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What is Love for you?

Updated on April 12, 2009

Love in my eyes has four components respect, trust, caring, and attraction. If any one of these four elements are missing then there can be no love. I have chosen these four elements because they build on each other in a way that if you see as I see you will come to the same conclusion, all four must be there for there to be real love.

The first of the four concepts is respect. When I say respect I do not just mean that you see the person or the object, no, I mean that you see what is there even if you have to take a second look. Respect means that you do not project your personal views and ideas on a person and hope that they accept it because that will make you feel comfortable with that person. Respect means that if you agree or disagree wit the person, you are able to see them as a unique and special human being such as your self, and you see their life as equal to your own. If you do not respect a person there is no way to love them because you will never see the real person.

The second of the components is trust. Trust means that you are confident that what you have infornt of you is real and stable. Trust is with your eyes closed and your back turn you know that the person or the object will still be there and in the form you expect them or it to be once you open your eyes. You have to believe in the person, bottom line.

There must be caring and sharing.  People in love should care about the physical, mental, and spiritual well being of there beloved.  Caring is action not just words.  You could say you love some one until you are blue in the face, but if you are not there when they need you then what good is that kind of love.  Caring and taking the time to get to know the other person is important.

There must be a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual attraction for there to be romantic love.  Physical attraction is not needed for friendships. The connection should be felt by both parties for there to be true love.  Once there is an attraction on all levels then there is that feeling as if the other person is a part of you life and if something happens to them then you are also impacted. 

Love is a beautiful state of being.  The most blissful state imaginable when it is real.  I hope you are please with your answer. Best wishes.


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