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What is your definition of a man?

Updated on February 20, 2015

James Sama of the Huffington Post Wrote An Article / 10 Ways to Know You're Dating a Man

A man may be able to put across a great image, but it could simply be a cover for hidden shortcomings, or he could just be totally faking it to 'get the girl.'

Here are some ways to know if you've struck gold:

1) A real man values more than just your looks.

2) A real man will never be intimidated by your motivation.

3) A real man will have more interests than just you.

4) A real man will give you answers.

5) A real man is direct- but with kindness.

6) A real man will trust you.

7) A real man is cool, calm, and collected.

8) A real man will show you respect.

9) A real man will put effort into your relationship.

10) A real man will make you want to be the best version of yourself, without changing who you really are.

How do most women know they are dating a real man?

It's an accumulation of fact and feelings that make him endearing to your soul. It's not what he says but his actions that make a man a real man and a good man.

It's the way he makes it easy to be with him. It's the care and consideration he takes planning your dates and expressing the desire to see you.

It's the way he plans for his future and you watch him grow professionally and financially in order to create the lifestyle he needs for himself and his family in the future.

It's the way he opens doors and drops you off out front while parking the vehicle.

It's his morals/values that he practices effortlessly.

It's the way he's concerned about your well-being, your hopes, and the things that matter to you.

It's the way he supports your dreams and desires to attain your own career goals and financial achievement.

It's the way he looks at you and holds you in his arms.

It's his confidence and security in the relationship to know and appreciate time apart from one another to explore your own friendships and interests.

It's evident in the way he puts together your entertainment system from start to finish to please you.

It's the way he checks your tires and oil to make sure everything is right with your car and you stay safe.

It's the way you can ask his opinion and he provides you with thoughtful feedback that you can trust.

It's the way you sleep sound because you feel safe and protected, like you are no longer alone and vulnerable (primitive need).

It's the way he does things that he might not love because he wants you to be happy (i.e. valentine's day, laundry mat washing together).

It's the way he changes your tire when you have a flat and saves the day like Superman.

It's the way he is mature enough to know when you are being emotional and keeps calm and collected while you go through expressing your needs to arrive at calm conclusions and solutions to situations.

That's it. What makes a man a man is the “It's the.............”

That being said there are some men that are simply the personification of the word male or man. Nothing more, nothing less than the male species. No loving, tenderness, leadership, forward thinking, preparation in life, or respect for a woman outside of fulfilling a sexual desire.

Are Good Men Hard to Find?

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Yes, gender roles have changed over the past few decades. Relationships are transforming in so many ways. There seems to be a change in income, household, educational opportunities, and career avenues. Although gender roles can be valued both traditionally or with a modern day twist, it is interesting to hear what women feel defines a good man. I provided some of the ideals that make a good man in my opinion.

I would love to hear your definition of a good man. How does a good man make you feel? How does a good man enrich your life? What are the actions and behaviors of a good man?


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