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What is a relationship? Why we need a relationship?

Updated on November 3, 2014


Companionship … sexual desire… religious binding… social norm … or love, people will give you lots of reasons to be in a relationship. But no one, …. no one will give you the exact definition of a relationship. Is it a relation relation, like other family relations? Or is it an option like two friends? Or is it a unique combination of both? Or is it a unique binding bearing no resemblance with any of the other ones? I will make sure you will get some good idea about it by the end of this read. Please note, here, we are talking about Marriage or Dating as a relationship.

So what is a relationship?

We know it needs two persons. It needs affection. It needs commitment. It needs physical as well as mental engagement. It needs psychological effort. It needs this, it needs that. In fact it needs everything you have and it still can’t be perfect. And my friend! This is what relationship is.

Objectively, a relationship is a mutual bond between two people to share their lives with each other. And this one line definition actually requires all what you have. And sharing life means sharing everything. Please note if you are not sharing all what you have then you are not having a relationship which offers you all what a relationship could otherwise offer you. There is no such thing as “true relationship” or a “false relationship”. It is either you have a relationship or you simply don’t.

A relationship is like playing seesaw, you can’t always be up or down. To play your role effectively in the “seesaw” of a relationship you got to move up and down. What that means is that you have to understand when to go up and when to push down.
A relationship is like playing seesaw, you can’t always be up or down. To play your role effectively in the “seesaw” of a relationship you got to move up and down. What that means is that you have to understand when to go up and when to push down. | Source

What does a relationship offer you?

So if a relationship takes everything you have then the question arises naturally that what it offers in return worthy enough to give away everything in your life. If you have a relationship, it means you become bigger than life-size; you are smarter than you actually are, you are wealthier than you really are. You are happier than you alone are. And the list goes on. What it means that you actually become double of yourself (on the least side). And that is the real purpose of a relationship. It enlarges yourself in a good way. If it doesn't, you are not in a relationship but something else which you assume is a relationship.


Is that it ? Just enlarges me?

No, it also gives you regular orgasms but let’s not spoil the talk right now. I gave few examples and leave it on your imagination to count all the blessings a relationship offers you.

Why you need a relationship?

Because you are a human being. It's in your design. Nature has certain ways to achieve her goals. Reproduction is one of its major tasks, so here comes the desire to be a couple, have sex and bear babies. I know many would argue that they don’t want children or they just need sex or they actually are looking for companionship only. I won’t argue back and let you think that way while nature does her job.

Let me put it straight, you have a relationship because you want to. If it wasn’t the case you wouldn’t be reading this. As I said earlier, its in human nature to be couples. It balances your life by all means. That’s why most of us have relationship before even thinking of having one.

It balances your life by balancing many things in your life, body hormones, psychological behavior, emotional stresses, social needs, you name it. You notice I am not touching romantic side of it coz you will find billions of writings on it that will mislead you to consider it something what it is not i.e. an all-good experience. You can enjoy its romantic side but cannot just rely on it alone. Most of the disasters that ruin any relationship are related to over expectations by this very romantic side of it.

Let us know what you think

What is the top most reason to have a relationship?

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Can you avoid having a relationship?

Yes, you can. See! by nature you need to have a relationship to spend a healthy life just like you would need food, sunlight, and Facebook :) . But by all means you can avoid it and choose something else (a hobby, spiritual journey or nirvana) in your life to depend upon. I will not try to trick you into it if you don’t want to. However some people replace relationship with casual sex or drugs. All I can say “Not a good idea”.


A relationship is one of the basic needs of human beings. If you are a human being and want to lead a normal, healthy and natural life then look for a relationship. It completes you. But if you choose not to, then make yourself ready to cope up with the “side effects”.


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