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What is Happiness really about?

Updated on September 1, 2016

How to find what makes you happy

There are so many ways to find what makes you happy, but it requires time on your end. You have to give yourself enough time to explore the options that could make you happy. An example of this is trying to find these options on a day off from work. Maybe there is a park that you want to take a walk in with your partner? Or there is a nice, new café that you want to try out with your love? When you sit and think about all these options that could make you happy you will be overwhelmed because there are so many of them! The arts and crafts that the world has is just one facet. The entertainment sources that exist are abundant and prevalent. Culture diversity creates such amazing amusement within people as well. Can these options spark happiness in you? It is possible but more than anything they will preoccupy you. Boredom can be mistaken for unhappiness, but it is not unhappiness. It is just boredom, which is when a person has dull feelings about life because they are unoccupied in the moment. I say this to myself all the time "How can anyone get bored with all the entertainment that exists around us now?" The answer is simple but might take you time to figure out still. What is the answer? People are spoiled on entertainment sources and technology properties now to the point where they are not able to see simple beauty and fun in things. With that said, it is not easy to find happiness these days. How do you overcome this obstacle? Don't let yourself miss out on the moments that count the most. After all there is one major key element that lies within being happy, and that is gratefulness. You cannot be happy without being grateful first, so appreciate your blessings when you are unhappy. This will enable you to be happy. It is always wise to see your blessings because there are others who have it worse than you. More importantly, if you have someone special, see them as your happiness source.

How to stay happy

This is a challenge that many can face because of how unpredictable life can be, but I think that the main way to stay happy is to keep an eye on what makes you happy so you can try your best to have it in your life. There are times when people might not want happiness in their lives because they fear losing it, but my suggestion for that is to think about how life is sometimes very short. Why? This will help you appreciate the moments that count when they occur so you do not feel like you missed out later on. There are many moments that happen in life that are dearly remembered so holding on to these will bring happiness to you. Anything that is dear to you is meaningful so you will want to be able to feel that feeling that happened again while remembering those moments later on. I myself think that happiness is a feeling that comes and goes, but that you can find ways to make the feeling stay longer if you want. The best way to do this is to be in the moment and see your blessings. This will aid you in being able to make the best choices during that moment that you are experiencing, because you will not want to regret anything. What if your happiness source is no longer available anymore? You have to go out and find a new one or ones. There is always a process of discovering when it comes to finding anything, as well as hunting it down. Think of it as this: Your happiness is gold and you are the gold digger. This is a great way to go after possible happiness sources. Remember though, no matter what happiness sources you find... you will always need to be willing to find more. As much as people want to believe that the happiness source they have will never go away, this is unfortunately false. You can be happy still though. You just have to find a new source(s) of happiness in your life.

Finding the one that you can call your own is happiness

Love is a feeling, you don't have to analyze it so much to where the feeling gets weak though.

— Rinay K

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