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What is it about a girl?

Updated on March 3, 2012

Pretty girls

Fashion, Dating, Romance and Being Appreciated

There is something very special about coming of age and discovering members of the opposite sex. For teenagers it is a time to explore, learn and take chances. There are expectations and pressures all teenagers have to come to grips with as they have to deal with growing up, maturing, establishing relationships, making the right choices and taking responsibility for their actions. I remember as a young kid always having butterflies in my stomach when I saw a pretty girl and I never knew what to say though I wanted to be noticed. It was always a battle I fought in my mind and when I think back to those days I laugh now and I appreciate what makes girls so special, especially to me. I remember when I discovered girls in swimsuits I was a 14 year old and Cheryl Tiegs was on the front cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue that year of 1975. It was an awakening for me and for all young lads who love the girls and I just could not put the magazine down. I just enjoyed seeing such beautiful girls dressed in their pretty swimsuits looking so sexy which allowed me to dream and envision what true beauty is.

How can you summon the courage to ask a girl out when you don't even know what to say to her or worse, she doesn't even know you exist? As a young man starting to learn about life and growing up it seems one of the biggest mysteries in life is trying to figure out what it is about girls that make us lose sight of our senses and cause us to act the way we do when we are struck by feelings that sometimes are hard to give in to. I have fallen in love with many girls over the years but those experiences were mostly in my mind. It seems when we are enamored by a young woman's beauty and are focused on trying to establish contact with her we have to first realize that if we act natural, be our self, show respect and initiate conversation we will open the door to possibly establishing a meaningful relationship.

I always felt somewhat insecure in talking with the girls as a young lad because I was just so struck by how pretty they were and how cute they looked in their dresses. I must admit that when I saw a girl I was attracted to I would envision what I would say to her in my mind over and over again trying to come up with the right words and being as perfect in saying it as I could. I was rehearsing it but never feeling natural about it. I was intimidated by her beauty and felt that I was not at her level. It is a shame I felt this way because it contributed to my shyness with the girls.

I always found clubs were never right for me because all I would do was stand around talking with my friends, all guys, while the girls were out on the dance floor looking so perfect. How could I even approach a girl that was so beautiful? I was hopeful going to the clubs with my friends but all I did was watch from the distance admiring the girls but I felt like I was just blending in never meeting anyone. I felt like I would never meet a girl that way because the music was too loud and it just did not seem like the right setting for me to carry on a conversation. It seemed meeting a girl was too contrived at a dance club. You just have to approach it as a night of fun and I always had a hard time with that for some reason.

I can't even imagine what it is like when a bunch of girls get together and do what they like to do. What is it they find so interesting about us? Girls can spend all day with their girlfriends shopping and doing "girl" things. We as guys don't know or have a hard time relating to that. For us we can have fun just throwing around a football or getting together with our friends and having pizza and catching a ballgame. We are on totally different wavelengths, it seems.

I remember when I was in high school and I was running on the track and cross country team I always enjoyed the attention I received from the girls. For me it was nice when I could talk to a girl. I was shy but when I connected with a girl it seems life was so perfect. I always enjoyed the feeling when a girl would give me a kiss. I blushed but I felt so happy and I just had to tell my mom about it. When I started dating girls I wanted to enjoy the time together and the company. I was excited to share my ideas and views. I also was curious and wanted to get to know about her, her dreams, her friends, her family and just be a good listener. That is something my mom always taught me to be, was a good listener.

I have learned to enjoy and appreciate girls because they have such a sweet way about them and they really are very beautiful and fun to be with. I have enjoyed the times going out with a girl and doing things together even if it was at the boutique watching her try on a new dress. There is something special about a girl when she finds a dress she really likes. I enjoy complementing a girl on her selection of clothing and seeing her get all excited about a new dress and shoes. Girls and fashion are what makes the world go round.

Girls have been given a special gift in that they are blessed with the miracle of giving birth and I have always admired and respected that about them and I believe that is what makes them so special. I have learned to overcome my shyness to some degree to have developed some special friendships with girls over the years and I am much better as a person for those wonderful experiences. My parents have always taught me to live and appreciate my life and be grateful for all those who come into it and to be very respectful and considerate of others. They also taught me to always treat a girl as a lady and to always smile in her presence and make her laugh and feel appreciated always.

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