), giving respect and equality to others is sometimes easier said then done.

Now that you know that a healthy relationship relies on a mutual respect and equality between the people involved in the relationship, you can now really understand what is cheating, adultery, infidelity, playing, or having an affair, which is to disrespect the person you are in a relationship with, or cheat the person out of respect that they have given you that they have earned and deserve, and really you cheat yourself because you will lose that person's respect, friendship, and trust. Cheating, adultery, infidelity, affairs, etc., all boil down to breaking the golden rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Are You Cheating?

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Share Your Thoughts About Cheating

Do you agree or disagree with this definition of cheating? Let me know with your comments below what you feel is the meaning of cheating and adultry. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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