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X Gender

Updated on August 7, 2016

For so long in the history of mankind we are very much judgmental about the Gender relations particularly when it comes to Love and marriage. But we most of the time meet with wrong side of the solution when judging the very essence of the relationship of two humans in terms of Love or marriage.

Today I am 44 and I have observed in society as an individual and red so much about this subject, mostly in terms of criticism. But I do not really understand why we are creating problems in some one's life? Whether he love he or she love she what is the problem? Who are we to intervene and make laws against them?

The matter is we as civilized society failed partially in terms of respecting the spirit of relationship in some part of the world. But there are some Countries in the world which has acknowledge the right of an individual to choose his / her life partner as per his or her choice and not on the basis of orders of the so called social or religious leaders.

So what I say is let them live their own life and say that you live your life and also respect our life. Because when it comes to social evils, even in our society where in normal relationship you will find strange lifestyle with many people, on one hand they present themselves normal responsible people and on the other hand they live a life which is nightmare to so many people around them, but on the ground that they are straight people they are excused in most of the case and not looked as wrong people at all.

Yes, I accept that I personally feel bad when I see Gay couple, but it is their choice, and I need to respect it! Who am I to reject it? God has created them in that way so let them be that way, if we take this kind of stand, I am sure that they will also respect us.


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