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What is the meaning of being Grateful?

Updated on May 31, 2017

What is the meaning of being Grateful?

Everyone has said that they are grateful for something in their life, haven’t they? Sure they have but do they know what it means exactly? Why are you grateful for something? First, the meaning of the word grateful is, being appreciative of the benefits received, thankful, expressing gratitude and affording pleasure or comfort agreeable. These are the three definitions of the word grateful. What do people think the meaning of being grateful is? That is the harder question and there are limitless answers to it.

I went on a mission this week, and I learned all about the meaning of being grateful, the meaning of being grateful to me is having nothing but still smiling. It is thanking people just because they are there to spend time with you, rather than to give you something that you can hold in your hand. Sure people are grateful when things are given to them, but that is not what being truly grateful is. Being truly grateful is having nothing, and still loving life and spending time with the people in it. Being grateful not for the material things, but for the people and what they have to offer those types of limitless things.

For example, if you are alone all the time when someone comes to see you, you are grateful for that because it’s another person. Or you are grateful because people care, about things that you didn’t even think they knew about, for example, if they know you have been pulling all –nighters and you can’t leave where you are at they might bring you a coffee or take you out for breakfast or another meal depending on the time of day that you see this person. If you are having a bad day, someone just coming to give you a hug or even a smile.

Being grateful doesn’t mean you have to have something tangible from a person, it just means thanking them for the little things even if it’s so small they didn’t even notice it. Being grateful is smiling at someone because they did something that you weren’t expecting to benefit whatever it was that you were going through. Being grateful is showing love to someone who you know is suffering. They might not be able to say thank you but they will give you a hug or hold your hand because that is how they show their love. A smile, a hug, holding hands are all signs of being grateful, without words.

Sure saying thank you and I am grateful for your help, works, but why not show your gratitude towards the person. When you show your gratitude towards the person for they have done for you, by giving them a hug or a smile it goes a long way, along with saying thank you. What I am getting at is, saying thank you is not the only way to show someone that you are grateful for them. Everyone has their own way of showing that they are grateful, and they even have their own meaning of the term being grateful. When I am grateful for something I thank the person for what they have done for me and even tell them that they are great and thank them for being there for me. That is the way that I show my gratefulness.

Not everyone shows being grateful in the same way, so don’t think if someone smiles at you and other don't but instead gives you a hug that is their way of showing that they are grateful. My mom bought me a coffee today, before going to work, and I thanked her, smiled and gave her a hug, I am grateful that even though I wasn’t leaving the house I was remembered when she went out to get coffee for her and my sister.

Always have a grateful heart
Always have a grateful heart

Gratefulness Is

What do you think the meaning of grateful is? Have you seen, gratefulness recently? Most of the time when someone is grateful for something it’s something small that if you aren’t paying attention you could miss it. Being Grateful for something doesn’t have to be huge, it can be something like a hug, or a smile as I mentioned before. The little things will add up and those are the things that make an impact on people’s lives which most people are grateful for I know I am. Even a wave from an acquaintance on the street can be something that someone is grateful for because nobody knows what someone else is going through and that little gesture might just brighten someone’s day and give them hope. So why not look for ways to be grateful and show your gratefulness without telling someone that you are doing it. There are many ways, to be grateful, to show you're grateful and to make someone else grateful for you, never forget that. Being grateful can be limitless if you believe it, and in turn, will make other people believe it as well which is a good thing.

Being grateful for something can be limitless. You just have to figure out what you are grateful for and continuously be grateful for it in order for it to be limitless. Being limitlessly grateful is always looking at the glass half full, which in turn means always look on the bright side of things even when it is a bad situation. Things happen but there is always limitless good in everything you just have to find it.

The meaning of being grateful is always looking at what you have and being happy with it, and about it. That means you are grateful for what you have and are appreciative of it. This is my version of the meaning of being grateful which everyone can be. Being grateful is another way of saying be thankful for what you have in limitless amounts and don't worry so much about what you don't have just love what you do have and gratefulness will always be there for you.


Gratefulness is Limitless

Gratefulness is the limitless feeling of gratitude towards something. It is the feeling you get when you accomplish something or when you give somebody something for helping you that type of thing. The list of what can be considered gratefulness is limitless, this is what I think that it is what do you think it is?

What do you think the meaning of being grateful is? Let's talk about it

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    • Janellegems profile image

      Janellegems 18 months ago from United States

      Great insight on the meaning of being grateful. Yes, we do need to be grateful for the small things as well as big things. Thanks for the reminder.