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What Is There to Be Proud About?

Updated on June 17, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

There are parades, etc.

Many cities throughout the world host LGBTQ pride parades. America has gone as far as setting aside a whole month to celebrate LGBTQ preferences encouraging that community’s members to take pride in their choice of sexual preference.

Even Governments have jumped on the band wagon and opened marriage up to these alternative preferences, protected them from supposed abuse and more. But the question remains, what is there to be proud of?

Put 100 same-sex partners on an island

If you put 100 male same-sex partners on one island, 100 female same-sex partners on another and on a third place 100 heterosexual couples and make all of the islands inaccessible to each other and to outsiders.

Then wait 100 years and check on the progress of the inhabitants. Which island do you think will have descendants trying to make a go of their society? Not being able to reproduce is not something to be proud of.

Gifts and talents do not come from sexual preferences

One of the reasons the American government instituted Pride month was to celebrate those contributions to society and achievements made by LGBTQ community members. History is filled with people who have had LGBTQ tendencies yet were able to make their mark on history. Literature, the war effort and so on.

It is true that LGBTQ members do have gifts and talents, yet those gifts and talents did not originate in their chosen sexual preference. LGBTQ tendencies did not and do not produce one ability exercised by those historical figures.

The abilities and capabilities those people expressed were given to them long before they were born by God. The LGBTQ preferences only corrupted those talents and gifts. The LGBTQ members should be taking pride in God for what he has given them and not their sexual preference.

Being an LGBTQ member does not make the individual stand out from the crowd in a positive way. It does set them apart from their heterosexual counterparts but does not elevate them above them.

The LGBTQ individual is set apart but in a negative way and that is not a reason to be proud of any LGBTQ leanings.

God hates sin

The LGBTQ often proclaims that God loves them just as they are. Those type of statements are both true and false. God does love them, but he does not love their sin, alternative sexual preference or their continued practice of sin.

God’s desire for the LGTQ community is that they repent of all their sins, including their LGBTQ preferences and practices. The LGBTQ community and its supporters may declare that their preferences are natural, normal, and not sin but these groups are not a divine authority and have no say over what is or isn’t sin.

Only God can say what is sin because this universe and world was created by him and it belongs to him. He alone has the say and declares his boundaries throughout the Bible. Going against God, who created all those who chose to be a LGBTQ member and practice what he calls sin, is nothing to be proud of.

Boycotts, lawsuits, and intolerance

The news is filled with LGBTQ members finding those who disagree with them and acting in a manner that would embarrass the lowliest member of society. The lawsuits they file are frivolous and meant to force people who disagree with their chosen alternative to accept and participate in activities they find against their religious beliefs or disgusting.

Then the intolerance LGBTQ community show towards those who disagree with them while demanding the same freedoms the LBGTQ community withholds from the latter group is hypocritical, and very wrong.

These behaviors and activities are certainly to worth being proud about.

The lack of love towards others

Different members of the LGBTQ community continue to claim that they follow Jesus and his teachings. They also demand that those who disagree with them, love the LGBTQ members as Jesus loves them.

Yet when push comes to shove and the LGBTQ community is told no or is treated in a manner they perceive not in line with their ideas about Jesus and his teachings, they forget to implement Jesus’ teachings correctly and sin against their neighbor.

The teachings of Jesus are ignored because the LGBTQ membership is denied their way. This is nothing to be proud of. Forgetting to respond to bad or sinful treatment as Jesus taught is nothing to be proud of.

Nor is turning to fight fire with fire and responding in like manner. So far, the LGBTQ community has failed to implement the teachings of Christ when they face opposition or their opponents. That behavior is not something to be proud of.

Some final words

The analysis can continue, and the results will be the same. There is nothing in the LGBTQ preference to be proud of. Anything that could be seen as high quality, top of the line behavior or talent doesn’t come from their preference.

It all comes from God. There is nothing in the LGBTQ decision that warrants months or parades dedicated to pride. Practicing sin and openly declaring that one has decided to practice sin is nothing to be proud of.

Instead, one should be ashamed of such a decision and behavior. Then they should seek how to correct it, not seek government support to continue in their sinful lifestyle. If the LGBTQ wants something to be proud of, they should get right with God and repent of their sins, then live the life that Christ wants them to live.

To do that takes real courage. There is no bravery in doing what most of the world already does- live a sinful life.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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